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Mountain Mist

Courage to create is the beginning of sanity and well being.

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I am happy to customize any item with illustration of your choice. Contact me, leave comments or request information: Send Mail

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Custom design that displays original art work. reflecting the love of mountains and the wild flowers and animals that abide in them. Mountains provide a mist of mountain air that brings a feeling of well being, comfort and peace; the feeling I hope to convey in my art. Please feel free to contact me -through the email button on side bar for custom orders. Enjoy wandering through the sections as you would a hike in the mountains. Thank you for visiting.

Animals,Mountain Wildlife and Scenery

Animals,Mountain Wildlife and Scenery
Feel the call of the wild and enjoy the animals and wildlife that live in Montana and mountain areas.
Including bison, moose, big horn sheep and grizzly bear

Brandon's Automobiles and Art

Brandon's Automobiles and Art
Automobile art at its finest. Unique drawings of classic cars, trucks and a few abstracts. Brandon Martell is a unique artist and his designs are a must see.

Photography and Digital Art

Photography and Digital Art
Unique designs through the artists eye through a camera and digital effects.

Art Fashion

Art Fashion
Display original art on T-shirts, sweatshirts and more.
All original illustrations, designs or photography. If you see an image that is not displayed on item you want, contact me and it can be cust

Mountain Wildflowers

Mountain Wildflowers
Original watercolor art. Wildflowers and animals add color and accent to the mountain mist.
Check out the fashion designs on art apparel, t shirts, sweatshirts, and assesories, hats, bags, mugs.


Unique Christmas Gifts with original artwork that make them one of a kind items. Watercolor paintings, automotive drawings, abstract artists, a site with original art on original gifts.

Unique Feather Art

Unique Feather Art
Add the touch of a feathre to clothing, t-shirts, mugs, hats, cards, calanders with the dramatic, unique feather art work by Mary Tevebaugh. One of a kind design for limited time.

Art Illustration on caps, totes and bags.

Art Illustration on caps, totes and bags.
Pick a cap to match you t shirt, email me to get custom design on any hat.

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas
Looking for a special gift? Check out the great items in this section. Mugs, greeting cards, and much more. All with original art design and illustration.


One third of profits from this shop will go to improve the quality of life for asbestos victims in Libby, MT.

Guest Artists

Guest Artists
I love to share the art of fellow artists. This section will have some great car drawings and will be added to as time goes on. Great place to shop for gifts.

Siri's Studio

Siri's Studio
Unique and Original Abstract Art and Hawaiian Flowers by Sir Swenson

Protest Gas Prices

Protest Gas Prices
T Shirt, apparel design to protest price of gas, oil. Make a statement against politics of gasoline, big corporation, oil industry, protest high prices and political corruption, anti establishment. S

Abstract and Almost Abstract

Abstract and Almost Abstract
Abstract or art with a little different style. Original and Unique designs

Child Books

Child Books
Illustrated child book that offers opportunity for language development, role play activities and enjoyable reading