Misguided Ranger
» i should really stop being so rude to everyone.
» I can give you what you want just ask
» This weekend needs to get exponentially longer ...
» I just state the obvious.
» My day will consist of football, football, foo ...
» I went on a run but I came back 5 minutes late ...
» Strangers think I'm shy.. my friends thin ...
» Everything has been going downhill
» No reasons to my ways, No excuses to my habits ...
» My ear's ringing. Who's talking abou ...
» mornings like this make me wish i was morman.
» in vegas stuck in the middle of a pride right now
» my ass just sighed. even my farts are tired.
» you may have the big hair, fake nails, and tal ...
» dude do u know what u did last night?
» When my options for Friday night are being a 3 ...
» btw, your gf is going to want to talk to you t ...
» I may not go down in history, but i will defin ...
» I feel like I've been hit by a train. I w ...
» How is it? Sketchville?
» i have a new swear word: supercalifuckalicious ...
» Having coffee. Getting eyefucked. Eyefucking.
» i'm not a human right now. not even a dancer.
» I woke up at 7am naked in my bathtub with the ...
» people and things i regret. that's what i ...
» it felt great physically, but AWFUL morally.
» Thanks to blow jobs, my margarita's at th ...
» You should see what I'm doing to your stu ...
» Yeah, getting the HI-fiVe would really put a d ...
» fun fact: cucumber in vinegar with pepper = be ...
» I thnk I just saw a monkey walking a drunk guy.
» Dude, just walked by a homeless guy pissing on ...
» About that, i have your 1800 on my desk with i ...
» someone is gonna have my baby tonight. they ju ...
» I just saw a hot homeless man
» I am a bulletproof tiger!
» i broke my thumb. i no longer have 2 opposabl ...
» We were chasing that deer in the quad and next ...
» To answer your question of whether I went back ...
» Hehe I wanna Australian kiss.. Its like a Fren ...
» I pretty much can't stop smiling when I t ...
» I'd suck a dick for hot wings now. A meta ...
» margs and chips and queso make the world go round
» It wouldn't matter if you are Jesus Chris ...
» Being 21 is my favorite hobby I'm really ...
» LOL that's cool. Guess u r gonna have to ...
» if any two of us come back from the bar and ar ...
» I cheated on you last night. I slept with my l ...
» Ok let me ask a question, does aderall make wo ...
» With your butt?
» rubbish cock
» sometimes when you bring the thunder you get l ...
» Bar. Show boob. Just one. Free drinks. Instant ...
» Could guys at least pretend I require some amo ...
» This guy has a retainer. We're golden.
» Doesn't matter. I already jerked off in y ...
» if there werent so many compromising pictures ...
» I think it's God trying to counter your l ...
» it was beautiful and magic like when a hot gir ...
» Whenever he makes me dinner its always mini th ...
» i can't help myself.. i am just so in lov ...
» I've decided to only have meaningless sex ...
» i just had 3 doubles lined up on top of a urin ...
» First night home from college and I already fo ...
» o shit let me call u back theres a hamburger i ...
» What the hell am I supposed to do with 50 gall ...
» If i off myself, it'll be in a lobster co ...
» Chris' response to jim throwing up was ta ...
» Reach down the front of your pants and feel ar ...
» I just saw a girl wearing a flannel shirt that ...
» godspeed.
» some kid came into the principals office and t ...
» She is my favorite of all the girls you have f ...
» I meant the stage gay, Not the bend me over a ...
» this should be fun to decipher. I'd like ...
» ...I hope my roomates are okay.
» girl has like over 50 stars tattooed on her fr ...
» So this text is costing me two dollars because ...
» 3. i can't think of anything else
» About to call it a night.
» about to do my hair.
» About to get in the car
» about to just take a nap.
» Acting like you give a fuck.
» all I gotta say
» All i need is a nap right now
» All is over
» All I wanna be
» all i want is
» All night long
» all of the lights
» All that matters
» all the time.
» all you have to do
» Also I want a monkey so badly
» always be my love
» always be my love
» Always making me laugh
» Always making me laugh
» AM I
» And I am so sorry
» And i cant do this on my own
» And I can't remember
» And I'm not
» And I'm not just a fan
» and I pray
» And it's only Wednesday
» and it would be like
» And i wanted to say that i love you
» and I will always
» And now I know
» and now im just trying to explain
» And she is all I need...
» and tell
» And that's why I don't want to talk ...
» And the other one
» And there's nobody to talk to.
» And the world will come to you
» and we will
» and you are my whole world
» And you do to
» and you let me down
» Anti social
» anyone wanna be my new friend
» Anyone wanna go out on the boat
» Apparently I lost my voice in the night
» a reason to wake up
» are not
» Are you going to talk
» Are you serious??
» As bad as fuck
» at least I look like one and I'm not one
» At the hospital
» At The House
» Back again.
» Back at work
» Back at work today
» Back to
» Back to me
» Bacon is good.
» Because I can have it doesn't mean I want it.
» Because i sure as hell will do the same for her
» be right back
» Best thing that has happened to me
» Big day today
» Bitch, I might be
» blah blah blah blah blah
» Boobs are weird.
» Bored at work
» boring as fuck
» Bout to fall asleep
» Bout to go home
» But at least I had a good time
» But I can't...
» But I fucked up.
» but i love you
» but i love you i swear
» But I'm always do me lol
» But I miss your hat
» But I'm not having sex for a while.
» But I need friends
» But I need this
» But i refuse to stay in tonight
» but it means the world to me
» but keep in mind
» but not in front of people
» but not really
» but only
» but so tired
» But still feel good
» But you're the one I want
» But you're the one I want.
» But you take me all the way
» By My Sister
» call it how I see it
» Candy is life
» can i be a boy
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