» I tried, you tried, we tried. All of the times ...
» Trying to be productive... Not working
» I never knew love would hurt so fucking bad.
» I don't get why more people don't co ...
» I shouldn't have to question everything y ...
» I hate how the volume fluctuates during movies ...
» I need a life alert necklace.
» Cooking time ~
» i suck
» I had some mad hops yesterday. anyone watching ...
» Ring ring ring
» I need to have a good time tonight.
» I ate my heart out at that buffet
» Doing some running
» I do everything I can and I am just never quit ...
» I wonder what love feels like
» I'll never understand people's fasci ...
» I know
» I doubt it!
» I want you to tell me that everything will be ...
» I'm not interested.
» I want a bad bitch!
» i wonder why i can't get the word "s ...
» I wish my life was like the people on tv
» I always just know.
» If they serve cold beer in space, I might go.
» I really wanted that mango though
» I stand for what I believe in.
» I wanna have fun tonight!
» I love P.
» I hate when I don't win games on my phone
» I lost my mind and still cant find it.....
» I wish this weather would stop, it's maki ...
» I do not like little kids.
» I wonder what that means.
» I'm seriously irritated.
» Floating away
» trying to make connections
» I want a pony or a puppy
» I want some watermelon
» i wonder what its like to have a social life
» I do it
» I love me some him
» I know I don't have a fairy tale start, I ...
» I know *smiles*
» I trust you
» I have a habit of thinking far into the future
» Bowling and Tequila...this will be interesting
» Fuck this stress.
» Our scars remind us that the past is real.
» But i don't wanna go to sleep
» Everything is everything.
» Running time
» Fuck that shit you heard.
» don't stress over things you can't c ...
» Im so bored that i play with my own cheeks.
» I don't have a drinking addiction, I have ...
» Changing things up with different opinions is ...
» We are all a slave to something in our lives. ...
» If I had a dime for every time that I thought ...
» I'm a failed vampire — all my neck biting ...
» everytime i close my eyes it's like a dar ...
» This life is pretty damn good
» I have learned that if you don't step out ...
» Don’t choose the one who is beautiful to the w ...
» How I'm still up I don't know
» I don't know what should I do in this sit ...
» I wanna start my homework but I'm still d ...
» Only difference between a winner and a loser i ...
» My bed and I have a special relationship, we&a ...
» My bed and I have a special relationship, we&a ...
» I could have an interesting day if my horoscop ...
» Fuck Allergies
» I love you. End of story.
» Headed to the zoo to see the rest of my family...
» It sure does feel nice outside today.
» honestly, my chances with you are 1 in 1000000 ...
» I envy people that can have pure silence in th ...
» I think my computer is stoned
» I think a man in a helmet defending our countr ...
» I wish I could see a glimpse of what my life w ...
» Damn it, tomorrow is Monday
» Murdering some pancakes
» The busy man is troubled with but one devil, t ...
» My bed is absolutely perfect.
» Make no judgements, where you have no compassion
» I like to countdown how close I am to my bed b ...
» It's only 3 am, absolutely no reason to b ...
» I'm not popular, but I have good friends. ...
» I love to shop but I hate spending MY money.
» madam I think your swagger is sensational
» Cider is actually really nice.
» Would be a great day to be in a duck blind. Do ...
» Bread is square, so why is sandwich meat round?
» everybody is so funny this morning
» I really just wanna put makeup on a boy
» Mommy told me closed mouths don't get fed ...
» there's a very small amount of people tha ...
» He is the sweetest thing ever
» This blunt is amazing.
» I love how girls just decide that guys who don ...
» i know what the question is. yes they are bigg ...
» In Vegas, have spent the last 48 hours wearing ...
» We even fucked WHILE he was making me breakfas ...
» Question: does he have any sense of self image ...
» Here's my recipe for happiness. Go get a ...
» conclusion of the day: americans need to get o ...
» I'll let you put expensive food in me, bu ...
» I hope you never procreate. Philly is already ...
» Pat told us he showed us his penis because he& ...
» I was just walking through Burbank and saw a h ...
» im typing and i feel like my hands are on back ...
» try this...when you orgasm scream his address ...
» I felt less weird knowing others had searched ...
» im dirt poor will suck dick for halloween costume
» She looks like an uncircumcised penis in a hat.
» My hot female boss's cubical is right nex ...
» I just saw a San Diego firetruck. No wonder th ...
» Haha, bad night?
» May i just say it is extremely difficult to pe ...
» I never doubt that you might be drinking at an ...
» we were taking shots of hot tequila, which is ...
» New requirements. My future husband must have ...
» I hate that ur telling me this.
» Flying to Orlando on the 7th is cheaper than t ...
» Mars, I'm going to name my child horatio ...
» 5 minutes
» About time to start getting ready
» About to eat and go to sleep
» Accept it.
» Actually in such a good mood
» afraid of taking chances
» Ain't got a second to waste
» Ain't no competition
» All good things come to an end.
» All I need is a second chance.
» All I see is the money
» All I want is to be with you once
» a lot
» A lot of people making it
» A lot of people making it
» A man is just a man.
» A man is just a man.
» am in love
» and he is out there
» And if you want the truth,
» And I kind of need my purse.
» And I'm getting tired of this game
» And I'm really starting to fall for you
» and I started to run
» and i still
» and my back
» And my birthday
» and my friend
» And now for another day of school
» and now my eyes are open
» And now you know
» And that made me a woman
» And then you go to sleep
» And thinking about it is giving me a headache.
» And this is where it starts
» And this one
» And to your favorite song
» and ugly
» And watch tv
» and when you do
» and you forget
» and you'll never go
» Anyone want to text
» appreciate it
» A R E
» are all you
» are you drunk
» as i want you to be
» As long as I try
» As long as we don't talk
» Ass, boobs and nice face = Slut.
» At the bus stop
» Auto correct
» Awesome day at the movies.
» Back at home now
» Back from the gym
» Back to the money
» beach is perfect
» because I'm thirsty for it
» Because I refuse
» Because that's all that really matters
» because this is what we live for
» Been thinking about him all day
» Be Happy :)
» Be Happy.
» Being as in love with you as I am
» Being mad is a waste of time.
» be my baby
» be my friend
» Be part of the story
» Be so amazing
» Be someone who makes you happy.
» between your lips
» Bipolar ass
» Bitch you gotta
» Blessed to See This New Day !
» Bout to get on the road
» But don't feel like getting up
» but he could not find
» But he doesn't have to know.
» But I Dont Have No Money
» But if I fall for you
» But I gotta love it
» but i have to study
» But I like my name
» But I'm a human
» But I'm not who I was.
» But I'm too tired to eat
» but i need to do my homework
» But in the bad guy
» but it doesnt
» but it must be done
» But its not
» But it's the good kind
» But its worth it.
» But I will not
» but no
» But shit
» but that's sO CUTE
» But then I realize you're worth it
» but you're
» call the cops


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Cooking time ~
Section Teaser
i suck
Section Teaser
Ring ring ring
Section Teaser
Doing some running
Section Teaser
I know
Section Teaser
I doubt it!
Section Teaser
I'm not interested.
Section Teaser
I want a bad bitch!
Section Teaser
I always just know.
Section Teaser
I love P.
Section Teaser
Floating away
Section Teaser
I do it
Section Teaser
I love me some him
Section Teaser
I know *smiles*
Section Teaser
I trust you
Section Teaser
Fuck this stress.
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Running time
Section Teaser
Fuck Allergies
Section Teaser
Haha, bad night?
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
5 minutes
Section Teaser
Accept it.
Section Teaser
Ain't no competition
Section Teaser
a lot
Section Teaser
A man is just a man.
Section Teaser
A man is just a man.
Section Teaser
am in love
Section Teaser
and he is out there
Section Teaser
and I started to run
Section Teaser
and i still
Section Teaser
and my back
Section Teaser
And my birthday
Section Teaser
and my friend
Section Teaser
And now you know
Section Teaser
And this one
Section Teaser
and ugly
Section Teaser
And watch tv
Section Teaser
and when you do
Section Teaser
and you forget
Section Teaser
and you'll never go
Section Teaser
Anyone want to text
Section Teaser
appreciate it
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
are all you
Section Teaser
are you drunk
Section Teaser
as i want you to be
Section Teaser
As long as I try
Section Teaser
At the bus stop
Section Teaser
Auto correct
Section Teaser
Back at home now
Section Teaser
Back from the gym
Section Teaser
Back to the money
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
beach is perfect
Section Teaser
Because I refuse
Section Teaser
Be Happy :)
Section Teaser
Be Happy.
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
be my baby
Section Teaser
be my friend
Section Teaser
Be part of the story
Section Teaser
Be so amazing
Section Teaser
between your lips
Section Teaser
Bipolar ass
Section Teaser
Bitch you gotta
Section Teaser
but he could not find
Section Teaser
But if I fall for you
Section Teaser
But I gotta love it
Section Teaser
but i have to study
Section Teaser
But I like my name
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
But I'm a human
Section Teaser
But in the bad guy
Section Teaser
but it doesnt
Section Teaser
but it must be done
Section Teaser
But its not
Section Teaser
But its worth it.
Section Teaser
But I will not
Section Teaser
but no
Section Teaser
But shit
Section Teaser
but that's sO CUTE
Section Teaser
but you're
Section Teaser
call the cops
Section Teaser

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