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» Green Living
   » Anti Gas Bumper Stickers
   » No Gas!
   » Alternative Energy
   » Mettle to the Pedal
   » Green On!
   » Tree Hugger!
» Liberal Politics
   » Impede, Impeach, Imprison
   » Hillary 2016
   » Romney #FAIL 2012
   » Other Shirt - Bubble
   » Other Shirt - Ponzi
   » Michelle Obama 2016
   » E. Pluribus Obama
   » Under New Management
   » Real American
   » E. Pluribus Unum
   » Already Voted!
   » Democrat Gay Pride Donkeys!
   » Obama Biden 08
   » This Neo-conomy...
   » Don't Snake My Vote!
   » Anti Gas Bumper Stickers
   » Obama Glory
   » Sweet Democrat Donkeys!
   » USA No. 1
   » USA Glory
   » USA Stars
   » Don't Tread On Me
   » USA Pride
   » In One Peace
   » Poor Man's War
   » Cut and Run?
   » True Blue Dem
   » Don't Snake My Job, Pedro!
   » Undocumented Wages
   » Neo Con Defined
   » Activism Is Patriotism
   » 2008 Election Souvenirs
      » That One '08
      » No McCain!
      » Joe Sixpack Votes Democrat
      » Joe Sixpack Uses Rubbers
      » Joe Sixpack: No Lipstick
      » Joe Sixpack 4 Obama
      » Palin: No Clue
      » Drill Baby Drill?
      » Palin Lies
      » Queen Palin
      » Palin Tough
      » Fluffy Palin
      » Ticket to Nowhere
      » Lipstick Repiglican
      » Pick Your Donkey!
      » McCain Sucks
      » Trophy Veep
      » McSame - Pablum
      » Sarahjauna
      » Obama 08
      » Democrat Dropouts 08
         » Hillary 08
         » Hillary For Veep
         » Barack For Veep
         » Lady Bill
         » Any Democrat - President 08
         » I Like Mike
   » Bush Years Souvenirs
      » Screw You, 'W'
      » Cheney World Tour '06
      » I Disagree!
      » Bush Fatigue
      » Pataki?
      » Duh!
      » Top Secret
» Peace Ribbon
   » Peace Wordart
   » Peace Rocks
   » No War Geo Shroom
   » Psychedelic Peace Signs
   » Peace Ribbons (Eco Green)
   » Rainbow Peace Sign
   » Peace Ribbons (Tie Dye)
   » Peace Ribbons (Liberal Blue)
   » Peace Ribbons (Rainbow)
   » Peace Ribbons (Homecoming Yellow)
   » Camo Peace Ribbon
   » Peace Ribbon (Patriotic)
   » Peace Ribbon (Conservative Red)
   » Democrat Gay Pride Donkeys!
   » Obama Rainbow Glory
   » Rainbow Peace Sign
   » Peace Ribbons (Rainbow)
   » Not Monosexual
   » bi certain
   » Bi Certain
   » God Hates Bigots
   » Amanda and Eve
   » Adam and Steve
» Divorce
   » Kicked Stupid To Curb
   » Not With Stupid
   » Happily Divorced (Bright)
   » Nightmarriage
   » Just UnMarried!
   » Just UnHitched!
   » Happily Divorced (retro)
   » Happy Divorce Cards
   » unBRIDALed Shower
   » Just Divorced!
   » Newly UNwed
» Flirt
   » Geeky-licious
   » Chick-a-licious
   » Groovy-licious
   » Cougar
   » Cougar Bait
   » Gothi-licious
   » MYLF
   » Let's be...
   » Naughty When Wet
   » Strangers w/ Benefits?
   » Fountain of Youth
» Geeks & Nerds
   » Geeky-licious
   » Zone Out!
   » Sexy Nerds!
   » Support The Troupes
   » Theatre Mask
» Humor
   » Gluten Free
   » Life Rocks
   » Life Blows
   » I Brake (Voices)
   » B.I.T.C.H. - Ultra Series
   » When Life Kicks You
   » Older Than Dirt!
   » Juvenile Delinquent
   » I Have An Honor Student...
   » Mom Jokes...
   » Pickin' On Pluto
      » Pluto Drools!
      » Earth to Pluto
      » Pluto to Earth...
      » Our Little Bitch
      » Neptune's Next!
      » NEWmonic Device
      » Bad Breakup
      » Pluto's Fall
      » But Pluto's Better!
» Snark
   » Other Shirt - Your Mom
   » Taught Your Mom
   » Evolved?
   » I Hate Your Favorite Band
   » Strangers w/ Benefits
   » Snap, crackle & BURN!
   » Snakes On A Plane
» Edge
   » Moral Decay
   » Demonic Goat Lord Beast
   » Hellbound
   » Step up or Step off!
» Skate
   » Skitchin's Bitchen!
   » Don't Snake My Line
   » Will Shred For a Shoe!
» Joy
   » Peppermint Pollinator
   » Bonesy
   » Trick or Treat
   » Solstice Sun
   » Happy Solstice
   » Celebrate the Solstice
   » Sugar Christmas Cards
   » Bawdy Mistletoe!
   » Old Fashioned Holiday
   » Tipsy the Snowman
   » Peace Blossom
   » Psychedelic Sunflower
   » Astral Funk
   » Gimme a Sign!
   » Graffiti Banners
   » Posh Guinea Pig
   » Sick and Twisted 1
   » Sick and Twisted 2
   » Sick and Twisted 3
   » Sea the Sky (Poem)
   » In Your Eyes
   » Anti Valentines Day
» Business Wear
» G.I.P. Republican Pigs
   » G.I.P. - Hope
   » G.I.P. - Rainforests
   » G.I.P. - Believe In...
   » G.I.P. - Made In China
   » G.I.P. - Middle Class
   » G.I.P. - Global Warming
   » G.I.P. - Education
   » G.I.P. - Bill of Rights
   » G.I.P. -We Didn't Do It.
   » G.I.P. - Bombs Away
   » G.I.P. - Homeland Security
   » G.I.P. - Border Patrol
   » G.I.P. - Poverty
   » G.I.P. - Preserve the Republic
   » G.I.P. - Diplomacy
   » G.I.P. - Naughty List
   » G.I.P. Knows Best
   » G.I.P. - Church and State
   » G.I.P. - Campaign Promises
   » G.I.P. - Morality
   » G.I.P. - Patriotism
   » G.I.P. - The Economy
   » G.I.P. - Hate Crimes
   » G.I.P. - Democracy
   » G.I.P. - Despair, Poverty, War
   » G.I.P. - Small Government
   » G.I.P. - Trade Balance
   » G.I.P. - Secret Prisons
   » G.I.P. - Ignorance Is Bliss
   » G.I.P. - Support the Troops
   » G.I.P. - Minimum Wage
   » G.I.P. - Change
   » G.I.P. - Healthcare
   » G.I.P. - Defense
   » G.I.P. - Positive Spin
   » G.I.P. - Constitution
   » G.I.P. - Domestic Surveillance
   » G.I.P. - Low Standards
   » G.I.P. - Unemployment
   » G.I.P. - Tax Cuts
   » G.I.P. - Women's Lib
   » G.I.P. - Pork Barrel Pig
» Texicalizona
   » Texicalizona: Coming Attraction!
   » Spite Fence
   » If We Build It...
   » Tourist Attraction
» Happy Holly Daze!
   » Solstice Sun
   » Happy Solstice
   » Celebrate the Solstice
   » Sugar Christmas Cards
   » Bawdy Mistletoe!
   » Old Fashioned Holiday
   » Tipsy the Snowman
» Valentine
   » I Prefer Real-Estate!
   » Be My Bitch
   » Valentine With Benefits
   » Anti Valentines Day
   » Mom Joke - Valentine
   » Cupid-Wings
   » Cupid - Bite Me!
   » Cupid - Crawlspace
» St. Patrick's Day
   » Shamrock
   » Irish - Get Lucky!
   » Kiss My Blarney Stone!
   » Irish - Blow Me!
   » Irish - Do Me!

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2008 was a long and historic election. It's over, but you can still get our 2008 election gear: Anti Palin, Anti McCain, Joe SixPack, Obama 08, Primaries, etc.

That One '08

That One '08
The snide and giddy way McCain hissed his disdain for Barack at the debate just makes us love Obama more! Yep, it's That One '08 for us!! Funny Anti Palin McCain campaign slogan swag.

No McCain!

No McCain!
Republicans and Democrats finally agree on one thing: I'd Rather Abstain Than Vote For McCain!

Joe Sixpack Votes Democrat

Joe Sixpack Votes Democrat
For someone who acts like she knows Joe Sixpack, Sarah seems oblivious to the fact that hard working Joe Sixpack Votes Democrat! Funny Anti Palin McCain campaign slogan swag.

Joe Sixpack Uses Rubbers

Joe Sixpack Uses Rubbers
Anti Birth Control Sarah wants you to think she's just like Joe Sixpack. But Joe's a responsible guy, he uses rubbers! Funny Anti Palin McCain campaign slogan swag.

Joe Sixpack: No Lipstick

Joe Sixpack: No Lipstick
Sarah Palin passing herself off as just like Joe Sixpack? Sorry sweety, Joe Sixpack Doesn't Wear Lipstick! Funny Anti Palin McCain campaign slogan swag.

Joe Sixpack 4 Obama

Joe Sixpack 4 Obama
We keep hearing a lot about Joe Sixpack. But Joe Sixpack can tell you he's voting for Barack Obama! Funny Anti Palin McCain campaign slogan swag.

Palin: No Clue

Palin: No Clue
Stumping on deregulation and free market up til the wall street collapse? Oblivious to rape kit firestorm? Sarah Palin - NO WAY! NO HOW! NO CLUE! Funny Anti Palin McCain campaign slogan swag.

Drill Baby Drill?

Drill Baby Drill?
Drill baby drill? With her annoying, grating voice, snide tone and bumpersticker-speak, it's more like: Sarah Palin - Shrill Baby Shrill! Hilarious anti Palin / McCain campaign slogan swag.

Palin Lies

Palin Lies
Obama will raise taxes? Thanks but no thanks? Auctioned the plane at a profit? As if! Sarah Palin lies through her LIPSTICK. Hilarious anti Palin Vice Presidential election campaign slogan swag!

Queen Palin

Queen Palin
Put a pageant crown and sash on Sarah Palin, Alaska's 2008 Earmark Queen! Isn't she lovely lying through her pork barrel lipstick? Funny anti Palin McCain 2008 Presidential campaign slogan swag

Palin Tough

Palin Tough
She's a tough old bird on slashing the budget, alright -- in Wasilla, she billed rape victims for their rape kits. Alaska had to outlaw it! Sarah Palin - TOUGH On Rape Victims!

Fluffy Palin

Fluffy Palin
The trademark glasses, updo and lipstick, the meaningless catch phrases and kitschy backwoods colloquialisms... aw, isn't she adorable? Sarah Palin - all fluff, no stuff!

Ticket to Nowhere

Ticket to Nowhere
Palin/McCain - the ticket to nowhere - Thanks, but no thanks! Hilarious election year campaign slogan swag.

Pick Your Donkey!

Pick Your Donkey!
Obama? Edwards? Hillary? Support your fave 2008 Democrat primary election hopeful or keep track of the political race! Any Democrat will do? We've got you covered, too!

Lipstick Repiglican

Lipstick Repiglican
We're not sure why she's smooching on his pork, but read her lip print: Palin -- the lipstick on McCain's pig. Hilarious anti McCain / Palin campaign slogan on shirts, buttons, bumperstickers and o

McCain Sucks

McCain Sucks
Hilarious, down and dirty Anti McCain Palin campaign slogan that's as outrageous and offensive as they are. Pokes fun at his policy and her sex appeal: McCain Sucks, Palin Swallows.

Trophy Veep

Trophy Veep
Presidential candidate John McCain already had a trophy wife, now he has a trophy running mate in Sarah. Palin for Trophy Veep! Outrageous, hilarious anti McCain/Palin election 08 campaign slogan swag

McSame - Pablum

McSame - Pablum
McSame Pablum 2008! Tell the world what you think of John McCain and Sarah Palin peddling the same old worthless, oversimplified ideas that got us into this mess.


We don't know what the Palin lovers have been smoking, but we've seen her record, so: Thanks but no thanks to the Sarahjauna, I'm hanging MY chad for BARACK OBAMA

Obama 08

Obama 08
Barack Obama for President 2008! Bold signs and bright tees.

Democrat Dropouts 08

Democrat Dropouts 08
Show your continued support for dropout Democratic candidates Hillary, Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd, John Edwards, Bill Richardson or Joe Biden for President 08. Bold signs, bright t-shirts.

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