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   » Marden Martial Arts Quote
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   » Cicero
   » Martial Artitudes Samuel Johnson
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      » TKD Mom Daughters
      » TKD Mom Sons
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      » Proud Karate Dad Kids
      » Proud Karate Dad Kid
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Girls Rugby Purple Long Sleeve Infant T-Shirt

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Girls Rugby Purple Long Sleeve Infant T-Shirt

Rugby scrum on design in purple especially for female athletes. Great gift for members of the girls rugby team.

Product Number: 030-644438403
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Product Information
Standard Fit
Not too tight, not too loose.
Fabric Thickness
  • Long Sleeve Infant T-Shirt
  • 6.1oz 100% combed ringspun cotton
  • Long-sleeve design
  • Tagless for comfort
  • Lap shoulder neckline for easy overhead changing
  • Super soft material for sensitive skin


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