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Byteland Gifts & Apparel
Times Square virtual office is open for business

Byteland Gifts & Apparel features the highest quality original creations upon millions of products for your personal expression and satisfaction. All items are designed and produced by master graphic artist/photographer, Terry Lynch, and made in America so you may buy them with pride.

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Enjoy these popular favorites!

These Colors Don't Run

Welcome To The Sandbox (aka Afghanistan

Stop Killing Dogs Boycott Red China

I Love Saturn

Beware! I Protect My Young!

I'm Available

Pick Me Up

Liberate Filipino Women

I'm A Gecko! Not a cute talking lizard selling auto insurance!

Dog Is God Spelled Backwards Be Kind To Animals!

Peace & Love

History Teacher

Math Diva

I Love Oz It's Better Down Under!



JFK Rocks

A New Earth: Awake to your life's purpose!

Keep The Peace Pack A Piece

The Holocaust We Will Never Forget

Buy these great Baby Jesus Speaks gifts and apparel today
Baby Jesus Speaks

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Love'n Happy Hearts

Support America

American Patriots Association

Support Our Troops

Cell Phone Jesus

Electronic Arts Emporium

I (Heart) Designs


I (Heart) Irish

Bear Country

Elder Rights Association

Ice Ickle Art Gallery

My Home Business Network



Virgin Mary

World Peace Project

Tsunami Aid

Dumpster Damnation

Heart of Dixie Designs

Origin of the Universe

TAL Graphic Services & Design

Come To Our Store!

Attention Shoppers! We believe our customers are always right and strive to provide you with a great selection of gifts and apparel which you may be proud to wear and display. Please bookmark our store to insure that you will get the best prices and be able to find the many different variations of original designer creations available. Plus we offer thousands of unique designer creations produced by world renowned, master artists/designer, Terry Lynch, a professional who cares about every customer, which gives value added to every production! You can't go wrong shopping in our store and if you don't find exactly what you are looking for, please contact Terry and we will make it for you!

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Mega Bucks

How to make MEGA BUCKS with a supper store on Secrets to the design, production and promotion of a power user store on

Butterfly Magic

Free wallpaper/backgrounds for store or site development just as seen in the Byteland Art Gallery. You may download a free collection of colored tiles that may be used to create mosaic backgrounds to enhance and illuminate your site. Click to download Butterfly Magic or visit Butterfly Magic to see sample tiles and get complete information.

Gift of Love

Free electronic greeting card, music and blessing for family and friends

How To Love

Special love letter with ways you can share the gift of love with family and friends.

Support Our Troops

This site has material you may use to help Support Our Troops who are in harms way.

Cyber Sojourn: World Travel & Adventure Exploring Symbolism

Blog describing the Artist's epic journey around the world. Travel with the artist around the world exploring the great monuments, art galleries and symbolism. The art you see in this gallery is the result of extensive study of symbolism and Art History. The Artist has explored all aspects of Art including that of the Ancient People of the Southwestern USA to that of the Masters! Read Cyber Sojourn and learn what goes into the making of a masterpiece! Updates will be prepared over time from the field and when the Artist is back in his studio.

Thank you for your patronage! Come again soon!

Copyright (c) 1998 - 2013 by Made in USA. All rights reserved.
Twenty-six Memorial Rose Christmas Candles Small F

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Twenty-six Memorial Rose Christmas Candles Small F

Twenty-six Memorial Rose Christmas Candles burning to honor the lives and dreams of those children and teachers we so dearly love who are gone too soon from this good Earth.

Product Number: 030-758822010
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Product Information
Prints are perfect for the home or office. All prints are custom manufactured using archival inks and acid-free paper. Framed prints are matted and framed in a stylish black frame with plexiglass cover. Frames include complete backing. Frame size: 19" x 11"

Drag the square at the left to choose the part of your image you want to use. Tips: Click and drag any corner to resize; click and drag from the inside to move.

Crop Preview:

Click done if you're happy with the way it looks.

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Boston Tea Party

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Boston Tea Party
Dec. 16, 1773

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I (Heart) Waffles

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I (Heart) Waffles
More I (Heart) Gifts/apparel


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Special offer. As a professional graphic artist/designer I've produced over 20,000 high quality deigns for churches, clubs, groups, small businesses, and other organizations. I would be very happy to make you some money making designs. Plus I can help you design and build you a great Premium Shop. To see my current special offers for low cost, high quality, money making designs please visit LogosToGo. Thank you for your patronage.

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Zip Art Halloween Edition Royalty Free Creations On Sale Now Only $5.95!

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Each Zip Art collection is available as an easy to download .ZIP file that contains ready to use graphic image files as both Scalable Vector Graphic, .SVG, and Portable Network Graphics, .PNG, type files. This enables all images to be easily imported into programs that they may be manipulated. Hence you can get a quick jump start on the competition with Zip Art. Visit Zip Art Designs for more information.

Free Banners & Buttons

In our CafePress stores have over 20,000 digitally mastered design products on over 1,400,000 products! Affiliates benefit from our long association with CafePress and an established track record for producing popular design products. Now affiliates may benefit from our premium price structure and colorful collection of banners and buttons to make linking to our premium store just a click away! You may freely copy any of the banners or buttons below and upload them to your site when you link to our mega store. We wish all our affiliates great success! Thank you for your affiliation and patronage!

Toppics at

Click on pic to visit Toppics Click on pic to visit Toppics
Click on pic to visit Toppics Click on pic to visit Toppics
Click on pic to visit Toppics Click on pic to visit Toppics
Click on pic to visit Toppics Click on pic to visit Toppics

Click on pic to visit TopPics Click on pic to visit TopPics
Click on pic to visit TopPics Click on pic to visit TopPics
Click on pic to visit TopPics Click on pic to visit TopPics
Click on pic to visit TopPics Click on pic to visit TopPics

Open Letter & Gift For Shoppers

Dear Friends, Family & Shoppers,

Thank you so much for coming to shop in my store. It means very much to me that you have chosen to buy gifts and apparel which I have designed. Your purchases not only help support me, but they help promote the many vital causes and values which we must advocate if we are to make the world a better place.

I am sincerely grateful to everyone who appreciates my work and my heart goes out to all for your patronage and support. To show my appreciation I have made a special collection of gifts and apparel with the slogan "I (Heart) Shopping!" This design has a 30% watermark with my domain address at so that you may come back again and easily refer others to my shop when they see you wearing gifts and apparel I have designed. This design is available in an assortment of colors as shown below:

I Love Shopping Classic Heart

I Love Shopping Pink Heart

I Love Shopping Blue Heart

I Love Online Shopping Classic Heart

I Love Online Shopping Pink Heart

I Love Online Shopping Blue Heart

I Love Shopping
At the Mall Classic Heart

I Love Shopping
At the Mall Pink Heart

I Love Shopping
At the Mall Blue Heart

Ms Anime
I Love Shopping
Classic Heart

Ms. Anime
I Love Online Shopping
Pink Heart

Ms. Anime
I Love Shopping
At The Mall Blue Heart

I am also making a series of related designs to promote shopping, including online shopping. Each of these designs will also include my domain address to help you remember where you purchased these gifts and apparel. In this manner you may easily return as often as you like and also refer your family, friends and associates, knowing that you are recommending quality graphics and designs.

Please remember that if you can't find exactly what you are looking for in my shop, you may always write to make a request. I love working to satisfy my customers, so design requests that are in keeping with the CafePress TOS agreement are always welcome. If you can think of a heart, star, flag, slogan or other design you would like to see incorporated into one of my popular, stylistic quality graphic designs, just contact Terry.

When making a special request, please let me know if there is a particular design you would like it based upon. Let me know the product number and slogan that is on the design and exactly what you want upon your custom design. That way it will be easy to come up with the perfect quality graphic design to fulfill your heart's desire.

Again, I want to thank all my family, friends and associates, all my satisfied customers, for your patronage! I will continue to strive to bring you quality graphic designs which are the trademark of my work. Thank you for buying my original productions; your patronage makes it possible for me to bring you more great quality graphic designs in the future!

God bless you, your family and loved ones! May life bring all your dreams to come true!

With deepest appreciation,

Popular Premium Products (Front & Back)

Presented here is a selection of popular premium products which feature quality graphic designs on both the front and back when available (Cafepress currently prints black/colored apparel only on the front). These are some of our most precious offerings for your family, friends, associates and loved one -- or treat yourself to these adorable gifts and apparel

Support America

I Love Cowgirls

I Love Mom

I Love Oprah

I'm Dreaming Of You

Go Green! Recycle!
Conserve! Preserve!

Peace & Love

Peace Now

I Love Ducks

I Love History

I Love You


United States ARMY
Parent and Proud of It

I Love Wieners

Rock Star


I hope you have been able to find a great popular premium quality graphic product to meet your needs. If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, please write and make a request. I love working to satisfy my customers, so design requests that are in keeping with the CafePress TOS agreement are always welcome. I can produce speical requests for family reunions, weddings, parties or other events. Also I make special requests for clubs, teams, organizations or other business groups. Just drop an email to Terry and let me know exactly what you want. I'll do my best to get it posted as soon as possible.

Special Collection

I've put together a special collection of some of my favorite gifts and apparel. I may be adding to these over time or changing out designs. So please check back often. Thank you for your patronage.

Alabama Warehouses Elderly In Chicken Houses

I Love AL Classic Heart

America Christmas Heart

Rebuild Mississippi

I Love Mississippi
Three Sponsors

Beat Cancer: Live! Love! Win!

Stop Warehousing Elderly Americans!

Chicago Christmas Heart

Support Everything

Stop AIDS! Use Condoms!

No Abortions

These Colors Don't Run
The Whoop Ass!

Vote Just Do It USA

Support Our Troops!
Screw Iraq!

Support Our Troops! Kick Ass In Iraq!

Support Our Troops! Off With Osama's Head!

Please remember that if you can't find exactly what you are looking for in my shop, you may always write to make a request. I love working to satisfy my customers, so design requests that are in keeping with the CafePress TOS agreement are always welcome. Maybe you would like your name in one of my original hearts, stars or other quality graphic designs. Just drop an email to Terry and let me know exactly what you want. I'll do my best to get it posted as soon as possible.

Interview with Terry Lynch (TAL), founder of Byteland and TopPics.

"Art is life and life is art, so live your life to the fullest and express your creative and intellectual self!"

Master graphic artist and designer, Terry Lynch (TAL), presents digital masterpieces on gifts and apparel that everyone may enjoy great works of art.

How long have you been a CafePress Shopkeeper and how did you “discover” CafePress?

I'm an old timer on CP, having been here since 1999. I heard about CP from the Internet not long after it got its start. My first designs were posted under a basic, free account, using an alias name which I did not keep. Not many of those early designs sold, perhaps because there was just not a big marketplace on CP. Today, with thousands of original quality graphic designs, two premium shops and hundreds of basic shops things have picked up. But still I have not reached my goal.

In 150 words or less, what’s the story behind your shop?

Well, I don't know if you will be able to keep me to 150 words or less; that's like censorship. I like to talk about my shop; I do not like to try to simplify things just because people don't have the time to get to know you. You see, what's behind my shop in LOVE and LIFE, is all my experiences which serve as inspiration. Was that under 150 words or less? If so I guess you can just say, LOVE and LIFE!

How do you find inspiration for your designs?

I believe I just answered that question. Of course there's more to it than that. I am really inspired by everything I see and do. For example, I may begin my day by going on line and reading the news. If any hot topics capture my attention, I will make a note to produce a related design. It may be related to the war in Iraq, to the presidential election, to the latest gossip in Hollywood, an international disaster or other world events. Or I might receive an email from someone making a special request. I invite people to make special requests for their businesses, fund raisers, campaigns or as gifts for family, friends, associates, loved ones or just themselves. So if you like my work and would like to make a special request drop an email to Terry. Please tell me exactly what you want and the design/product number you would like it to emulate. Also let me know exactly what you want the design to say. I'll try to get it posted as soon as possible so you can place an order. I'm primarily interested in doing designs for large groups who are going to order at least twelve dozen or more products; the larger the order, the better. However, I've also done many requests for individuals.

Save The World. Help save the world! Peace & environmental action.

How are you currently using CafePress (e.g. supplement website, raise funds for charity, creative outlet…)?

I use CP to showcase my quality graphic gifts and apparel to people all over the world. This includes both quality graphic designs as well as the photography which I produce. I've been carrying around a camera since I was a child and love taking pictures, especially of flora and fauna, and posting them on gifts and apparel within minutes! I remember when you use to have to take film to get it developed, wait for it to be processed, and then have the images scanned. Now with a digital camera you can take a photograph, upload it to your computer immediately, and post it upon products, all within a very short period of time! Such technology is amazing! I just wish I had time to get more of my work posted as even though I have over 12,000 quality graphic items in my CP shops, that represents only a small portion of my work. I am very prolific!

Tell us what you do to market and promote your shop?

My primary domains are Byteland at, TAL Graphic Service & Design (TALGSD) at, and I Love WWW Art at Each of these sites are listed on major search engines and funnels traffic to my CP shops. I also am active on various social networks as You Tube, BlogTV and MySpace and use these to let other people know about my work. It's "word of mouth advertising" taken high tech! Plus I write articles about nature which are illustrated with my work that I market on CP; and produce topical websites which market products. One of my most popular sites is Firefly FAQs.

Firefly Gallery

Also I blog which is a great way to let everyone know the in depth story behind many of my designs. That's why I started Cyber Sojourn: The romance and adventures of a naturalist through the wilds of the Internet. Cyber Sojourn is the romantic tale of my adventures around the world and in cyberspace. In Cyber Sojourn I give examples of my quality graphics and tell how I have been inspired by many different cultures and the symbolism one finds expressed by those cultures. Often I try to incorporate symbolism into my quality graphic gifts and apparel that I believe my work is more universal in nature and finds a wider audience than it might if I were not so influenced.

What has been your biggest shop accomplishment since you’ve become a Shopkeeper?

I actually made the most sales of America flag designs which I had posted on CP prior to 9/11. On September 11, 2001, I was watching the television when the Twin Tower fell just as were millions of other Americans. However prior to 9/11, had been producing American flag designs and posting them in my shops as a way to inspire patriotism in the United States of America, motivated by anti-American sentiments and racial hatred. It just happened that on 9/11 I was one of the few people actively promoting the idea that we must Support America and fight against the hatred and terrorism which is seeking to destroy our nation. After the Twin Tower fell, I was the first person to post a series of "Remember 9/11/2001" and "9/11/2001 We Will Never Forget" American flag designs and slogans. These were picked up by major networks and spread around the world overnight because major media listed Support America, a site I produced, where people could get American flags on T-shirts and other gifts and apparel.

A great collection of patriotic gifts and apparel for all Americans.

Since 9/11 I've continued to expand production of patriotic gifts and apparel. I like to think that many others have emulated my success by following suit. Hence I have achieved what I set out to do when I started making American flag designs which is to boost the spirit of patriotism in America which includes many Support Our Troop gifts and apparel.

Do you take part in the CafePress Community Forums and if so, what do you like best about it?

I use to participate in the CP forums more than I do now. This is primarily because I enjoy spending the majority of my time in the actually production process. This may involve going out and searching for photographs which are later developed into quality graphics for marketing upon gifts and apparel, or it may involve producing simple designs and slogans to market on CP. But I occasionally do visit the forums to see what's on people's minds or if there are any new developments. I have also personally helped people outside of the CP forums to develop their shops and written a number of articles in this regard.

What future plans do you have for your shop, or using CafePress?

I would like to open more MEGA stores in the future and eventually have hundreds of thousands of quality graphic gifts and apparel products in my various MEGA stores. In fact, I'd really like to have my own CP type production facilities and company. I would like to have thousands of robots working for me to produce and market my original designs as well as those of other creative people. Then I might have enough to support a major charitable foundation that could do much to help people everywhere. Really the sky is the limit!

Beat Cancer! Live! Love! Win!

Is there another CafePress shop/Shopkeeper that you admire?

I admire many creative individuals who use CP to market their expressions. I'd rather not list any particular shops, however, as I view CP as a competitive marketplace. Why should I refer people to other's shops when I have over 20,000 quality graphic productions on over 1,400,000 products in my own shops? I simply tell people the truth, that if they are looking for quality graphic productions on gifts and apparel they should go to Byteland. Or Made in USA. That's where they can find whatever they want and need. And if they can't find it already made, they can drop an email to Terry and I'll make it for them.

Do you have any “tips” to success or word of advice you can give to other CafePress Shopkeepers?

Yes, certainly. As I mentioned earlier, I have written a number of articles related to various aspects of marketing one's creative expressions via the Internet. Read CP101: Cyber Profits: The Great Censorship Wars. Basically I wish to tell everyone to be themselves! Do what makes you happy. Express yourself through your art and photography and use CP to publish your work on demand. Cafepress provides a great service and I hope it continues to grow and offer even greater opportunities for creative people in the future. I highly recommend CP as a way to immediately reach out and touch people all over the globe with your creative expressions! Cafepress is a great company with great people who are doing a great job to make it possible for everyone to share their expressions with others. CP is like a spark of light where once there was only darkness and over time that spark of light is growing as more and more people discover CafePres and come to use it to share their creative expressions with their family, friends, associates and loved ones! Keep up the good work CP'er!

© 2008 by TALGSD. All rights reserved. Contact TALGSD for permission to reprint this interview.

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Boycott Made In China Products K9 Killers!

Click on link to learn how you can help protest the bludgeoning of hundreds of thousands of dogs in Red China by corrupt communist government officials who are using dog culling to terrorize the people!

About the artist

Thank you!

Thank you for your patronage! If you are new to CafePress and need help making product designs or building your shop, please contact Terry. I have been using CafePress since 1999 and have helped many CafePress users in the forums and through private collaboration. I would love to help you get your CafePress store up and running. I can even help you develop product lines. I have a number of special offers available through LogosToGo which is my business site. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help with CafePress or want me to make some high quality, money making product designs for you.

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