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Take on the looney left with our unique patriotic and conservative gear. Our products are listed by design, with the newest items listed first. Bumper stickers, campaign buttons, and apparel for all ages are available for all designs. If you see a design and would like it on a different item, send us an email at the address listed below. Whether you choose one of our hot new offerings, or our fresh take on old WWII posters, remember that logic will defeat liberals/socialists everytime, guaranteed!

Comments and queries can be sent to michaelj@usaliberteez.com!
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Semper Fi, NOT, Run and Hide!

Semper Fi, NOT, Run and Hide!
Marines never run, but Democrats always do!

Soldiers Give

Soldiers Give
Freedom of speech is defended by soldiers, not flag-burning name-callers!

Soldiers Give

Soldiers Give
Churchill types use freedom, soldiers fight for it!

Soldiers Give

Soldiers Give
Freedom of Religion does not come from lawsuits!

Evil. Capitalist. Pigs.

Defend Our Borders

Defend Our Borders
By Enforcing Our Laws!

Spending Control

Spending Control
Stop showing the money!

Poverty Yes, Capitalism NO

Poverty Yes, Capitalism NO
Capitalism, we don't need your stinkin' capitalism! In use now in Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba. . .

Tolerant Liberals? HA!

Tolerant Liberals? HA!
The quintessential oxymoron

Freedom FROM Thought

Freedom FROM Thought
Just emotions here folks, no logic please!

ACLU Opinions

ACLU Opinions
You vill shpeak only ven shpoken to!

Tree Hugging Hippies

Tree Hugging Hippies
Oh no, not again!

Reason for the Season

Reason for the Season
Christmas isn't just Santa, reindeer and elves!

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