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» Wisconsin Republican Politics
   » More Singing, Less Scott Walker
   » Walker Math
   » Another damn Scott
   » Electile Dysfunction
   » Dump Walker - Educator
   » Dump Walker - Public Employee
   » Dump Walker - Union Member
   » Dump Walker - Wisconsinite
   » Union Busters Label
   » Wis. Fab 14
   » More Cowbell Ron Johnson
   » Oshkosh Shrugged
   » Backwards Ron Johnson
» GOP Presidential (sic) Politics
   » Greedy One Percent
» GOP Republican Bumper Stickers
» Tea Party Nonsense
   » Nuts
   » I Like Tea
   » Tea party friends
   » Teabagger hands off
   » OJ loved Nicole
   » Tea Party Hates America
   » Don't Teabag Me
» Health Care Reform
   » Repeal Republicans
   » GOP Health Care
   » Whom would Jesus insure
» Immigration Reform
   » WWJD
   » No Human Being is Illegal
   » Illegal?
   » The border crossed us
   » I only LOOK illegal
   » I only LOOK illegal (kids)
   » Enojado
   » Another American for immigrant rights
   » Si Se Puede
   » Yes I'm an immigrant
   » Immigrant Rights
» 2nd Amendment Rights
   » Cut off your sleeves
   » Right to bare arms
» Right Wing Ranters
   » Stop Funding Terrorism
   » Wholly Owned
   » Crazy Voices
   » Plumber's Crack
» Campaigns and Issues
   » Snake Oil
   » America goes forward
   » Choose D
   » Greedy Old Parasites
   » Greed Over Principle
   » GOP Health Care
   » Republican Leadership
   » Same old Same old
   » Shouting Fire
» GOP Crazy Ladies
   » Michele Bachmann, Minnesota
      » Bachmann --- Nuts
      » Bachmann --- More Cowbell
      » Bachmann bumper stickers
   » Sarah Palin, Alaska
      » Refudiate Sarah Palin
      » Sarah Palin is Nuts
      » Palin icky
      » Palin --- More Cowbell
      » Palin Maverick
      » Sarah Palin Quitter
      » Palin Drill Baby
      » Polar Bears Dead
      » Anointed by a Witch Hunter
      » Palin Tax Cheat
» GOP Classics
   » got bush?
   » Fire the GOP
   » Drop Dead
   » Evil Empire
» Michigan Politics
   » Fire Rick Snyder

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Welcome to LeftTease.com where you'll find a huge selection of T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers and more, all designed by a purple-state progressive.

LeftTease.com is the home of the anti-Scott Walker, and DUMP Scott Walker designs that you've been hearing about. (Click the "Wisconsin Republican Politics" section to see more.) The shop proudly features silly, sarcastic, satirical, snarky and mean-spirited designs that cover a wide variety of today's political issues from a slightly left-of-center, progressive point of view. Our products are sure to tease your friends on the right, and are great fun for the entire family!

Open up any of our many categories,and you'll find an incredible selection of designs that are available in hundreds of unique products, in a myriad of colors and sizes.

Wisconsin Republican Politics

Wisconsin Republican Politics
Home of the anti-Scott Walker and Recall Scott Walker designs you've been hearing about! If they weren't so funny, you'd have to cry.

GOP Presidential (sic) Politics

GOP Republican Bumper Stickers

GOP Republican Bumper Stickers
Snarky and satirical, mean-spirited bumper stickers that mock the Republican's nefarious plan to seize power and put America in reverse. Multiple anti-GOP designs. Fun for the entire family!

Tea Party Nonsense

Tea Party Nonsense
If there are truly any calm and reasoned voices in the Tea Party, why have they allowed a bunch of fringe element crazies to seize control of the movement? It’s all a bunch of GOP/Teabagger nonsense.

Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform
Finally, with no thanks to the obstructionist Republicans, America has made meaningful reform to our nation’s health care system. It’s no single payer system, but it’s a good start.

Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform
Immigration is the elephant in the living room. Everyone sees it, but no one wants to talk about it. It's time for comprehensive immigration reform.

2nd Amendment Rights

2nd Amendment Rights
The Second Amendment to the US Constitution: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Right Wing Ranters

Right Wing Ranters
Tired of the propaganda and Teabag/GOP talking points by gas bag bloviators and shill Republican “pundits”? Tease your conservative friends with these fun designs guaranteed to annoy the right-wing.

Campaigns and Issues

Campaigns and Issues
Fun-filled designs poking fun at the foibles of the Republican Party and its Tea Party masters. Anti-GOP/Teabag designs for a wealth of political campaigns and issues. Annoy your conservative friends!

GOP Crazy Ladies

GOP Crazy Ladies
The GOP is full of Teabagger crazies, but what in the Tea Party “Movement” brings out the craziest of women candidates? Here’s a fun and funny look at some of the Republican Party’s female “stars”.

GOP Classics

GOP Classics
Some all time favorites and "blasts from the past", gently poking fun at the foibles of our Republican friends. Enjoy!

Michigan Politics

Michigan Politics
Michigan Politics would be funny if things weren't so awful. Led by GOP Tea Party Republican Governor Rick Snyder, the state is sliding backwards into a deep abyss. Stop the constitutional onslaught n

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