» I hope his neck is broken
» Got my Hawaiian shirt and hat all ready to go!
» I just want a answer to one question.
» i Hate Lien Ass Bitches !
» I'm 84% sure I just experienced a heat stroke
» I just wanna rock all night long
» I love 1972 - how can you be trending!?!
» I just need time to think.
» I so love banana nut bread with extra walnuts
» i really hate people
» i'm hurt.
» I wish I had a car.
» I'm one step closer to success. I wish :)
» Making friends with salad
» I do stupid stuff when im bored..
» Need something to do tonight. Particularly inv ...
» I hate sleeping alone ...
» I'm going to have a bitch fit
» I think big .
» I'm way beyond tired right now.
» I need coffee ?
» I love lemons.
» I just want a reason to text you.
» I wouldn't mind some sex
» I just always have this desire to cuddle but I ...
» I buried my ballast, I made my peace.
» I want some tacos. Sounds fire.
» I officially live crosstown ..
» I want some pizza
» Getting BORED .
» I support!
» I'm having the time of my life
» I wish I could play an instrument so bad!
» I got a pretty dress :)
» I hate commercials more than anything.
» I wish I could capitalize some punctuation marks.
» I'm a whore
» Having no friends. Fuck yeah.
» I just got mad
» I wish there was something you could drink tha ...
» I love to sing. I just wish I wasn't so s ...
» I need things to do
» I fuckin love to poop, yup.
» I'm feeling myself right now..
» I love dogs
» lacking ideas right now
» I may not speak to you daily but if I consider ...
» I can lead a nation with a microphone.
» I just LOVE when my friends randomly act weird ...
» This girl is on FIRE.
» I scream for ice cream
» Don't forgive me, just forget me.
» The electoral collage is fucked up..
» earth is another planets hell.
» I have no idea how I fucked up my foot
» My garden looks beautiful with clear blue skie ...
» This poor kid is on drugs
» Silence is the true friend that never betrays...
» This is happening for a reason
» Think happy. Think positive. Be happy. Be posi ...
» A day without you is like a year without rain :3
» respect to the soldiers who fought for our country
» Babysitting today
» Sometimes, letting go is a type of happiness too.
» glory forever until my days are over
» The worst mistake you can make is walking away ...
» Quick Reminder:: Happiness is an inside job.. ...
» Wake n bake great way to start my day
» Drunk is not even the word
» Not me. I don't sugarcoat shit and I won& ...
» The effect of one good-hearted person is incal ...
» The effect of one good-hearted person is incal ...
» I'm excited for today
» I love waking up to the sound of rain.
» My brain wants donuts but my body wants...donu ...
» Eating Starch
» I love being the underdog
» I can't ever seem to get enough sleep
» Hello !! Can you be mine ?
» The creativity is life threatening!
» Freedom is never free.
» 6 players on my fantasy basketball team are al ...
» Alright! Our topic is about a roller coaster b ...
» Someone lie next to me, look me in the eyes, b ...
» forgetting your keys and having to climb a fen ...
» Sleep is 4 pussies
» There is nothing sexier than the face you do b ...
» On a posh train. Posh train is posh.
» I'm going to get my first tattoo very soon
» Roses are red, violet are blue. Fuck you whore.
» I'm Disrespectful I'll Scratch My Ba ...
» The things I would do to own a panda..
» my love is your love
» I wrote a song about a tortilla. Actually it&a ...
» I'm not angry. I'm just saying, some ...
» I'm trying so hard to learn from my mista ...
» I need to stop piercing my ears. I can't ...
» Is there a officer, problem?
» We should be called the Road Head Warriors
» its summer. and we all know college gfs do not ...
» it's probably a bad thing that i wasn&apo ...
» My mom just told me that the key to a successf ...
» I wish I could test you the smell I just had t ...
» What can I say...he's packing some seriou ...
» I feel like I just won at life, no connection ...
» I seem to have left my pride at pride
» We had two amazing nights in a was so ...
» FYI... At my funeral, it will be your job to t ...
» i got lost in a forest last night. this mornin ...
» Now that I've come to graduate college. I ...
» yes, too bad my tears were being wiped away by ...
» I woke up this morning next to some guy. I was ...
» My room smells like vodka and shame
» It's like a choose-your-own-adventure. B ...
» Wow! You need to get laid.
» worms taste like bacon by the way.
» I'm in a subway station watching a tranny ...
» I just remembered we were doing butt clenching ...
» Apparently I think casual Friday means I can s ...
» how do you like your eggs?
» Time to put an end to this 'unprotected s ...
» Did the walk of shame past her kids. I'm ...
» It was like what a highfive between zeus and J ...
» I didn't realize how hung over I was unti ...
» I really wish I didn't have to wear pants ...
» 2 months is too long
» 7 days of waiting,
» about how you
» About to get up and get ready to go to the mall
» About to scream
» About to start getting ready
» Act dumb
» After I clean the kitchen
» after you wake up
» AGAIN :(
» A good
» A good morning to you...
» Agree with that
» all i get it is
» All she
» All the best.
» All the places you have been
» all we need
» Always do this
» Always do this
» am i missing something?
» And a life
» And Baby
» and everyone
» And everything you do,
» and getting a massage
» And I don't believe in time
» And I don't want this shit
» And if it is about you, I love how you think i ...
» And i love
» And I'm always right about what I'm ...
» And I Might Be Getting A Room
» and i'm in for 5 minutes
» And I'm like
» And i'm not talking about you.
» And I need to do my nails
» And I really think I love it
» And I really want to get my hair done
» And its not good
» And I will
» And just forget the world?
» and just like that its gone
» And now in 2013
» And one
» and people be like
» And so are you and some shit
» And take you where you want to be
» And the fact that I'm getting to you make ...
» and then we
» and ur like
» and watch movies
» and you just thought of them.
» anything is a go
» Anything Worth Having Is Worth Waiting For.
» Anything you need
» Are you from Tennessee.
» As I go back to sleep
» a social life
» - A Spider
» a stick
» As you were
» at her.
» At home now
» At work.
» Awkward moment
» Awkward moment when my day without you
» baby you can have whatever you like
» back in a while
» back in the day
» Because of who I am
» Be happy
» Being with you makes me happy
» believe me I would
» Best Day Of My Life...
» best day so far
» best thing you never had
» be the
» better person
» Blessed to be awake right now
» b o r e d
» Bout to get something to Eat
» Bout to get this shit out my mind
» Bout to have a good day
» Bout to hit the gay
» Bout to make a cake
» Boy I tell you.
» but having the money is nice
» But I Am Not
» But I did
» But i don't feel like going outside
» But I don't want to be home.
» But i feel good
» But, I hate it
» But I know you know I'm the one
» But I'm not lol
» But i think I'll get it .
» But it's good
» But it's not
» But it's so true
» But I wonder who they are
» But Now is not the time
» but now its
» But the grass is cut
» Call it a night.
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i really hate people
Section Teaser
i'm hurt.
Section Teaser
I wish I had a car.
Section Teaser
I think big .
Section Teaser
I need coffee ?
Section Teaser
I love lemons.
Section Teaser
I want some pizza
Section Teaser
Getting BORED .
Section Teaser
I support!
Section Teaser
I'm a whore
Section Teaser
I just got mad
Section Teaser
I need things to do
Section Teaser
I love dogs
Section Teaser
This girl is on FIRE.
Section Teaser
Babysitting today
Section Teaser
I'm excited for today
Section Teaser
Eating Starch
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Sleep is 4 pussies
Section Teaser
my love is your love
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
2 months is too long
Section Teaser
7 days of waiting,
Section Teaser
about how you
Section Teaser
About to scream
Section Teaser
Act dumb
Section Teaser
after you wake up
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
A good
Section Teaser
Agree with that
Section Teaser
all i get it is
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
All she
Section Teaser
All the best.
Section Teaser
all we need
Section Teaser
Always do this
Section Teaser
Always do this
Section Teaser
And a life
Section Teaser
And Baby
Section Teaser
and everyone
Section Teaser
and getting a massage
Section Teaser
And i love
Section Teaser
And I'm like
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
And its not good
Section Teaser
And I will
Section Teaser
And now in 2013
Section Teaser
And one
Section Teaser
and people be like
Section Teaser
and then we
Section Teaser
and ur like
Section Teaser
and watch movies
Section Teaser
anything is a go
Section Teaser
Anything you need
Section Teaser
As I go back to sleep
Section Teaser
a social life
Section Teaser
- A Spider
Section Teaser
a stick
Section Teaser
As you were
Section Teaser
at her.
Section Teaser
At home now
Section Teaser
At work.
Section Teaser
Awkward moment
Section Teaser
back in a while
Section Teaser
back in the day
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Because of who I am
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Be happy
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
believe me I would
Section Teaser
best day so far
Section Teaser
be the
Section Teaser
better person
Section Teaser
b o r e d
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Bout to hit the gay
Section Teaser
Bout to make a cake
Section Teaser
Boy I tell you.
Section Teaser
But I Am Not
Section Teaser
But I did
Section Teaser
But i feel good
Section Teaser
But, I hate it
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
But I'm not lol
Section Teaser
But it's good
Section Teaser
But it's not
Section Teaser
But it's so true
Section Teaser
but now its
Section Teaser
But the grass is cut
Section Teaser
Call it a night.
Section Teaser
Section Teaser

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