keep on schmucking
» My life is in fucking shambles from last night
» I will be brave, I will not let anything take ...
» I wake up and I'm home alone, thanks guys ...
» Mornings like these I'm not sure if I sho ...
» I love lazy Saturday mornings.
» So much for grounding myself this weekend.. Lol
» I love what's mine and I refuse to share
» I must procrastinate
» Think about it. EVERYTHING is about business.
» Who wants to buy me a bunny for Christmas???
» I'm pretty sure I left my reasoning skill ...
» .......Is that how you look for porn?
» I know they r crazy. However porn on a big scr ...
» I just saw a girl play flip cup with only her ...
» $5 and a new fuck buddy.
» Make note: the first date is too soon to make ...
» Jesus was obviously not given an itemized list ...
» Did Neil Armstrong say the moon was too far aw ...
» She went from zero to smokin in five shots
» I should have bought two bottles, she left bef ...
» i don't plan on having that self control ...
» Some guys are relationship guys. Not our niche.
» i havee beer in my backseat and a glow in the ...
» i havee beer in my backseat and a glow in the ...
» dude, despite what happened last night, I&apos ...
» When you only buy popcorn and condoms at the g ...
» dude, you're never picky with who you ho ...
» I gave up sex with dolphins for you.
» Free body shot off of Sarah. Expires never.
» Tell me exactly where it said it wasn't a ...
» My kitchen smells like failed pina coladas.
» Why. Ill be the rabbit if ull be the carrot.
» I'm in the mood to be taken advantage of ;-)
» this morning i woke up with a nothing but a pa ...
» i am so fucked up that i think i'm playin ...
» Haha, I didn't want to buy any... we&apos ...
» I have nothing to say, just wanted ur phone to ...
» This guy sitting next to me just bought a plot ...
» A girl just told me I should smile because I w ...
» When she said surprise me I'm positive sh ...
» Scissors
» Charged a drink to your name last night. Thank ...
» So I have to go swallow an entire zebra. Ur o ...
» dear santa what can i do with your candy cane?
» The worlds most fuckable chipmunk
» your butthole totally puckers for the ginge
» Whiskey dick.
» Honestly.
» she has a tiny mouth but huuuge vocal chords
» Seriously, stop being so datable w your movie/ ...
» Was that inappropriate? I can't gauge the ...
» Whats up?
» Have fun with your cool freestyling girlfriend!
» thx for the lesson on dirrty dancing
» just won a stolen shopping cart in a dance off ...
» Girls don't like it when you cum inside t ...
» Who tried to make mustard cubes with the ice c ...
» I really wish I was making that up.
» I almost didn't recognize her with a shir ...
» nothing makes up for a small, perpetually flac ...
» dibs.
» was i over the top when i said that i wished t ...
» I just googled whats above a trillion, thats h ...
» my elementary bus driver served me drinks last ...
» everything is bigger in texas. Including my dr ...
» i miss vodka and anonymity. college is so rich ...
» i hate this light. i wouldnt even hook up with ...
» I love being friends with rich people. I get l ...
» I hope I don't blackout because this is a ...
» just passed a tour group on my way home. the g ...
» anal.
» You were running around the house with a purpl ...
» thirty
» i think he just uses that whole grew up in a c ...
» He told me he looked up all the foods that mak ...
» I too understand the importance of cheesy bread
» wha-pishhh
» Found more tequila
» It's a yes or no question.
» Don't judge me. Haven't eaten all da ...
» Well I think that's a good thing that I&a ...
» If penises could fly, my ass would totally be ...
» Riding home in a carseat. Worst. Night. Ever.
» 1 of all
» 2 and a half hours
» about life
» About that.
» About to get ready for work
» About to just go to bed.
» About to start my first tattoo
» a day
» After all that we had
» A good time when I need my best friend.
» a hot chocolate
» alive is awesome
» All about me
» All I ask of you is try to earn my memory.
» All I know is that I'm hungry.
» All I want is a job
» All I want is to make it better
» All the Time
» All you see is me you think I'm worried
» All you see is me you think I'm worried
» almost got pulled over
» Alone in the darkness
» a lot.
» a lot.
» ALOT of shit
» ALOT of shit
» Always do your best to keep a
» Always do your best to keep a
» A milkshake would be nice
» And as I tried
» And I did.
» And i hate that i made you think
» And I'm delusional.
» and I miss you
» and I'm still up
» and i never stop
» And it's a goal
» And live off my brother
» And maybe it's that way
» and people are
» And right now I just wish you were here.
» And sweet
» And when you do.
» An eye for an eye will only make the whole wor ...
» anger management
» Anything I have is yours
» Apart of me will always be with you
» A reason to hate
» As much as I love you
» At Home With His Wife
» At home with my baby
» At least I got a haircut
» At least I know what to wear to it.
» At my house with the girls
» Baby you can have it all
» Back at it all over again
» Back in bed
» Back on my own
» Back on the road
» Back to this again
» Back to Work
» Bad day today I can already tell
» bad mood
» Bane of my life
» Bc I really don't wear heels
» because i can't
» Because I'm bored .
» because of you I smile
» Because we all have a story
» Because you are a good girl and you know it.
» Because you're my sugar in my way to live
» Been in a bad mood all night
» Been There
» belong to
» Be mine ?
» Be positive.
» Best day ever.
» Best for the best is the best
» Better be me.
» Beyond ready for the weekend
» Boobs just get in the way.
» B O R E D.
» Boring day at the office
» Bout to cry
» boyfriend but they can’t
» Boyfriend is back!
» but here i stand
» but I do love her
» But I don't care for it.
» But I'm bout to take a nap.
» But I'm not feeling that way
» But I'm not so its good
» But I really don't know
» But It Is That
» but it was weird.
» but I want to know,
» but that's just me
» But then again I don't know why you would ...
» But whatever it is
» but you.
» By far
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I must procrastinate
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Whiskey dick.
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Whats up?
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Found more tequila
Section Teaser
1 of all
Section Teaser
2 and a half hours
Section Teaser
about life
Section Teaser
About that.
Section Teaser
a day
Section Teaser
After all that we had
Section Teaser
a hot chocolate
Section Teaser
alive is awesome
Section Teaser
All about me
Section Teaser
All I want is a job
Section Teaser
All the Time
Section Teaser
Alone in the darkness
Section Teaser
a lot.
Section Teaser
a lot.
Section Teaser
ALOT of shit
Section Teaser
ALOT of shit
Section Teaser
And as I tried
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
And I did.
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
And I'm delusional.
Section Teaser
and I miss you
Section Teaser
and I'm still up
Section Teaser
and i never stop
Section Teaser
And it's a goal
Section Teaser
and people are
Section Teaser
And sweet
Section Teaser
And when you do.
Section Teaser
anger management
Section Teaser
A reason to hate
Section Teaser
As much as I love you
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
At Home With His Wife
Section Teaser
At home with my baby
Section Teaser
Back in bed
Section Teaser
Back on my own
Section Teaser
Back on the road
Section Teaser
Back to this again
Section Teaser
Back to Work
Section Teaser
bad mood
Section Teaser
Bane of my life
Section Teaser
because i can't
Section Teaser
Because I'm bored .
Section Teaser
Been There
Section Teaser
belong to
Section Teaser
Be mine ?
Section Teaser
Be positive.
Section Teaser
Best day ever.
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Better be me.
Section Teaser
B O R E D.
Section Teaser
Bout to cry
Section Teaser
Boyfriend is back!
Section Teaser
but here i stand
Section Teaser
but I do love her
Section Teaser
But It Is That
Section Teaser
but it was weird.
Section Teaser
but I want to know,
Section Teaser
but that's just me
Section Teaser
But whatever it is
Section Teaser
but you.
Section Teaser
By far
Section Teaser

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