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Funny Animal Pictures on Printed Gifts and Merchandise - John Lund Photos
» Multi-Image Calendars
   » Variety Animal Calendar - 12 images
   » Elephant Calendar - 12 images
   » Animal Antics Dog Wall Calendar - 12 images
   » Animal Antics Pet Wall Calendar - 12 images
   » Animal Antics Cat Wall Calendar - 12 images
» Cute Cat Pictures
   » Christmas Tree Cat
      » New Section
   » Cat Interrogation
   » Chatty Cats
   » Animal Antics Cat Wall Calendar - 12 image
   » Cat Bath Silhouette
   » Cat Bath
   » Princess Cat
   » Cat Dominatrix
      » Cat Dominatrix on Red
      » Cat Dominatrix
      » Crack That Whip Cat Dom on Red
      » Crack That Whip Cat Dom
   » Cat and Canary
   » Massage Cats
   » Kitty Cupcake
   » Zen Cat
   » Groucho Cat
   » Sharing the Fishbowl
   » Cat Fight
   » Yoga Cat
   » Kitten Flight
   » Breakfast in Bed
   » Cat Heart Tails
   » Multi Image Calendars
» Dogs and Cats Together
   » The Kiss
   » Animal Antics Pet Wall Calendar - 12 image
   » Pet Tug-o-war
   » Conga Line
   » Twister
   » Graffiti
   » Doggie Incentive
   » Pet Office Party
   » Munchies
   » Get Well
» Funny Dog Photos
   » Scaredy Dog
   » Doggie Snowball Fight
   » Meditating Dog
   » Chihuahua Birthday Trick
   » Chihuahua Birthday
   » Animal Antics Dog Wall Calendar - 12 image
   » Bowling Dogs
   » Arm Wrestlers
   » Spa Dogs
   » Marilyn Poodle
   » Sumo Dogs
   » Dog Treats
   » Angel Puppies
   » Chihuahua Making Faces
   » Good Dog
   » Tango Dogs
   » Poker Dogs
   » Wrinkle Dogs
   » Hoop Dog
» Exotic Dragons
   » Dragon Flying Over Clouds
   » Fire Breathing Dragon's Castle
   » Flying Dragon Silhouette
   » Fire Breathing Dragon
» Unusual Elephant Photos
   » Meditating Elephant
   » Elephant and Mouse Share
   » Yoga Elephant Silhouette
   » Elephant Calendar - 12 images
   » Elephant Flight Silhouette
   » Elephant Flight
   » Elephant in a Tree Silhouette
   » Elephant in a Tree
   » Thinker Elephant Landscape
   » Thinker Elephant Silhouette
   » Elephant Contemplation
   » Elephant Yoga
   » Elephant Heart Faded
   » Elephant Heart
   » Floating Elephant
   » Elephant Friend
   » Elephant Chorus Silhouette
   » Elephant Chorus
» Ganesha
   » Ganesha Diagram
   » Lord Ganesha
   » Ganesha on White
» Holstein Cow Pictures
   » Mad Cow
   » Peering Holstein Cow
   » Milk This
   » Milk This (captioned)
   » Mugs
» Regal Lion Photos
   » Lion Pianist Silhouette
   » King of Beasts
   » Lion Pianist
» Funny Photos of Other Animals
   » Mouse Bouquet
   » Biker Chicks
   » Turtle Bearing Gifts
   » Chocolate Rabbit Mustache
   » Kitty's Mouse Gift
   » Easter Ducklings
» Mugs
   » Mugs
   » Mugs

John Lund
Sausalito, CA

"oh well"

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Featuring John Lund's unique and amazing pictures printed on everything from coffee mugs to sweatshirts! We've got funny animal pictures with elephants, cows, cats, dogs, a fire breathing dragon and all sorts of other animals. We are continually adding new, wild, crazy, funny photos to our collection.

Our images are sorted primarily by type of animal. Click on a category to see some amazing pictures, then click on the picture you like best to see the product choices
or if you know you want a particular product (like a mug) you can search by product in the search window at the bottom of the sidebar. Have fun!!

Multi-Image Calendars

Multi-Image Calendars
These fun calendars have twelve different images in each calendar, one for each month. Each calendar has a theme. Elephants, cats, dogs, mixed pets, and one calendar with a little of everything includ

Cute Cat Pictures

Cute Cat Pictures
Photos of cute, feisty, cuddly and curious cats in the funniest poses. Did you know cats do yoga, meditate and even fall in love?

Dogs and Cats Together

Dogs and Cats Together
Fun and silly photos of cats and dogs together, in unusual situations.

Funny Dog Photos

Funny Dog Photos
Pictures of all kinds of dogs and puppies being cute, silly, sweet and tough.

Exotic Dragons

Exotic Dragons
Rare photos of fire breathing dragons and flying dragons in their natural environment and stripped out for easy printing.

Unusual Elephant Photos

Unusual Elephant Photos
We have a large selection of charming and endearing elephant photos, elephants pondering, floating, flying, in love, doing yoga and just hanging out.


Photos of Hindu God, Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles in three versions: stripped out on white as you see here, in a lush environment and diagrammed with descriptive labels.

Holstein Cow Pictures

Holstein Cow Pictures
If you're a cow lover or can just appreciate a good udder when you see it, take a gander at our herd. Some of the cow pictures have captions and others just speak for themselves.

Regal Lion Photos

Regal Lion Photos
Cute and creative pictures of lions showing their distinguished side.

Funny Photos of Other Animals

Funny Photos of Other Animals
Cute rabbits, graceful swans, silly chickens, adorable mice, fluffy ducklings and lots of other funny animal pictures.


What we’re about...John Lund has been a professional photographer for over thirty years. He started doing assignment photography and then moved into stock photography, which is currently his emphasis. You can check out John’s website at About twenty years ago John discovered the wonders of Photoshop and then ten years ago he approached a greeting card company about starting a line of funny animal cards, featuring, of course, funny animal pictures. As part of that project he created the brand, John Lund’s Animal Antics. This series includes digitally manipulated photos of dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, chickens, lions and many other kinds of animals. These are anthropomorphic images; that means that the animals are made to have many of the qualities of people. To create these pictures John has an animal trainer pose the animals for digital photos that provide the source material for John’s creative digital manipulation. Parts are taken from several photos and put together in Photoshop to create each of John’s funny photos. John created almost two hundred funny animal pictures for the greeting card company. Many are still in production but the rest are available here on Cafe Press, printed on greeting cards, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, mouse pads, stickers, hats and all of the rest of the great merchandise offered here in our store. The Animal Antics series is not all that John offers on this site. In recent years he started a series of really fun images of elephants in unique situations, flying, riding a unicycle, hiding in a tree, and more. John’s associate Stephanie Roeser has also created some very challenging images using John’s elephant source material. She started with the elephant floating with a balloon and an elephant in yoga, tree pose; then she moved on to create the elephant in Rodin’s thinker pose and several more. We also have fire breathing dragon photos, digitally created by Stephanie. For the cow lovers in our audience, John has also recently put together a few Holstein Cow pictures and more will be coming. Uploading the photos to this site takes time and we’re working hard to get all of John’s great images up and available to be printed on all of the products available here as gifts or just for fun. We are always creating new and inspiring animal pictures so check back regularly to see what’s new. So, go back up to the top and look for the photos mentioned here. Have fun... Thank you for visiting our Cafe Press store.
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