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J. Clifford Cook
Upstate New York

America's freedom is the foundation for America's security.

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1,001 Reasons to Boot Bush

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1,001 Reasons to Boot Bush

by J. Matthew Cook and J. Clifford Cook
Product Number: 030-10327018
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Genre: Government & Politics
Paperback: 349 pages

Description: A book from Irregular Times consisting of one thousand and one reasons to vote against George W. Bush in the 2004 election


Inspired by a combination of the foolery of George W. Bush and the persistence of Scheherazade, the heroine of the famous 1001 Arabian Nights, this book provides clear, detailed and entertaining description of the disastrous record of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. 1,001 Reasons to Boot Bush is much more than just a simple list. In its pages, you will find a documentation of the changes that George W. Bush and his Republican followers have made to the American way of life. It is also, sadly, a documentation of the changes that the American people have collectively chosen to make.Were publishing this book for the obvious reason that Americans have the ability to choose a new course this year. We make no attempt to hide that we strongly oppose the re-election of George W. Bush. If you want to find a single reason to re-elect Bush, you will have to go elsewhere. The plain fact is that over the last three years, things have gone horribly wrong for America. If most Americans were asked whether theyre better off now than they were four years ago, theyd answer, Hell, no! It is not just the economy. Since George W. Bush got into office, almost everything about being an American has changed, and mostly for the worse. We hope that the large number of mistakes, deceptions and cheats listed in this book will serve as an arsenal for moderate and progressive voters to counter the huge onslaught that is sure to come from the Republican attack squads, funded by hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate donations. 1,001 Reasons to Boot Bush may best serve as a testimony for those voters who still remain unsure about which ticket they should vote for, even as Election Day nears. As a gift for such voters, this book lays down the facts plainly, without the kind of over-produced ornamentation that adorns the new genre of books created by professional commentators such as those who poutingly pose on such pseudojournalistic stages as that of FOX NEWS. Best of all, this latest book from Irregular Times provides solid references for almost every reason it produces, and invites readers to participate in the continuing assembly of the list. If you would like to contribute to the growing list of 2004 Reasons to Boot Bush, send your thoughts to

Product Details:

· Paperback: 349 pages
· Binding: Perfect
· Publisher: Irregular Times (March 2004)
· Product Number: 030-10327018

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