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» To Arr is Pirate
» Don't Die Wondering
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» Rock is Dead
» Precipitate
» People Person
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Even insults sound good in Latin.
Nothing livens things up like a dead language. Best of all, when somebody asks you what your shirt says, you can make up anything you want.
Click an image to see the full English translation of the phrase and the shirts available with that design.

I Think Therefore I'm Female

...Be With You

I Fart


Why Is The Rum Gone?

May Barbarians Invade

If I Tell You

Eat My Shorts

I Have a Catapult

Don't Ask Me

If Caesar

Gag Me With A Spoon

May Faulty Logic

Party Animal

Your Mother

And the Horse You Rode In On

Your Place or Mine?


If You Don't Understand Plain Latin

See Above

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