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      » YOU'RE Schmoopie!
      » Step Off!
      » Soup's Not a Meal!
      » Hello, and Welcome!
      » Coffee's Not Coffee!
      » I've Been Blacklisted from Hop Sing's!
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      » The Whole System Is Breaking Down!
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      » Pulp Can Move, Baby!
      » Top of the Muffin to You!
      » These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty!
      » I Think It Moved!
      » Eat More Beefareeno!
      » The Urban Sombrero!
      » The Ukraine Is Weak!
      » Who Told You to Put the Balm On?
      » Fight On, Little Jerry
      » Stuff Your Sorries in a Sack!
      » Here's to Feeling Good All the Time!
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      » It's a Festivus Miracle!
      » Baby's First Festivus
      » Santa Claus and Festivus
      » Got Festivus?
      » Let the Festivus "Feats of Strength" Begin!
      » I Heart Festivus
      » Festivus for the Rest of Us!
      » Make Festivus a National Holiday!
      » The War on Festivus
      » Yes, Virginia, There Is a Festivus
      » Festivus in Lights
      » Happy Festivus!
      » Real Men Celebrate Festivus
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         » It Crows For Thee!
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         » See The City!
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It's the holiday "for the rest of us"! Join the movement that gains adherents every year, and tell the world that you proudly observe Frank Costanza's made-up holiday!
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Festivus Cards

Festivus Cards
Celebrating the best that Festivus has to offer, these cards come in a variety of styles, from nostalgic to contemporary to humorous! Add some fun to your holiday correspondence!

The Steps of Festivus!

The Steps of Festivus!
Festivus is a simple holiday, but its few rules need to be observed properly! This design provides a handy cheat sheet to make sure you do things right!

Give to the Human Fund!

Give to the Human Fund!
The Human Fund...Money for People! Celebrate the phony charity associated with Festivus and the holiday season!

Festivus Yes! Bagels No!

Festivus Yes! Bagels No!
When Kramer was striking against H&H Bagels for the right to observe Festivus, this was the sign he carried during his picket. Now you can carry on the mission!

I'm Observing Festivus

I'm Observing Festivus
Festivus is a time for reflection, so let people know to leave you alone with your holiday thoughts (or simply because you want people to leave you alone!) with this design!

Festivus Bumper Stickers!

Festivus Bumper Stickers!
What better way to spread the word about Festivus than with a bumper sticker? You can spread the message year-round!

It's a Festivus Miracle!

It's a Festivus Miracle!
The Festivus season is the season of miracles! When you believe in Festivus, you believe in miracles, and this design will spread the reason for the season!

Baby's First Festivus

Baby's First Festivus
Festivus is a special time for children, and these designs will welcome the wee ones into the traditions of airing grievances and feats of strength!

Santa Claus and Festivus

Santa Claus and Festivus
It's a match made in holiday heaven: Santa Claus and Festivus! Combine them to give the holiday season a fresh and funny twist!

Got Festivus?

Got Festivus?
Just like milk does a body good, Festivus does a spirit good. So it's only right to ask the question: Got Festivus?

Let the Festivus

Let the Festivus "Feats of Strength" Begin!
What's Festivus without the feats of strength? They're one of the central traditions of the holiday! And once everyone has enough eggnog and holiday cheer in them, everyone will be attempting the feat

I Heart Festivus

I Heart Festivus
There's no quicker, more iconic way to get the message across that you're a Festivus fan! This design will get the word out in a fun, fashionable way!

Festivus for the Rest of Us!

Festivus for the Rest of Us!
It's the phrase that symbolizes the all-encompassing spirit of Festivus: Festivus for the rest of us! Help spread the word about the holiday!

Make Festivus a National Holiday!

Make Festivus a National Holiday!
Everyone else gets a day off for their holidays...why not Festivus? Add your voice to the growing chorus seeking national recognition for Festivus!

The War on Festivus

The War on Festivus
The culture wars are hard on non-mainstream holidays like Festivus. Show your opposition to the War on Festivus with this call to action!

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Festivus

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Festivus
We believe that children are the future. It's important to allow children to believe in the magic of Festivus and all it has come to symbolize. This design will help you explain it to children.

Festivus in Lights

Festivus in Lights
Few things express the holiday season like a string of lights. Use these designs to light up your wardrobe with the Festivus spirit!

Happy Festivus!

Happy Festivus!
Nothing makes it plainer that you're filled with the Festivus spirit than a simple greeting of "Happy Festivus"! Let this design, in an old-fashioned, timeless look, communicate the season's greetings

Real Men Celebrate Festivus

Real Men Celebrate Festivus
Announce your embrace of your progressive male by letting everyone know that Real Men Celebrate Festivus! After all, what guy doesn't like airing grievances and feats of strength?

A Musical Festivus

A Musical Festivus
Festivus doesn't just put a song in your heart--it can also put a tune on your lips! Make the holiday festive with these musical motifs!

All You Need Is Festivus

All You Need Is Festivus
Festivus has it all: feats of strength, airing of grievances, fun, family, togetherness...truly, it's the last holiday you'll never need!

Festivus Isn't Over

Festivus Isn't Over
The feats of strength are one of the core tenets of any Festivus celebration. Let people know that they have to pin you before the celebration ends!

Festivus for the Rest of Us

Festivus for the Rest of Us
Done in the iconic oval style, this message brings graphic style to the classic message of Festivus: "For the rest of us!"
Festivus "Look to the Cookie" Ornament
Festivus "Look to the Cookie" Ornament
"Bark If You Love Festivus" Dog T-Shirt
"Bark If You Love Festivus" Dog T-Shirt

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