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About Us
A company overview

Han Translation is internationally known for its ability to translate Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and English. Adding this celebrated experience to our award winning design skills, we have expanded our business to offer artistic creations for all your gift giving or collecting needs. These unique Asian gifts from Han Translation feature Japanese and Mandarin Chinese Kanji, as well as novels, manga, history, and photography with Asian themes. With offices in Nagoya (Japan) Dalian (China) and Chicago (United States) our products and services span the globe as we work literally 24 hours a day. http://www.hantranslation.com

Our two business partners include, DigitalKu and SongLi Photography. SongLi is currently the first and only foreigner to work for the Communist government's State Media in the Northeast region. He hosts the daily network TV news as the evening anchor in Dalian, the largest port city in the region. The position is a bit ironic for SongLi, who made his long career behind the camera as a Creative Director in Advertising, and now now finds himself in front of it.

DigitalKu first began design work for advertising in America. Since then it has expanded to Japan and China, where it has added translation services to its portfolio. With the opening of China's publishing market to the world, DigitalKu has established itself as one of the first foreign publishers based in the country's Northeastern region. With several novels in international distribution and more on the way, DigitalKu is following its goal to release multi-lingual versions of its books concurrently in English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese. http://www.digitalku.com

Han Translation Gifts has a vast and growing inventory of products, and is always seeking new ways to offering interesting products to our customers. The themes of our Japanese and Chinese products range from historical reprints to unique Kanji character designs. We try to blend the old with the new, and show a side of the world that is wildly popular but not well understood. It is our goal to match artwork and photography with the proper merchandise and maintain the high standard of quality for which we are known. Our goal in being successful is to make sure our customers are happy with our products and services.

Affiliate Program
Would you like a commission for any sales that result from traffic you send us?

We have an affiliate program that enables you to promote our merchandise on your website. It costs you nothing, and you can earn money by linking to our stuff. Han Translation Gifts sells unique Asian products that feature Japanese and Mandarin Chinese Kanji, Novels, Manga, History, and Photography. Our inventory includes over 40,000 products, with new designs added daily. All items are 100% original, unique and unavailable anywhere else.

Our program is run by Cafepress, who guarantee quality service to you (the affiliate) and to the people you refer, safeguarding your own integrity. In case you have any doubts, Cafepress also won the 2005 Webby Award for Retail (the internet equivalent of an Oscar).

Sign up is free and simple. We offer 20% commission with a 30 day cookie, this means that you will still get credit for any sales that visitors makes over the next 30 days. And with the same PID # you will be able to link to any other shop or product in Cafepress and gain further commissions! Certainly, you may remove the links at any time - so you have nothing to lose!

Ready to sign-up? Welcome to the Han Translation Gifts Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Resources
Technical Info and Banners for the Han Translation Gifts Affiliate Program

If you have reached this section, then you have probably already signed up as a Han Translation Gifts (Hanku) affiliate through our partner Cafepress. If this is the case, you have a PID number and are now looking for products, banners and text links in which to link to Han Translation Gifts. If you have not yet signed up and are interested, go to our information page.

Text Links: Simply navigate to the section or product that you wish to promote for a sale, copy the URL you see in the address bar, and add your own PID # to the end of it.

To promote a mousepad with the Chinese 2006 "Year of the Dog" design you would create a link using http://www.cafepress.com/hantranslation.13380605?pid=xxxxxxx (where xxxxxxx is your PID #)

Text Link Example: 2006 "Year of the Dog" Mousepad

Product Links: To link to a specific product or section, first navigate to the section or product that you wish to promote. Then copy the URL in the address bar so that you can link to it. Simply add your PID # to the end of the URL to identify you as the referrer. This is important, as it will also allow you to get credit for any other sales that a vistor makes over the next 30 days.

Product Link Example
To obtain the image you wish to link from, copy the image and link location of a product into your html. Image and link location may be obtained by right-clicking (or on a mac, ctrl-click) on the image you wish to use.

Affiliate Banners
Link using our banners in the same method as product links.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to link to banners and products using the method outlined above.
This way if banners or designs are updated then the change will be reflected in your links.

If none of this makes any sense to you, there is a wealth of affiliate information on the
Cafepress message boards.

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Wide Skyscraper
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Micro Bar
(88 x 31 pixel):
Large Rectangle (336 x 280 pixel):

This collection of banners was designed to correspond with the sizes favored by most advertisers. We have provided them in an effort to fit the requirments of our affiliate members. You may download these graphics (right click and "save to disk") as a general to link with our shop. The size of ad units is defined in pixel - width x height. If you would like a banner custom designed or specially sized for your web site, please send us an eMail.

Designs, text, and images are copyright © 1988-2014 Han Translation
All Rights Reserved. It is strictly forbidden to download or use in any form the content displayed here.
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