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Black Kitten

Black Kitten
...the kitten had been having
a grand game of romps with
the ball of worsted Alice had
been trying to wind up,...

Alice and the Kitty

Alice and the Kitty
Kitty sat very demurely on
her knee, pretending to
watch the progress of the

Double Image:<br> Looking Glass Front and Back

Double Image:
Looking Glass Front and Back

Alice enters the Looking Glass
on the front and emerges
through it on the back of
these shirts and mugs.

Looking Glass Front

Looking Glass Front
She was up on the chimney-
piece while she said this,
though she hardly knew
how she had got there. ..

Looking Glass Back

Looking Glass Back
In another moment Alice
was through the glass, and
had jumped lightly down
into the Looking-glass room.


'Here are the Red King
and the Red Queen,'
Alice said...

The White King

The White King
...he was far too much
astonished to cry out,
but his eyes and his mouth
went on getting larger and
larger, and rounder
and rounder,...


Beware the Jabberwock,
my son!
The jaws that bite,
the claws that catch!


'Well, "TOVES' are something
like badgers -- they're
something like lizards --
and they're something
like corkscrews.'

Talking Flowers

Talking Flowers
'O Tiger-lily,' said Alice,
addressing herself to one
that was waving gracefully
about in the wind, 'I WISH
you could talk!'

Alice and the Red Queen

Alice and the Red Queen
'Where do you come from?'
said the Red Queen.
'And where are you going?...

Faster! Faster!

Faster! Faster!
'Now! Now!' cried the
Queen. 'Faster! Faster!'

Railway Car

Railway Car
All this time the Guard was
looking at her, first through
a telescope, then through a
microscope, and then through
an opera- glass.

Alice and the Fawn

Alice and the Fawn
So they walked on together
though the wood, Alice with
her arms clasped lovingly
round the soft neck of the Fawn,...

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Tweedledee and Tweedledum
They were standing under
a tree, each with an arm
round the other's neck,...

The White Queen

The White Queen
'It CAN'T go straight, you
know, if you pin it all
on one side,'...

Sheep's Shop

Sheep's Shop
...she was in a little dark
shop, leaning with her
elbows on the counter,
and opposite to her was
an old Sheep,...


'Are there many crabs
here?' said Alice.

Falling Off

Falling Off
Whenever the horse stopped
(which it did very often),
he fell off in front;...

Queen Alice

Queen Alice
'And what IS this on my
head?' she exclaimed in a
tone of dismay,...

Talking Queens

Talking Queens
Everything was happening so
oddly that she didn't feel a bit
surprised at finding the Red
Queen and the White Queen
sitting close to her, one on
each side:

Sleepy Queens

Sleepy Queens
'I don't thing it EVER
happened before, that any
one had to take care of
two Queens asleep at once!

Double Image:<br> Talking Queens / Sleepy Queens

Double Image:
Talking Queens / Sleepy Queens

Alice watches over Talking Queens
and Sleeping Queens on the
front and back of these shirts
and mugs.

Leg of Mutton

Leg of Mutton
The leg of mutton got up
in the dish and made a
little bow to Alice;...

Double Image:<br> Red Queen / Kitten

Double Image:
Red Queen / Kitten

Alice's Red Queen on
the front turns into her
kitten on the back of
these shirts and mugs.

Red Queen

Red Queen
She took her off the table
as she spoke, and shook
her backwards and forwards
with all her might.

Kitten After All

Kitten After All
-- and it really WAS a
kitten, after all.

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