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» Welcome To My Classroom; Fill It With Memories
» My Classroom Is NOT A Democracy!
» My Exams May Challenge Your Will To Live
» Rules For A Successful Marriage
» Caution: Student Teacher
» Don't Blame Me, Blame Entropy!
» No, You Don't Need To Know This
» If We Learn Best Through Failure
» A Good BM Makes For A Great Day!
» Schrodinger Never Had A Cat
» My Transporter Was Out Of Alignment
» Avoided Materializing Inside Solid Rock
» The Future Rests On The Shoulders Of Geeks
» Naturally Effervescent
» I'd Rather Be Quantum Tunneling
» My Calculus Professor Is A Real Asymptote!
» Thinks In N Dimensions
» Mathematicians Have No Limits
» HMO Administrators Are Worse Than Any Illness
» Seminars: Free Coffee & Doughnuts
» If Not For Grant Proposals
» The Physics Of Reality
» My Personal Thermostat Is Broken
» Schrodinger's Cat vs That Damn Box
» Graduate Degree Benefits
» String Theory Funding
» Greek Geek
» If There's No Free Will
» Your Gravity Waves Are Awesome!
» Why Want Blood From A Turnip?
» I Skipped Two Grades In School
» Geek 24 / 7 / 365.25
» Major Leaguers Fail 70% Of The Time
» You Don't Have To Be A Rocket Scientist
» Doesn't Obey The Laws Of Physics
» You Can Hope For A Snow Day, But I'd Study!
» The Full Impact Of Heisenberg's Contributions
» Has Read The Internet Cover-To-Cover
» Unless I Tell You, Everything WILL Be On The Exam
» WARNING: May Contain Nuts!
» To Learn Is Human; To Teach, Divine
» Classroom Rules
» If Silence Is Golden, What Is Heavy Metal?
» Geekmazing!
» Physicists Train To Be Quantum Mechanics
» Plans To Base Jump The Fiscal Cliff
» Jesus Was The First Hippie
» It's Okay To Ignore My Opinions, My Wife Does
» If I Could Care Less, I Would
» Exams Are A Teacher's Sweet Revenge
» Physics Isn't Rocket Science. Oops, My Bad
» So Much Time To Waste, Yet Still So Little Time!
» It's Only A Crisis If You Think It's A Crisis
» God Describes All Life Using A, G, C, T
» My Shuttlecraft Is In The Shop
» Vote Undecided
» I'm 98% Human!
» My Insurance Covers A Level 4 Diagnostic?
» My Parents Thought I Was Inconceivable!
» Failure To Study Will Result In Failure
» Unlimited Power!
» Went Where No Man Has Gone Before
» This Will Be On The Exam
» All I Want For Christmas
» Next Time We Beam Down, You Wear The Red Shirt
» Einstein Knew, But Heisenberg Was Uncertain
» Don't Even Ask About Schrodinger's Dog
» Probably Got An 'A' In Statistics
» want success? got teamwork?
» Unlike Myself, Heisenberg Lacked Confidence
» Math Operators Are Standing By
» I Like My Coffee With Just A Hint Of Dilithium
» I'm Here To Teach, Would Anyone Care To Learn?
» I Wonder Why Starfleet Issued Me Only 1 Red Shirt?
» All Caught Up In String Theory
» Routinely Beats Sheldon At Chess
» Knows The Last Digit Of Pi
» Schrodinger's Cat Ate My Lab Rat
» If I Told You I Was A Geek
» The Mystery Of Schrodinger's Ferret
» Thinks It's Easy Being Green
» I'm Not Fat, I'm Retaining Lipids
» My Universe Has More Dimensions Than Yours
» My Exams Reward Those Most Deserving
» Trust Me Spock, Red Is Not Your Color
» There Are No Original Thoughts
» Those Who Can't Teach, Administer
» Don't Just Learn The Material, Conquer It!
» I Burn For Peeta
» The Needs Of The One, Outweigh Needs Of The Many
» I Raised My Kid For 18 Years
» In Search Of Geek Nirvana
» Sir, The Klingons Just Friended Us On Spacebook
» Quantum Mechanics: I Get It, I Don't Get It
» Captain, The Klingons Are Texting Us
» Starfleet Percussive Maintenance Engineer
» My Thought Experiment Failed
» Schrodinger's Cat is Lost and Found
» There's No App For Me
» I Give Bonus Points For Creativity
» When All Else Fails, Blame Your Genes
» Engineer: Please Do Not Feed Or Tease
» Party Vegetable
» Teenager: Dare To Be Indifferent
» Event Horizon: Violators will Be Crushed
» Indifference Rules!
» Event Horizon: Park At Your Own Risk
» Stockholm Awaits Me
» Doesn't Give A Flying Photon Re: Schrodinger's Cat
» Has First Dibs On Leftovers
» Beast Of Boredom
» All Of My Professors Are Nucking Futs
» You Won't Like Me When I'm Doing My Taxes
» got time?
» If You're Not Part Of The Problem
» To Ask Me Out, Please Press 2
» Schrodinger's Cat Is Neurotic
» Having An Out Of Mind Experience
» Hey, That's Mine, Get Your Own Damn Coffee Mug
» Management: A Tool For Turning Caffeine Into Busin
» No Penny, String Theory Is Not About Kite Flying
» People Call Me "Doctor"
» Accountants See Only In Black & Red
» If Found, Please Return To Unimatrix Zero
» Time Is A Constant, I'm ALWAYS Late!
» Schrodinger Is Dead, Long Live His Cat
» It Wasn't An Asteroid, It Was Social Networking
» Routinely Defeats Spock At Chess
» Stand Back, I'm About To Have A Conniption!
» Today Is a Great Day To Thank Your Doctor
» Today Is A Great Day To Thank Your Nurse
» God Is A Giants Fan
» My Medical Bills Are Killing Me
» I'd Kill For Your Love!
» got butter?
» Aging Gracelessly
» Am I Cute, Or What?
» Yes, Of Course I Mean It!
» My New Job Is AWESOME!
» Life's A Game, Remember To Play
» You Have To Work At Being This Lazy
» I'd Go Postal, But I Can't Afford The Stamp!
» I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage
» My Bosses Love Profit Sharing
» Thunderous Belching Champion
» Member Of The Jewish Leprechaun Society
» 50% Irish 50% Beer
» KIss Me I'm Jewish
» Forget The Ambulance, Ride The EMT!
» Forget The Truck, Ride The Fireman
» Forget The Ambulance, Ride The Doctor!
» Think Of Me In Rich Dark Chocolate
» Sexy College Grad
» Sexy SciFi Fan
» Sexy Scientist
» Sexy Engineer
» My Girlfriend Is Smokin' Hot!
» My Boyfriend Is Smokin' Hot!
» Election's Over; Now What?
» All I Want For Christmas Is My Boyfriend
» All I Want For Christmas Is My Girlfriend
» All I Want For Christmas Is My Loving Hubby
» All I Want For Christmas Is My Loving Wife
» All I Want For Christmas Is My Loving Kids
» All I Want For Christmas Is To Be Home
» All I Want For Christmas Is My Loving Family

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Physics Isn't Rocket Science Framed Panel Print

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Physics Isn't Rocket Science Framed Panel Print

Science geeks will love this hilarious design which addresses the entwined nature of physics and rocket science, and the challenge of understanding each.

Product Number: 030-709092663
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Product Information
Prints are perfect for the home or office. All prints are custom manufactured using archival inks and acid-free paper. Framed prints are matted and framed in a stylish black frame with plexiglass cover. Frames include complete backing. Frame size: 13" x 16"

Drag the square at the left to choose the part of your image you want to use. Tips: Click and drag any corner to resize; click and drag from the inside to move.

Crop Preview:

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