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Mental & Psychological Humor

   » I'm A Perfectionist
   » Today's Agenda: Chaos
   » I'm Having An Out Of Mind Experience
   » Congratulations, You're Looking At Perfection
   » There's No Escape
   » Don't Blame Me - Lost
   » Just Another Nut In The Chocolate Bar Of Life
   » Desperately Seeking Coffee
   » Coffee Diem: Seize The Mug
   » Life's A Bitch, And You Can Too
   » Coffee ASAP
   » If At First You Don't Succeed, We're Related
   » Prone To Attention Seeking Behavior
   » Who Needs A Crisis?
   » I Spell Relief D-I-V-O-R-C-E
   » I'm Slacking Off As Fast As I Can
   » Watching Paint Dry
   » Look Ma, No Brains!
   » I Wish Snowbirds Were Endangered
   » Go Ahead, Make Me Gray
   » On The Verge Of Mediocrity
   » I Don't Think About Sex, It Just Happens
   » I Have No Control (I Lost My Remote)
   » I Don't Think About Sex, It Just Happens
   » Someday These Will Be The Good Old Days!
   » All Work And No Play Makes Me Behave This Way
   » All Loose Is Breaking Hell!
   » If At First You Don't Succeed; Deal With It!
   » Happiness Is Spelled "G-O-L-F"
   » Live Every Day As Though It's Your First
   » Way Beyond Help
   » My Brain Is Set On Vibrate
   » I'm Hot, I'm Cold: It's Your Fault!
   » Alert And Oriented
   » My Mind Is Set On Stun
   » In Dire Need Of Attention
   » Hypochondriacs Have It All
   » I'm Open-Minded, Please Close The Door
   » My Senior Moments Are In Syndication
   » I'm Psychotic! No, Wait..., I'm Female!
   » Do I Know Me?
   » We're All Going To Die
   » Help Me I'm Manic
   » Being Invisible Is Just So Cool!
   » Wishing I Was Here
   » How Much Happier Would The World Be Without Golf?
   » Pulling My Hair Out And Summer Just Started

Random Medical Humor

   » Needs A Caffeine Drip STAT!
   » I Need 250cc Of Coffee, STAT!
   » Choose One
   » Can't Hide Anything From A Radiologist
   » Preferred By Doctors
   » It's Been 4 Hours, Now What?
   » Exercise More, Go Extinct Less
   » Fibromyalgia Is A REAL Pain
   » Victim of Genetics
   » Complaints In Space
   » Oh No, My Food Allergy
   » Coffee Is Best Served STAT!
   » Why Are Doctors Paid To Practice?
   » Sexy Diabetic
   » Think I've Been Drinking?
   » I Need A Nurse!
   » It Only Hurts When I Live
   » Next!
   » Listen Doc, Without Coffee I'll Die!
   » I Have A Migraine, Please Breathe More Quietly
   » Please Wait In Room E2
   » I Need Two Slices Of Pizza Stat!
   » My Diabetic Girl Is Hot!
   » My Diabetic Guy Is Hot!
   » I Need Chocolate Stat!
   » I Need A Burger & Fries Stat!
   » I Sneeze In Your General Direction
   » I Need A Cold Beer Stat!
   » I'm Sorry Mrs. Trophy,Your Husband's Going To Live
   » Funny Medicine
   » I Need A Cheesesteak Stat!
   » Your Proctologist Thinks You're Full Of It!
   » Allergic To Life
   » Cancer: So Much More Than A Sign Of The Zodiac
   » My Podiatrist Graduated At The Foot Of His Class
   » If The Shoe Fits, Thank Your Podiatrist
   » Why Does My Dermatologist Have Acne?
   » I Can See The Cemetery From My Hospital Bed!
   » Dermatologists Must Be Careful Re: Rash Decisions
   » We Are The People Of The VacciNation
   » Why Is My Doctor Still Practicing?
   » My Proctologist Thinks I'm Full Of It!
   » Can't See, Can't Hear, Can't Chew
   » We Are The Children Of The VacciNation
   » I Got An A+ On My Blood Test
   » I Got An A- On My Blood Test
   » I Got A B+ On My Blood Test
   » I Got A B- On My Blood Test

Dieting & Exercise Humor

   » Stand Back, I'm Gonna Cook
   » If It Looks Tasty, I Can't Eat It!
   » At Last, A Diet That Really Works
   » I Visualized Whirled Peas
   » Put The Muffin Down And Slowly Back Away
   » Does This Make Me Look Fat?
   » I Need Coffee And I Need It Now!
   » I've Already Lost 3 Sizes: Small, Medium & Large
   » Absolutely Nuts About Chocolate
   » Food Makes Me Swell
   » I'm On The Duct Tape Diet
   » Sugar-Free, But Sweet As Can Be
   » I'm On The Nude Beach Diet
   » Exercise Beats Dieting - Try It!
   » Beer, Pizza & Chocolate: The Unholy Trinity
   » Danger Hazardous Waist
   » Living Extra Large
   » Coffee, Pizza & Chocolate: The Holy Trinity
   » Water Intolerant
   » Eat More Veggies
   » Danger Toxic Waist
   » Dinosaurs Refused To Exercise

Geeks & Technology

   » Plays With String Theory
   » Cool, Starfleet Sent Me A Red Shirt
   » Everything Will Be On The Exam
   » Experiencing Pon Farr
   » Loves Sheldon
   » I Went To Roswell, And All I Got Was This T-Shirt
   » Starfleet Dead Meat
   » Avoid Traffic Jams, Try Quantum Tunneling
   » Guess Who Taught Sheldon?
   » Sheldon For President
   » Next Crisis Will Begin Shortly, Please Stand By
   » It's Not Dead Jim, It's Just Restin'
   » It's Not Dead Jim, There's A Prequel
   » Schrodinger's Cat Is Neither Here Nor There
   » Quantum Mechanics: Damn The Uncertainty
   » Schrodinger's Cat Plays With String Theory
   » Schrodinger's Cat Was Probably Here
   » Schrodinger's Cat Is Just Restin'
   » Schrodinger's Cat Ate My Homework
   » Schrodinger's Cat Couldn't Care Less
   » Schrodinger's Cat Has An Uncertain Future
   » Schrodinger's Cat Graduated; Did You?
   » Exam? What Exam?
   » Students Unlike, String Theory, Can Be Tested
   » Excuse Me While I Jump
   » If I Tell You What's On The Exam
   » What The Hell Are You Doing Here?
   » I'm All About Entropy
   » I Don't Give Pop Quizzes
   » Enjoys Giving Really Difficult Exams
   » I've Never Met A Martian I Didn't Like
   » Plays With String Theory - Guitar
   » They Were Correct, Resistance Was Futile
   » Plays With String Theory - Violin
   » I've Got My Geek On
   » Quantum Cafe: Where Eating Is Probably A Mistake
   » Without Geeks, There Would Be No Social Networking
   » Starfleet Tech Support
   » Plays Dice With The Universe
   » Event Horizon Security
   » Penny For Your Thoughts
   » Geek In Training, Please Wait
   » Yes, I Am A College Grad
   » Yes, This Will Be On The Exam
   » Want To Share An Orbital?
   » Oops, I Emitted A Photon
   » In My Universe 2+2=5
   » Danger: Beware Of Tribbles
   » Starfleet Rocks
   » Funny Orbitals Mnemonic
   » Phaser Calibration Target
   » Rock Paper Wizards
   » Starfleet Red Shirt Candidate
   » Rock Paper Geek
   » Memory Failing ...
   » I Like This Planet
   » Study Zombie
   » Work Zombie
   » Warning: Skull Breach Is Imminent
   » Fools! Area 51 Means Nothing, Check Out Area 52!
   » Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet, I'm Hunting Aliens
   » A Little Green Man Asked For Directions To Area 51
   » Full Frontal Nerdity
   » Geekus Maximus
   » I Do Whatever The Voices In My Prof's Head Tell Me
   » Afraid Of The Light
   » Digital Supernova
   » Existence of UFOs Versus Government
   » I Do Whatever The Voices In My Prof's Head Tell Me
   » Folded Fractals
   » You Think This Is An Intelligent Design?

Assorted Non-Medical Humor & Art Designs

   » New Section
   » Am I Cute, Or What?
   » Is It Too Late To Marry Rich?
   » Don't Steal, Banks Hate Competition
   » Sidney Crosby Walks On Water
   » Would You Give Me The Shirts Off Your Front?
   » DCF: Dept. of Chicken & Fries
   » My Cat Whispers Back
   » My Boss Is A Jewish Mother
   » I'm Hiring
   » Dinosaur Whisperer
   » Preschool Is Like Congress, Only Smarter
   » Scares The Wildlife
   » I'm Here For The Pat Down
   » Welcome To My Classroom
   » God Bless The U.S.
   » Prefers Not To Work
   » Idiots Are Palin In Comparison
   » God Is A Steelers Fan
   » Powered By Java Juice
   » Sax Machine
   » Coffee Is Proof Of God's Existence
   » Save The Males
   » Debt Happens
   » Precious, Cute & Cuddly
   » Hot Bingo Babe
   » Save The World, Eat A Lawyer
   » Ride The Captain
   » Site Of The Stones' First Concert
   » Satan Was A Lawyer
   » Coffee Is Like A Warm Fireplace For The Soul
   » Toss Me Another CEO
   » I Love When You Talk Birdie To Me
   » got zilch?
   » Spring Is In The Air
   » I'm So Lucky To Have You
   » Why Work When You Can Shop?
   » My Heart Belongs To Beer
   » Joe The Unemployed
   » Is This The Best That Evolution Can Do?
   » Spelling Geneyus
   » Goin' Fishin' And Life Is Good
   » I'm Too Busy, You Take Care Of It!
   » Just (Buried) Married
   » got a way out?
   » Every Day Is My Dog's Day
   » Idle American
   » Accountants Do It In Their Heads
   » GOLF Is All That REALLY Matters
   » No Pizza? Blasphemy!
   » I'm Not Bald, I'm Highly Reflective
   » No Coffee? Blasphemy!
   » Success Is Not An Option
   » Mind If I Borrow Your Identity?
   » I'm On The Downhill Side Of The Mountain
   » Love Potion #Fine
   » Every Day Is A Dog's Day
   » Patriotic America
   » Seeing Stars Patriotic
   » Seeing Stars
   » Kiss Me, You're Irish
   » Merry Christmas Stars
   » Merry Christmas Stars
   » gastroPod
   » Low-Hanging Fruit

Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity Humor

   » Sexy Celiac
   » Whole Wheat Versus Gluten Free
   » I Love Gluten Free Pizza
   » Eat Lots Of Fish
   » Real Men Don't Eat Gluten
   » If Not For Gluten I'd Be Normal
   » Please Don't Feed Me Breadcrumbs
   » Gluten, The Root Of All That Is Evil
   » I Love To Be Gluten Free
   » Eat Like A Tiger, Go Gluten Free
   » It's Gluten Free, Or It's Not For Me
   » Klyxx, Avoid The Wheat Fields!
   » My Celiac Girl Is Hot!
   » Gluten Free Dragon
   » Put The Bagel Down And Slowly Back Away
   » My Celiac Guy Is Hot!
   » I'm So Sensitive, I'm Gluten Sensitive
   » Celiac & Alien Crop Circles
   » Celiacs Go Against The Grain
   » Gluten Free & Hot & Spicy
   » I Have Celiac, Please Pass The Tasteless Carbs
   » You Won't Like Me If You Feed Me Gluten
   » There's No Disputin' I Hate Gluten
   » Gluten Intolerant
   » got villi?
   » Rootin' Tootin' Gluten
   » Go Gluten Free: Delete The Wheat
   » Celiacs Gluten Free Forever
   » Gluten Free Is Way Cool!
   » Gluten Free? Let's Talk
   » If Not For Gluten I'd Be Normal
   » Gluten Free? Call Me!
   » Gluten Free? Let's Talk
   » Gluten Free? Call Me!
   » I'd Rather Eat Gluten Than Have Voted For McCain!
   » Please Make Mine Gluten Free
   » I'd Rather Eat Gluten Than Have Voted For Obama!
   » My Wife Works Gluten Free Miracles
   » Celiacs Dare To Be Different!
   » Celiac Keeps Me Going
   » Let's Face It, Gluten Is Poison!
   » Gluten Free All Of The Calories None Of The Flavor
   » Celiac: Gas & Go
   » I Just Got Scoped!
   » Celiac Is Not Contagious
   » The Celiac Diet: Eat Pizza & Lose Weight
   » Celiacs Dare To Be Different
   » Gluten Sensitivity: It's In The Jeans
   » I'm A Gluten For Punishment
   » I Love Gluten-Free Pizza
   » Wheat, Barley & Rye Make Me A Sick Guy
   » Our Ancestors Didn't Eat Wheat; Should You?
   » Never Take Bread For Granted!
   » Celiacs Go Against The Grain
   » Autism Is Not Contagious
   » Santa Must Have Celiac - He Makes Frequent Stops
   » I'm Dreaming Of A Gluten Free Christmas

Healthcare Costs & Insurance Humor

   » You Are No Longer Eligible For This Benefit
   » Do You Have Insurance?
   » We Accept Cash, Credit Cards, And Blood
   » This Is Not A Bill
   » My Health Insurance Makes Me Sick
   » Fee For Service
   » How Dead Do I Have To Be To Meet My Deductible?
   » Insurance Is Fraud
   » If You Earned What I Do
   » Help! My Doctor Ate My Paycheck

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Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity Humor

> Please Don't Feed Me Breadcrumbs > Please Don't Feed Me Breadcru T-Shirt

Please Don't Feed Me Breadcru T-Shirt

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Please Don't Feed Me Breadcru T-Shirt

If you have celiac, you know that gluten in any amount is bad for you. This design will let others know that they should avoid feeding you gluten-containing foods, even those as minor as breadcrumbs.

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Product Number: 030-444602705
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Product Information
Standard FitNot too tight, not too loose.
Fabric Thickness:
  • Organic Kids T-Shirt
  • 100% organic cotton jersey
  • Made in the U.S.A. by American Apparel
  • 4.3 oz. 100% ultra-fine combed organic ring-spun jersey
  • Unisex design looks great on boys & girls
  • Reinforced shoulder construction maintains shape through multiple washings
  • Not intended for sleepwear


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