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Focus Fusion Society

Developing an Environmentally Safe, Clean, Low Cost, Unlimited Energy Source for Everyone.

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Welcome to the Focus Fusion Society Online Store.

Here you can buy hot products to promote the pursuit of aneutronic fusion! The goal of the Focus Fusion Society is to turn the dream of safe, cheap, clean, unlimited energy from nuclear fusion into a practical reality, to do it NOW, and to ensure that this technology is made available to all mankind.

Golden Nuclear Peace

Golden Nuclear Peace
You can have it all! Nuclear Fusion, WITHOUT Nuclear weapons! All of the energy, none of the proliferation. Peace, joy, love.

Green Nuclear Peace

Green Nuclear Peace
Can nuclear energy be green? Our T-shirts say it can!

Think Fusion - Yellow

Think Fusion - Yellow
Want to live in a fusion powered world? Don't just dream it, wear the cool T-shirts and get the handy gifts.

Think Fusion - Fuscia

No Nuclear Waste

No Nuclear Waste
Say No to nuclear waste and yes to fusion power with this handy design on T-shirts, mugs, etc.

Black T-shirts

Black T-shirts
Just as stars - flaming balls of nuclear fusion - twinkle in the deep blackness of vast space, so will this artists rendition of a fusion reaction radiate from the black background of your T-shirt.

Think Fusion - Green

Think Fusion - Blue

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