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Welcome to Fencing And More! Thanks to, I am offering a number of products with unique designs dedicated to the art of Fencing. Please take note that all my designs are printed by 'direct printing'. This means that the ink is bonded to the fibers of the fabric - giving them a much longer life. I have saturated the colors so that they will be especially bright.

Our international line of fencing designs are now available. These items have been designed using the french, german, gaelic, polish, spanish and italian languages and have been designed with a strong sense of national pride. And, we have just launched five new designs in Mandarin Chinese. So, take a good look. And make no mistake about it. This store is dedicated to fencing and fencers - young and old.

Navigation within the store is done by catagory, then by design type. Then choose from the products created for that particular design. I've decided to make a special note of navigation as some visitors have commented that they were unable to find the shirts.

We are now developing a new line of fencing designs. They're called 'The Dragon Steel series'. These designs are depictions of fantasy art for the fencer.

We have recently created our first and only design done in the written language of Tibet. This brings our design line up to 9 languages. "Soul of The Sword" has been designed with a foil fencer, the Tibetan Snow Leopard and Mount Everest rising high in the background. But take a look for yourself in our international section.

Portland Fencing Center.
Where Champions are Made!

Design Catagories

Puss Puss Kitten and Wild Life Shop

For Our Service Members

For Our Service Members
Hats off to all our service members. Wear this design with pride.

Tech and Fractal Laptop Skins

Tech and Fractal Laptop Skins
Here are some cool designs for your laptop PC. You'll find air, space and fractal images.

Fractal Design Mouse Pads

Fractal Design Mouse Pads
Your computer mouse will look very different sitting on one of these other worldly images.

Fractal Design Keepsake Boxes

Fractal Design Keepsake Boxes
Very cool fractal designs. These keepsake boxes are perfect for storing whatever you can fit in them.

Air and Space Mouse Pads

Air and Space Mouse Pads
Awesome images of the Heavens and military aircraft. These are some very powerful images.

Buttons From the Temple of Dink

Buttons From the Temple of Dink
Many of these buttons are not safe for work. You have been warned.

Landscape Mouse Pads

Landscape Mouse Pads
These beautiful scenic images were shot in Alaska, the Adirondacks, Nova Scotia and a few other places.

Asian Mousepads

Asian Mousepads
These beautifully designed mouse pads look great in the home or office.

Mouse Pads From The Temple of dink

Mouse Pads From The Temple of dink
Many of these humorous mouse pads are not safe for work. So, don't say that you weren't warned.

Angel Keepsake boxes

Angel Keepsake boxes
These angel boxes feature some wonderful renaissance art.

Wicca Keepsake boxes

Wicca Keepsake boxes
These keepsake boxes are perfect for storing your crystals, herbs and amulets.

Animal Shirts

Animal Shirts
Cute and beautiful animal designs for kids, teens or adults.

Soccer Shirt

The Dragon Steel Series.

The Dragon Steel Series.
Depictions of fantasy art for the fencer.

English Designs

Black fencing shirts

International Designs

mouse pads

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