Dragons Love Marshmallows
» I think I killed everybody in the game last ye ...
» I couldnt repair your brakes, so i made your h ...
» I couldnt repair your brakes, so i made your h ...
» I don't want to go to a party
» Fuck you too
» I cried when I saw my tuition bill.
» I sit alone in this 4 corner room
» I have a headache.
» I feel so shitty
» i hate the hiccups
» I spend money on the stupidest shit
» i n e e d my own c a r
» I'm not sure they know how to miss
» I tend to bite my lip a lot when I'm turn ...
» I want something worth trying for....
» something bad always has to happen .
» I'm tired of these singing competition shows.
» I Can Get The Job Done!
» i'm not looking forward to monday.
» I guess.
» I Have A Full Blown Attitude Due To My Hunger
» I don't understand boys
» I guess I'm crying myself to sleep tonight...
» I'm honestly sitting here starring at a w ...
» I feel slightly awkward now
» I need new plans tonight
» I wanna be a flamingo..
» I guess I can be rude sometimes, but oh well
» I hate moving to new homes!
» I just want to be left myself.
» I gotta pee
» I need followers!
» I wish I could be saved from this
» I forgot why I was excited
» I use 4 full table spoons of sugar in my cerea ...
» Going skating
» I love love love beans. Any kind, doesn't ...
» I miss when I was little, and didn’t care abou ...
» I am removing lol from my lexicon, from here o ...
» I was born for trance.
» i would greatly appreciate it if you would sto ...
» I love Saturdays
» I just want a hot shower, a massage, and to cu ...
» I really wish I had perfect vision; contacts suck.
» I'm done for the night lol
» I need to start looking for someone to occupy ...
» fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb.
» I love hearing little kids laugh. Not in the c ...
» I had a bomb ass child hood.
» I love being a massage therapist!! It brings ...
» Whenever someone calls me ugly, I get super sa ...
» Time is just going super slow
» I told her get on my plate I'll just have ...
» Hot chocolate and hockey are my favorite things
» I don't know how I feel about this
» I can't wait till this is over.
» I love dark lip colors for the fall time.
» roses are red, this much is true, violets are ...
» I have no body
» 7. Your greatest honor as a man is in your home
» My toupee is definitely making you all jealous ...
» Next year is going to be amazing with the thin ...
» My feet have a high heel hangover. Also, why a ...
» I'm really enjoying my work.
» Hungover and attempting to run is not the best ...
» Good morning how is everyone?
» Don't even care where, just want to go out.
» I like sleeping because in my world everything ...
» fierce but classy.
» The sandwich is one of the greatest inventions ...
» My purse is like an onion, when I open it, I s ...
» I fall asleep w my tv on every night.
» And this is why I don't like you..
» Never rush into Love, because love never runs ...
» Never rush into Love, because love never runs ...
» every second is important
» Bacon, that is all.
» The problem is not the problem. The problem is ...
» You look like a million dollar man, so why is ...
» Guys, all this love is giving me a complex...r ...
» This is the first time in my life where i do n ...
» I'm so excited for Christmas morning.
» All I ask of you, is try to earn my memory.
» There is absolutely something between men and ...
» I'm 99% sure you hate me, but I'm 10 ...
» Traditional is no fun, I think I'll be di ...
» Solution? Bread and butter! For no particular ...
» My picture is so sexy
» Always hoping for the worst
» Note to self - some people get suspicious when ...
» Do i really look like a bootleg unicorn? =
» Nothing is going my way today
» Why is six scared of seven? Because seven is ugly
» I actually slept spooning my biscuit tin last ...
» i love eating eggs
» I wanna live life good.
» I like a man who leads not follows. He only fo ...
» I will put my strength in numbers.
» I knew a dude who was high and spread peanut b ...
» I've failed a few tests, but I've pa ...
» Hearing your voice in the morning just makes m ...
» I have no mercy
» anal on a first date. tsk tsk.
» Anal.
» She's 40ish and I couldn't wake her ...
» I know. And the US is beating brazil...what&ap ...
» It's like God shit irony all over that family
» I need to look at the pictures on my camera to ...
» I like you better when I drink too
» She taught me the meaning of awkward goodbyes ...
» he keeps dipping things in ranch and feeding t ...
» I have the worst wedgie. Seriously. Its horibl ...
» tequila
» May have finally hit rock bottom...bouncer fro ...
» I forgot to tell you. I'm at a porno shoo ...
» Yep you got cut off last night after a strippe ...
» Crying babies in a bar. Really?
» I just made a milkshake without a blender... t ...
» god, a vagina is an amazing trump card
» I guess calling a coworker a lesbian sea cow i ...
» when I woke up the last searched thing on my p ...
» Just saw actual Chinese people doing a Chinese ...
» My butt just had a miscarriage. It was yours. ...
» if only i could text you this smell
» You can't have hate sex in a hallway!!
» Oh, I didn't go. I slept through my alarm ...
» I am midnight drunk by noon
» I am one bad relationship away from having 30 ...
» now he is talking to a potato
» 7 Days
» 7 days to go...
» about them
» about to go for a run
» Actually want to do something tonight
» After all that
» After I eat
» After this going to bed
» Ain't no other
» A little bit
» all I ever wanted was the world
» All I have to say
» All i want is an apology.
» All my life.
» All you guys can go to hell.
» A man not a boy
» A man not a boy
» Am not a star
» Am not going to reply
» And all the people that come and go
» And can I get a hot tub!
» And Get
» And Get
» and hIS FACE.
» And I just wanna get drunk
» and i'll be
» And I'm proud
» And I need another drink
» And I need you
» And I really don't mind
» and it came out my nose
» And I won't let go
» And kick
» And Let Me Get Into My
» and so are you
» And there's no food in the house so now I ...
» and ugly
» And upload
» And who are you?
» And you're still here.
» And you took my love
» and you will
» Anything else
» Appreciation is a wonderful
» are you fucking for real
» At least I am
» At the end of the day I don't have no one ...
» At this point
» a walk
» A woman's heart is an ocean of secrets
» A world without music
» Back to my bed I got
» back with my mama
» bad and good
» be back
» because I know,
» Because I'm just that bitch
» because you are
» Been up for about an hour and ready to go back ...
» Before i get in trouble
» Be happy with who you have
» be happy with yourself and make the most of wh ...
» being with you, is the only place I want to be ...
» be my future
» Be there
» better than I like you.
» Body for a Body
» Bored of being bored because being Bored is bo ...
» Bout to blow
» Bout to go.
» Bout to go to the mall
» break it down
» but because it takes me to
» but i can't do anything
» but i can't stop
» But I can't stop listening
» But i dont think i should
» but if you do,
» but i grew up
» But I live my life..
» But I'm happy
» but it is very interesting
» But my header is the best
» But NO
» But not like that
» But what can I do
» But you don't know how much
» Call it how you see it
» call that a cell phone
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Fuck you too
Section Teaser
I have a headache.
Section Teaser
I feel so shitty
Section Teaser
i hate the hiccups
Section Teaser
I guess.
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
I gotta pee
Section Teaser
I need followers!
Section Teaser
Going skating
Section Teaser
I love Saturdays
Section Teaser
I have no body
Section Teaser
fierce but classy.
Section Teaser
Bacon, that is all.
Section Teaser
My picture is so sexy
Section Teaser
i love eating eggs
Section Teaser
I have no mercy
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
7 Days
Section Teaser
7 days to go...
Section Teaser
about them
Section Teaser
about to go for a run
Section Teaser
After all that
Section Teaser
After I eat
Section Teaser
Ain't no other
Section Teaser
A little bit
Section Teaser
All I have to say
Section Teaser
All my life.
Section Teaser
A man not a boy
Section Teaser
A man not a boy
Section Teaser
Am not a star
Section Teaser
Am not going to reply
Section Teaser
And Get
Section Teaser
And Get
Section Teaser
and hIS FACE.
Section Teaser
and i'll be
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
And I'm proud
Section Teaser
And I need you
Section Teaser
And I won't let go
Section Teaser
And kick
Section Teaser
and so are you
Section Teaser
and ugly
Section Teaser
And upload
Section Teaser
And who are you?
Section Teaser
And you took my love
Section Teaser
and you will
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Anything else
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
At least I am
Section Teaser
At this point
Section Teaser
a walk
Section Teaser
A world without music
Section Teaser
Back to my bed I got
Section Teaser
back with my mama
Section Teaser
bad and good
Section Teaser
be back
Section Teaser
because I know,
Section Teaser
because you are
Section Teaser
be my future
Section Teaser
Be there
Section Teaser
Body for a Body
Section Teaser
Bout to blow
Section Teaser
Bout to go.
Section Teaser
break it down
Section Teaser
but i can't stop
Section Teaser
but if you do,
Section Teaser
but i grew up
Section Teaser
But I live my life..
Section Teaser
But I'm happy
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
But NO
Section Teaser
But not like that
Section Teaser
But what can I do
Section Teaser

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