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Nancy Illing
Woodridge, IL

Never underestimate the power of play.

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Express your creative genius and shop for gifts here at Holiday Happenings.
We have the Alphabet acting with actors on t-shirts. An athletes family boyfriend who won't wear a tie on Halloween. Pirouetting ballerina baby geniuses perform the Nutcracker Suite for Christmas. In the ballroom Big Bang has birthday buttons. Bird ballet dancers go back to school to learn driving from Thelma and Louise in the Summer. Cheer camel children and Irish dancers will find a giraffe gymnasts girlfriend playing jazz in the Fall. TV invention historians and modern lion lover musicians want pay phone opinions on record player roller skates. Sports fans relatives of South Park see tap dancing teen turtles on TV this Winter. Shoe shopping women in the spring flowers find Father's Day presents. Gorgeous goddesses in zebra shoes are watercolor painting with line art type writing writers on Mother's Day. Top it all off with

Gifts for Him

Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation Gift Guide
Creative Graduation Gifts

Mother's Day Bouquet

Father's Day Shirt and Tie

Father's Day Shirt and Tie
But I don't want to wear a shirt and tie.

Gift Sets

Field's Clock

Creative License

Good Sports all in the Family

African Rhythms

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Birds Wearing Shoes Gifts

Birds Dancing  Ballet


Anniversary Gifts

Baby Boomers

Big Brain Bang

Trucks are for Girls

In The Garden Gifts

GIfts For Her

GIfts For Her
Gifts for girlfriend, moms, aunts and grandmas

Animal Cracker Kids

School Days

Posters, Prints and Stickers

Opinions Expressed May Not Be

And the Oscar Goes To

Oh Boy Babies!

Back to School

Back to School
Kindergarten to High School

Halloween Trick Shop

Halloween Trick Shop
Halloween will be here before you know it. Put the cauldron of brew on the fire and get your spooky party apparel here. Don't forget a treat tote bag too!

Climate Change

Christmas Gifts for the Holidays

Christmas Gifts for the Holidays
Christmas cards and cookies too, gifts and apparel all for you. Mugs for gifts and Christmas cheer. Deck the halls with balls this year.

St. Patrick's Day

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland
Let it snow! Oh the joys of Winter are numerous.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day
Valentines for the ones you love.

Easter Chicks

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