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How to Start a Great Newsletter Program

Newsletters are a great way to communicate to your customers and bring them back to your shop. Here are some quick tips to start a great newsletter program:

  • Newsletter Content. Your newsletter is a valuable marketing tool to spread the word about what's happening in your shop. If your Web site is strictly retail, it's appropriate to send a newsletter showcasing new designs, new products, sales or focus on a theme. However, if your Web site is content driven, create a newsletter that's relevant to your Web site with updates, tips, anything that is newsworthy to your subscribers with a featured product.
  • Relevant and Interesting Subject Lines. Get your newsletter noticed in a crowded in-box with a relevant, interesting subject line. Do not mislead your subscribers with a subject line that is not relevant or completely off topic. This may get your subscribers to open your newsletter the first time, but can cause you to lose subscribers over time or cause them to immediately unsubscribe from receiving future newsletters.
  • Stay on a Schedule. Do your best to stay consistent with your newsletters. Whether you send it weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, your subscribers will know when to expect your next newsletter.
  • Don't Over Email. If you are sending to the same list of subscribers, it's best to send no more than once a week. If you do send weekly, make sure that your content is fresh and relevant so your subscribers do not become bored and unsubscribe.
  • From: Email Address. Make sure the "From: email address" is clear. Similar to the rule of subject lines, do not mislead your subscribers. Put your Company or Web site on the "From: email address". If your Web site is a Blog or there is a company spokesperson, put their name. For example: From: Bob Sponge at SpongeBlogger.com