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Ways to make money

MAKE MONEY selling your designs on 250+ products.

Earn cash for all sales in your shop (plus earn more money with a Shop Performance Bonus). Also earn on sales in our Marketplace. Here's how:

Our Base Price = $18.00
Your Mark Up = $5.00
Total Price = $23.00
YOU EARNED = $5.00
Your Design Here

Earn royalty from sales in your shop

Set your own prices. When customers buy in your shop, you keep the difference.

For details, read our Shop Pricing Policy.
Tier Monthly Base Price Sales Bonus
1 $100.01 - $500 10%
2 $500.01 - $1000 15%
3 $1000.01 - $2000 20%
4 $2000.01 - $5000 25%
5 above $5000.01 30%

Earn a monthly Shop Performance Bonus

The more you sell, the more you make. Ring up over $100 a month in your shop (base prices) & score bonus cash.

Read about our Shop Performance Bonus.
You don't need art school to become a pro.

Earn royalty on CafePress Marketplace sales

Tag your products to be included in our bustling Marketplace. We drive customers there & you earn 10% on sales.

Learn about our CafePress Marketplace Service.

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