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Image Tags FAQ

What are Tags?

Tags are keywords you assign to your images that help customers find your products in the CafePress Marketplace. Tags can be words that describe the image subject matter, theme, concept, creation method, colors, text and more.


How do Tags work?

Tags help optimize your images so they show up in more relevant search results in our Marketplace. We chart the terms shoppers use to search to the Tags (or keywords) that you have assigned to the images on your products. Search results will then be generated based on keyword relevance and popularity. In short, tagging your images helps them be found in the CafePress Marketplace.

Check out Best Practices for Tagging for more information on creating good image tags.


How do I add Tags to my designs and images?

During upload — A page appears during the upload process where you can enter tags for each image. Related images can be tagged all at once by selecting "Group these images together in my Media Basket" from the upload page.
From Media Basket — There are two ways to edit Tags from your Media Basket:

  • View image details and you will see any Tags you have already added and be able to change them.
  • Select images and choose "View/Edit" Tags from the "Update Images" pull-down menu.


Am I required to add Tags to my designs and images?

No, you are not required to add Tags to your images. However, the CafePress Marketplace search results are dependent upon Tags. It is unlikely that your customers will be able to find your items in the CafePress Marketplace unless you Tag your images. We encourage you to add at least a few Tags for each of your images.


What happens if I do not enter any Tags for my designs?

If you do not Tag your images, it may be difficult for customers to find your designs in our Marketplace search results.


Can I add Tags to multiple images in one step?

You can add tags to up to 20 images at a time, based on how they are organized in your Media Basket. To do this just go to your Media Basket, select all images on the page, and choose "Add/Edit Tags: All at Once" from the pull down menu.


Will my images show up in the CafePress Marketplace immediately after Tagging?

No. The CafePress Marketplace typically updates every 24-48 hours. Once you are done Tagging your images, you can expect to find your image in the Marketplace Search within 1-2 days.


Can I change Tags once I enter them?

Yes. You can edit and adjust your image Tags as often as you'd like right from your Media Basket. Your new Tags will show up in Marketplace Search Results once the Marketplace updates.


Can I use phrases as a Tag?

Yes. Enter your words and phrases separated by commas. You do not need to use quotes around phrases.


Are my Product Name and Description used by the CafePress Marketplace search engine?

Our search relies mostly on image Tags but may also factor in Product Names and Descriptions. Be sure to include important words from your Product Names and Descriptions as Tags for your images. Product Names and Descriptions are important for external search engines like Google and Yahoo, so don’t neglect them.


How will people find my book or CD in new search?

To ensure that your book or CD can be searchable in the CafePress Marketplace, you will need to Tag the images associated with those products (the cover art for example). Use keywords that describe your work's content.