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“Your Old Pilot” is an outspoken ghost who rattles hangar doors on southwest winds whenever and wherever fellow spirits of the old Davis-Monthan Airfield are out and about. Gone west long ago, he sighs through these old hangar doors now on every breeze. He traveled the old, bumpy airways from the east coast to El Paso, through Tucson, and on out to California. He is at once eloquent, ornery, overbearing and long-winded. He is a regular correspondent at this website and at, representing, celebrating and providing laughs about the Golden Age of Aviation. He comes providing commentary and observations about Golden Age things. Sometimes he has a hard time understanding our modern times, and our modern ways. The webmaster of this site is not responsible for what Your Old Pilot thinks or says, then or now. But what he says is worth a rankle now and then. He is become stories of old pilots and old airplanes, and the stuff they used, and the attitudes they kept. He is the time machine that channels you tales and goods from the Golden Age of Flight. His intention is for you to have fun with the stories and goods he offers here and at He may say things that might surprise you today. But that’s all right, he means no harm. You might not believe some of his tales, long winded or not, to be true. But they are. If you allow them to be....

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