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I am a Loyalist to the Constitution which ties the hands of government in order to protect us (the people) from them (the government). To those loyal to the king (the "big" government) and violating the Constitution in any way, I am a Whistle Blower! Achievements: * Infantry Basic and Airborne School * Airborne Instructor * Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course * American and Panamanian Jungle Survival Schools Most outstanding accomplishment of all: * Not selling out my country by trading my loyalty to the Constitution for a prosperous military career. Please read "Federalism Revealed" and the Lust for Power. Get your copy while it is free! (copy and paste link) NEW! Just published! "Are You doing the Will of Evil?" Part 1. of this book questions what is really evil and a threat to society as well as questioning those terrorizing the innocent in the name of God or government. Part 2. is Federalism Revealed, which identifies the causes of our problems. Part 3. is the Anti-Federalist solution "Isolation can save our nation!" A super power in a defensive posture would be invulnerable and would not make enemies abroad. The Founding Fathers warned us about policing the world "slaying monsters abroad"! They also knew that our military could not be used as peace keepers, nation builders or to fight terrorism because, "Soldiers quartered in a populous town will always occasion two mobs where they prevent one." Adams said in defense of the British Soldiers on trial for the Boston Massacre - THE very thing that started the American Revolution!

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