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ABOUT THE ARTIST: Daniel Brian Holeman Born 8:41 PM Oct. 9, 1952, San Jose, California Artistic talent combined with life-long exploration of consciousness and spirituality has given Daniel B. Holeman an ability to depict uplifting and profound sacred imagery. His inspirational paintings have a strong and profound impact on people. Many are deeply touched emotionally - sometimes brought to tears - and describe his paintings as the most beautiful images they have ever seen. Daniel invites the viewer to dive into a deeper dimension of consciousness while viewing his paintings. The imagery stirs forgotten awareness of a place felt to be HOME - a warm, familiar and heartfelt state of mind - a welcome contrast to the often stressful day-to-day world we live in. His work appeals to a good percentage of the world’s population - perhaps anyone who appreciates or longs for that heartfelt place. His Web Site,, is a special world to explore and enjoy - a Domain of Beauty, Inspiration, Insight and Spiritual Awakening. In addition to the artwork, Awaken Visions is a haven for truth seekers, consciousness explorers and all who appreciate the beauty found in living from the Heart. Daniel had a profound spiritual awakening at the age of 16, seeing this world as an illusion we are entranced to take as real; and experiencing the nature of pure consciousness from which the illusion happens (stemming from the illusion of being a separate “self”). Since then his life has been about deepening that awareness and sharing it with others through his art, lifestyle and words. Some renowned visionaries speak about the Daniel's artwork: "Daniel's paintings express a visionary world which lifts my spirit and releases tensions of this world" - Barbara Marx Hubbard Author, Founder of Global Family, President of Foundation for Co-Creation "Daniel does marvelous and refreshing work. I appreciate his art. His paintings are very restful." - Edgar Mitchell Astronaut, Founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences "Daniel's art aids in de-stressing; by looking at Daniel's paintings I relax and lift above worldly concerns, knowing that everything is in order." - Terry Cole Whittaker D.D.S., Best selling author, speaker and Founder of Adventures in Enlightenment "I find child-like enjoyment in Daniel's pictures." - Ken Keyes Jr. Author, Handbook to Higher Consciousness and The Power of Unconditional Love. "On my living room wall is a constant source of good feelings for us and all who visit our home. Thanks, Daniel, for your beautiful work which enhances our lives." - Stan Dale Author and Founder of the Human Awareness Institute Daniel offers Visions of Beauty, Truth and Inspiration and encourages all to join in the Earth’s Awakening. He is committed to bringing forth and environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on the planet as the guiding principle of our time.

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