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Third Party Widgets

Sites you may already be using have CafePress widgets to offer, linking users right back to CafePress with your unique member ID giving you credit for the sale:

The WordPress Plugin

Display CafePress products next to your WordPress blog posts. Download the CafePress WordPress Plugin at:

The Joomla Extension

Fill your Joomla pages with products from CafePress. Download the CafePress Joomla Extension at:

The Blogger Gadget

Show relevant CafePress products as you write about your favorite topics. Download the CafePress Blogger Gadget at:
http://widgets.cafepress.com/blogger/gadget (Affiliates only)

  1. Copy the blogspot URL
  2. Go to your Design tab
  3. Click "Add a Gadget"
  4. In the pop-up window click "add your own"
  5. Paste the blogspot URL
  6. Click "Add by URL"
  7. Click "edit" and input the necessary information
  8. Done!