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Add CafePress links & banners to your site today. Start referring customers to us and make some easy money.


With the CafePress Partners Program, earning money is incredibly easy. Just append your partner ID to ANY CafePress Marketplace URL using the Affiliate ID (aid) parameters.


Once you've created your URL, simply post it on your website, blog, Facebook account, or anywhere on the web! You'll get paid 15% for any sales that are generated due to a referral generated from a URL with your partner ID.


It's easy adding CafePress banners to your site.

Simply cut & paste the code of any available banner into your website. We will provide the code once you sign-in. For added convenience (and to simplify tracking), the code of each banner will automatically include your Partner ID.

For a list of available banners, sign-in or register to become a partner.

Make It Banner - 600 x 115

Why sign up?

  • Generous commissions (up to 15%)
  • 700 million products to choose from
  • Easy-to-use affiliate program
  • Daily reporting + interface mgmt
  • Free to join the program
  • Handy widgets to enhance revenues
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