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Cost-per-lead - With CPA campaigns, you earn commissions based upon visitors to your website clicking on an ad, arriving at the campaigns landing page and completing the signup form. For you to receive credit for these visitors they must complete the entire signup process and arrive at the finishing thank-you page.


Cost-per-click - You earn commissions with CPC campaigns simply by providing a link that visitors to your web site or readers of your newsletter click on and get redirected to the campaign's landing page.


Cost-per-sale - CPS campaigns are very similar to CPA campaigns, except that instead of simply signing up for something, your visitor must complete a sale. These campaigns pay you based on the total amount of completed sales.

Net Qualifying Revenues:

Base price revenues on the sale price (minus royalties, shipping and handling as well as any returns or credit reversals) of the qualified product a customer buys after linking to CafePress from your Affiliate Website.


A partner is a member of the Affiliate Program, which allows you to place links to our products on your web site. By placing these links, visitors to your site have the opportunity to buy products. If a product is purchased through your web site, we pay you a commission for each sale.

Partner ID:

A unique ID that is used to identify your Partners account. Your Partner ID is used to track your referrals.


If someone clicks on a link on your site that brings them to any CafePress.com page, they are called a referral.


Widgets provide a fun and easy way to display CafePress products and earn money on your blogs, websites and social networking pages. Get widgets here.

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