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» Flags: LOVE!
   » Flags: LOVE!
» Flags: AMOR! (Spanish)
» Flags: AMOUR (French)
» Love The Children!
» Teamwork 4 AMERICA!
» Teamwork! We Can do This!
   » Nothing Is Impossible!
» BullDog With Attitude
» Mustang 4 America
» Racing Free
» America's Music
» Charged Up With MUSIC!
» Tough 4 America!
» A Great Catch
» Be Courageous
» Go Green America#2
» Go Green America!
» Love=A Happy Life!
» Art of 2 Owls
   » Art: Oak Tree Owl
   » Southwest Elf Art
» Az Owl Gives a Hoot
» A Determined Owl
» American Dreams
» Land of the Free
» Strong For America
   » Making a Big Splash!
   » Life With an Attitude!
   » Today is Too Exciting!
   » Racing Together!!
   » Sharing The Beauty
   » Gliding Together
   » Exploring Beauty Together
   » Going with Peace of Mind!
» Frog Fun
» Turtle Race!
» Leap-Frog Is Fun!
» Zoomer!
» Zoomer for America
» Hug America
» Fun Patriotic Issy
» Get Silly and Play!
» FUN CARTOONS! Great 4 Kids and babies!
   » Music! I love it!
   » NO 2 DRUGS! Never!
   » Watch Out World!
   » Here I Am!
   » World Here I Am!
   » Finney Loves a Bath!
   » #1 At SPLASHING!
» Fun Plane for Kids!
» I Like Who I Am! So there!
» Champion Horse
» American Attitude
» Let's Do It!
» The Gift of Love
» FISH ART! 17 Unique Designs
   » All American Grayling
   » Very Original Striped Bass
   » A Fun Original Walleye
   » Exciting Mackerel Art
   » Out-Standing Rainbow Trout
   » Sockeye Salmon
   » LargeMouth Bass
   » Colorful Chinook Salmon
   » Pacific Halibut
   » Nassau Grouper
   » Great Fun Crapie
   » Fun Fantastic Catfish
   » A1 Florida Pompano
   » A2 Pompano: Full Mosaic
   » A3Pompano: Light Mosaic
   » Stainglass Atlantic Cod
   » Great Fun Sunfish
» 10 Fish With Uplifting Sayings!
   » Walleye: Great Input
   » Love That Is Never Taxed!
   » IT'S TIME!
   » Jesus Cures!
   » No Ordinary Life!
   » Grab A Pole!
   » Taking a Stand
   » Life with Attitude
   » No Bones About It!
» A Loving Nativity!
» A Gift For A Friend!
   » Colorado Columbine
   » Surround Yourself With Beauty & BLOOM!
   » Reach Out & Embrace The Day
   » Overcoming The Rocks, Beautifully
   » Show That You Can
   » Going Strong With Confidence
   » Bloom Beautifully-Your Way
   » That Cocoon Has Got To Go!
   » Lily: Bloom with Love!
» 11 Flowers: Inspiring Words!
   » Be Yourself & Bloom!
   » Mom Loves You!
   » Jesus: You Are Loved!
   » Bloom! You Are Loved!
   » The Center of Life!
   » Wherever You Go..
   » You Are Unique & Great!
   » Blooming Above the Rocks
   » A Delightful Columbine
   » Surrounded by Cactus!
   » Show Off Your Colors!
» American Women Can!
» 7 Great Fish with a Cross!
   » Great Perch/Cross
   » Coho Salmon
   » Triggerfish with Cross
   » Purple Permit With A Cross!
   » Permit with a Cross
   » This Heart Beats For The Lord!
   » Albacore with a Cross
» 6 Fantastic Christian Vessels
   » Aguila Vessel
   » Dutch Vessel
   » A Fantastic Creche
   » Loving Heart Vessel
   » Standing Tall Vessel#2
   » Uplifting Sun Vessel
» Prayer of Jabez
» Jesus is stronger than the world!
» I Acknowledge God's Love!
» Spanish! Regalos en Espanol!
   » Spanish! Excita Corazon!
   » Spanish: Teamwork!
   » Gracias Jesus!
   » Espanol! Bonita Flores!
   » Espanol! Fuerza!
   » Flores por Jesus!
   » Spanish! Feliz!
   » Espanol: Amor Para Todos!
   » Espanol! !Pertenezco!
   » Espanol: !Reconozco
   » Espanol: Existe Para Todos
   » Espanol: Amor Continuo
   » Espanol: !Para Todos!
   » Espanol: La Familia!!
   » Espanol! Paz Universales!
» French! Cadeaux En Francais!
   » Francais! Excite coeur!
   » Merci Jesus!
   » Francais! Est Bonne!
   » Francais! La Force!
   » French: Teamwork!
   » Francais! Fleurirai!
   » Francais! Jesus M'aime
   » Jesus=Amour Pour Tous
   » Francais: L'Amour de Dieu
   » Francais! La Famille
   » Francais! J'appartiens!
   » Francais! Borde Pour Tous!
   » Francais: Je Reconnais!
   » Francais! Paix Universels!
» Heart: I Belong to Jesus!
» Jesus = Love for All
» God's Love Exists For All

Hello from: Allison Sears aka: ALiSon

My whole drive in life is to create art that will lift people up, make them feel good, build up their confidence, or create something that will make them smile! Why not laugh? We need a good sense of humor to handle whatever life throws at us!

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Welcome to my new online store! Thanks to, I am now selling a number of products with unique graphics on them. Please feel free to browse my store and buy anything you like! SALE! SALE! SALE! Lowest ever prices! ONLY 10% MARKUP! Why? Because AMERICANS NEED A BREAK! CELEBRATE AMERICA....AND SPREAD IT AROUND! We need positive images to lift up our hearts WITH HOPE! We are America! We can do amazing things! The address here is: SIGHT. It isn't all about my "clear sight" , it's about the exciting idea of all of us having a "Clear Sight" about our FANTASTIC AMERICA! Patriotic gifts! All kinds of fun things - especially for children, that are very well made by Cafe Press! I AM ADDING TO THIS SHOP - IT'S IN PROGRESS! If you have any questions please write to me:

Flags:  LOVE!

Flags: LOVE!
SHIP FLAGS! Stand out as an Original! Spread LOVE! Colorful, eyecatching and really out-standing!

Flags:  AMOR! (Spanish)

Flags: AMOR! (Spanish)
Banders internationales unicas para demostrar tu AMOR! Please click here and share your love - the world needs it!

Flags: AMOUR (French)

Flags: AMOUR (French)
AMOUR! International de drapeaw pour les bateaus! Excitant! Also in English. Click here to see and share love with others!

Love The Children!

Love The Children!
Here is to the fantastic Children in the USA and the World! They are our future! Love them! Nurture them! Inspire them! They will go far!

Teamwork 4 AMERICA!

Teamwork 4 AMERICA!
Yes, the world IS watching! It's exciting! We can show the world that we stand STRONG TOGETHER for AMERICA! We are America! We love America! Let's show it!

Teamwork! We Can do This!

Teamwork! We Can do This!
Modern and fun! Yes! Teamwork for success!
School teamwork! Family teamwork! Friends helping each other!..etc! Click here to see!

BullDog With Attitude

BullDog With Attitude
Drugs kill! Drugs destroy the brain - and the brain can never ever be "fixed" or destroyed! Drugs destroy your future!

Mustang 4 America

Mustang 4 America
This mustang is just a little over the top! Sometimes you have to go "over the top" to make a point! I drew this for a small town in Texas 5 years ago to celebrate their high school football team. I

Racing Free

Racing Free
A great horse going with the power of FREEDOM!

America's Music

America's Music
WE HAVE GOT IT! WE HAVE GOT IT ALL! Our country is so very beautiful and so very diverse! Plus we have so many talents in science, medicine, great writers, artists...just think of the music and mov

Charged Up With MUSIC!

Charged Up With MUSIC!
Music! Turn it up and get going! Get your passions going!

Tough 4 America!

A Great Catch

A Great Catch
Catch me if you can! Have a fun attitude about life - it pays off!

Be Courageous

Be Courageous
Be strong, be daring! It's all based on you really, really liking yourself and not having anyone else tell you the direction you need to go! Life is good. You will attract people who will HELP you!

Go Green America#2

Go Green America#2
Yes! You and I can do this! We can keep our country beautiful. We can celebrate the beauty by helping America Stay Green with our help! America is worth it and our future is worth it.

Go Green America!

Go Green America!
Yes! We can keep our beautiful country beautiful by GOING GREEN! Feel great that you are helping America! Each of us can help - in our own ways.

Love=A Happy Life!

Love=A Happy Life!
A wild flower that is all about LOVE! Love and give Love and your life will soar!

Art of 2 Owls

Art of 2 Owls
2 really fun, really different owls: one from Arizona and one from "The East" for anyone who loves owls! They just have great looks to cheer you up!

Az Owl Gives a Hoot

A Determined Owl

A Determined Owl
This little owl has a strong - fun message! With the right attitude, anything can be done, Especially with THE AMERICAN attitude!

American Dreams

American Dreams
Gold panning takes alot of patience and determinaton - and alot of Hope to see things "pan out"! But the effort and work is well worth it!

Land of the Free

Land of the Free
Celebrate America! Celebrate our history! Our precious freedoms have made us great!

Strong For America

Strong For America
We "Pledge Alligence" to our flag with pride! May our flag fly high with our love for America!


Fun Colorful Dolphins and Orca: jumping, splashing, gliding and just enjoying life with beautiful skies! So very positive! Click here to see the prints, magnets, tile.. etc!


PEACE! Let there be PEACE in our lives and with our friends! With Peace, we can accomplish great things!


Peace: in FRENCH! No matter what language we use - we need it!


Peace in SPAINISH! Yes! It's needed - especially Peace of Mind!

Frog Fun

Turtle Race!

Leap-Frog Is Fun!

Leap-Frog Is Fun!
A great fun fron with a bug! Just for fun to make kids giggle!


New! Silly! Fun! Zoomer was creat to make kids giggle because he's so different!

 Zoomer for America

Zoomer for America
Click here to see great fun gifts!Zoomer is just plain fun and READY TO GO FOR AMERICA!

Hug America

Hug America
Darlia is just fun - really different but so cute to make kids smile!

Fun Patriotic Issy

Fun Patriotic Issy
A fun cute really silly looking cartoon to tickle kids! She is so patriotic!

Get Silly and Play!

FUN CARTOONS! Great 4 Kids and babies!

FUN CARTOONS! Great 4 Kids and babies!
Fun, lovable cartoon characters that are from "out of this world" ! All to laugh at and have fun with! Great for babies and kids. Click here to see them!

Fun Plane for Kids!

Fun Plane for Kids!
A great plane for kids! He is just so prowd of flying the flag! Yes! Let's celebrate America!

I Like Who I Am!  So there!

I Like Who I Am! So there!
Yes, I like who I am and I'm not changing for you! Ever feel like that??? This really silly cartoon says it all!

Champion Horse

Champion Horse
The power of a horse is so inspiring! It just does it!

American Attitude

American Attitude
This is a grayling. So fun! All American!

Let's Do It!

Let's Do It!
Fun! New! Novel! One original fish with a fun attitude! Let's get out of here and fish!

The Gift of Love

The Gift of Love
Colorful unique out-standing this fish really stands out with color for Jesus!

FISH ART!  17 Unique Designs

FISH ART! 17 Unique Designs
Fish with Aborigine Designs and Indian Designs!
So unique for any fisherman: Salmon, Trout, Bass, Albacore, and Yellowfin and more! Click here to see them!

10 Fish With Uplifting Sayings!

10 Fish With Uplifting Sayings!
Completely novel, inspiring, fun fish! Sayings added to lift up your heart in a positive, energizing way for The Lord! Click here to see!

A Loving Nativity!

A Loving Nativity!
Click here to see the many gifts! A year round gift to lift your heart with love each day and great to share to make a difference in this world!

A Gift For A Friend!

A Gift For A Friend!
Click here to see the great gifts for a friend! Posters prints tile magnets to lift up a great friend and have them feel loved and needed!


A whole variety of flowers, butterflies..and cactus!
Created to brighten up your life with beauty! Please click here! I hope you enjoy them!

11 Flowers: Inspiring Words!

11 Flowers: Inspiring Words!
Flowers from Silverton Colorado to Arizona! Flowers, butterflies and cactus! Inspiring sayings were added to them to lift up your heart and praise The Lord! Click here to see them!

American Women Can!

7 Great Fish with a Cross!

7 Great Fish with a Cross!
Click here to see the variety!
Earth colors and bright colors to lift you up encourage you and make you smile!

6 Fantastic Christian Vessels

6 Fantastic Christian Vessels
4 Original and exciting vessels to praise The Lord! Yes, I am proud to be your vessel! They have such positive, uplifting sayings with them! Click here to see these new, novel vessels!

Prayer of Jabez

Prayer of Jabez
The Prayer of Jabez! This is such an exciting prayer! It can lift you up and make you think - God's Way!

Jesus is stronger than the world!

Jesus is stronger than the world!
Show the world that you are tough! Jesus will give you the strength and power to handle anything!

I Acknowledge God's Love!

I Acknowledge God's Love!
Exciting Christian Symbols!
This Graphic Symbol means: Acknowledge: a Business Symbol.
Click here to learn more! Grab people's attention to talk about Jesus!

Spanish!  Regalos en Espanol!

Spanish! Regalos en Espanol!
Simbolos Internationales! English also! Unico, positivo y diversion para atencion de la gente. Productos para domostrar tu amor! Chascar aqui para ver!

French! Cadeaux En Francais!

French! Cadeaux En Francais!
French! Also with English! Grandes conseptions inspirantes! Cadeaux pour partagar
Jesus! Gifts in French to help you stand out for Jesus - to make a difference in this world! Thank you!

Heart: I Belong to Jesus!

Heart: I Belong to Jesus!
Exciting International Christian Symbols!
This Symbol means: Belong: A Math Symbol!
Click here to learn more! Great, well made products by Cafe Press to lift up your life!

Jesus = Love for All

Jesus = Love for All
Exciting International Christian Symbols!
This symbol: a Math symbol and it's Greek!
Click here to see the great CafePress products!

God's Love Exists For All

God's Love Exists For All
Exciting Christian Symbols!
Click here to see! A fantastic design to get attention for FOR JESUS: using 2 MATH SYMBOLS!


SHORTHAND ART: to "to stand out" for Jesus! Yes, I'm drug free! Show the world what you believe! YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW SHORTHAND TO "GET IT" AND GET EXCITED ABOUT IT!


SHORTHAND ART! Too Different! A unique, fun graphic design that looks like modern art - but with a message! Created for WITNESSING!


SHORTHAND ART! Too neat! Each product has a "translation"! No you don't have to know Shortand to enjoy it and share God's love! Click here and Bless You!


Gregg Shorthand - SHORTHAND ART! Too Exciting to Grab People's Attention for Jesus! Modern! Looks like art! T-shirts, magnets, mugs..and more. Praising Jesus in a new "out-standing" way!


Looks like Modern Art! Bright, colorful and so exciting to grab people's attention for WITNESSING!

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