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» Apocrypha
   » Buy Me a Drink
   » Walk Like an Egyptian
   » Sh*t Happens (Hebrew)
   » Failure to Communicate (Hebrew)
   » Affairs of Hebrew Dragons
   » Older Than Biblical Dirt
      » Older Than Biblical Dirt (male)
      » Older Than Biblical Dirt (female)
» Attitudes (mostly Latin)
   » Keep Calm and Speak Latin
   » I Kissed a Dog
      » Kissed a Dog (f)
      » Kissed a Dog (m)
   » What are you looking at?
   » Buy Me a Drink
   » Been There, Done That
      » Latin without Translation
      » Latin with Translation
   » Top Secret Latin
   » She Who Must Be Obeyed
   » He Who Must Be Obeyed
   » Affairs of Dragons (Latin)
   » Affairs of Dragons (English)
   » Affairs of French Dragons
      » French
      » French/English
   » Sh*t Happens (Latin)
   » Bag of Hammers
   » Box of Rocks
   » Bring Beer. Now.
      » Bring Beer. Now.
      » Bring Klingon Beer 1
      » Bring Klingon Beer 2
      » Bring Latin Beer 1
      » Bring Latin Beer 2
      » Bring Sumerian Beer 1
      » Bring Sumerian Beer 2
      » Bring Egyptian Beer 1
      » Bring Egyptian Beer 2
   » The Language Boast
      » Old English 1
      » Old English 2
      » Klingon 1
      » Klingon 2
      » Latin 1
      » Latin 2
      » Egyptian 1
      » Egyptian 2
      » Sumerian 1
      » Sumerian 2
   » What Would Romans Do?
      » What Would Aeneas Do?
      » What Would Caesar Do?
      » What Would Cicero Do?
      » What Would Augustus Do?
      » What Would Vercingetorix Do?
         » Vercingetorix (Latin/English)
         » Vercingétorix (latin/français)
   » LOLcaesar
   » Beam me up
   » Failure to Communicate (Latin)
   » Older than Dirt (Latin)
   » The Horse You Rode In On
   » Talk Like a (Roman) Pirate
   » Don't Tread on Me
   » Book of Armaments
   » No Guts, No Glory
   » Cogito Ergo Dubito (I think, therefore I doubt)
   » Not What I Meant (Latin)
   » Not What I Meant (English)
   » Kiss Me, Beautiful Woman
   » Kiss Me, Handsome Man
   » Keep the Sol in Solstice
» Fantasy Languages
   » The Old Ones Speak
      » Cthulhu Fhtagn
      » Necronomicon
      » Cthulhu Waits
      » What Would Cthulhu Do?
   » Words for the Klingon Warrior
      » Buy Me a Drink
      » Top Secret Klingon
      » Don't Tread on Me (Klingon)
      » Klingon Wool Warrior
      » Exclusive Bumper Stickers
      » What Would Klingons Do?
         » What Would Kahless Do?
         » What Would Worf Do?
         » What Would Gowron Do?
      » Klingon Christmas
      » got Klingon?
      » got honor (Klingon)?
      » Affairs of Klingons
      » Affairs of Dragons (Klingon)
      » Not What I Meant (Klingon)
      » Failure to Communicate (Klingon)
   » Say it in Vulcan
      » What Would Surak Do?
      » What Would Spock Do?
      » To the Death (Vulcan)
» In a Corner with a Book
» Veni Vidi
   » Veni Vidi Vici
   » I Want to Go Home
   » I Came, I Saw, I Knitted
   » I Came, I Saw, I Farted Around
   » Klingon 'Veni Vidi Vici'
   » I Bought a Souvenir
   » I came, I saw, I threw up
   » Belle Prandi
   » 'Veni, Vidi, Vici' Lousy Shirt
» Cicero Ipse Dixit
   » O Tempora! O Mores!
   » Persistence in Error
   » Wise Counsel
   » Glib Folly
   » Forever a Child
   » Absurd Philosophy
   » Last Resort Deity
» Latin 101
   » got Latin?
      » got Latin?
      » Caesar/got Latin?
   » Dog Ate My Homework
   » See Spot Run
   » Runs With Scissors
   » Doesn't Play Well With Others
   » Plays Well With Others
   » Eats Paste
» Baby Latin
» Hwæt!
   » Top Secret Anglo-Saxon
   » Been There, Done That
      » Anglo-Saxon without Translation
      » Anglo-Saxon with Translation
   » Art of Teaching
   » Failure to Communicate (Old English)
   » What Would Beowulf Do?
   » Beowulf's Dragons
» From the Land of the Pharaohs
   » She Who Must Be Obeyed
   » Buy Me a Drink
   » Been There, Done That
      » Egyptian without Translation
      » Egyptian with Translation
   » Walk Like an Egyptian
   » Egyptian Alphabet
   » What Would Cleopatra Do?
   » What Would Tutankhamun Do?
   » What Would Hatshepsut Do?
   » Affairs of Dragons (Egyptian)
   » Not What I Meant (Egyptian)
   » got hieroglyphics?
   » Older Than Egyptian Dirt
      » Older Than Egyptian Dirt (male)
      » Older Than Egyptian Dirt (female)
   » Failure to Communicate (Egyptian)
» A Most Sincerely Dead Language
   » Sumerian decor
      » Joy
      » Harmony
      » Health
      » Abundance
      » Wisdom
      » Home Sweet Home
   » My Sumerian Hovercraft
   » Buy Me a Drink
   » Been There, Done That
      » Sumerian without Translation
      » Sumerian with Translation
   » He Who Must Be Obeyed
   » She Who Must Be Obeyed
   » A Season of Peace
   » Sh*t Happens (Sumerian)
   » Older Than Dirt
   » Auspicious Omens
   » What Would Inanna Do?
   » What Would Gilgamesh Do?
   » got cuneiform?
   » Affairs of Dragons (Sumerian)
   » Failure to Communicate (Sumerian)
   » Excess of Words
   » Precious Friend
   » Time Flies
» A Brief Nod to the Greeks
   » Euripides, Eumenides
   » Tappa Kegga Bru
» Random Thoughts
   » Baroque Obama
   » The Duck is Watching
      » English
      » French
      » Latin
   » She who must be obeyed (French)
   » Disinclined Plane
   » No Wrong Notes
   » Instant Human
      » Just add Caffeine
      » Just add Coffee
   » The Bassoon
   » 'The Flute'
   » 'The Harp'
   » When My Laser Goes Off
   » God Loves Mosquitoes
   » Hidden Drives
   » Don't Tread on Me
   » Fermat's Last T-Shirt
   » Snakes on an Inclined Plane
   » Triple Bypass
      » Klingon 'Triple Bypass'
      » Sumerian 'Triple Bypass'
   » Same S**t
   » Body Fat

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Cicero's Soapbox

Salvete, amici (Welcome, friends)!

When Cicero spoke, the Senate and the Roman People listened, because everything, from quips to quotes, sounds better in Latin.

Not into Latin? Check out our collection of t-shirts and gifts in languages from Sumerian and Classical Hebrew through English and French, with excursions into Klingon and Vulcan.


Stuff in Biblical Hebrew that you won't find in the Bible, no matter how hard you look.

Attitudes (mostly Latin)

Attitudes (mostly Latin)
For centuries the greatest thinkers of the Western world expressed their greatest thoughts in Latin. Now you can express your modern sentiments using the same noble language as Caesar and Cicero.

Fantasy Languages

Fantasy Languages
Messages in languages that haven't been spoken yet, or never were. Now featuring Klingon, Vulcan, and the language of the Old Ones.

In a Corner with a Book

In a Corner with a Book
Thomas à Kempis beautifully expressed what's in every book-lover's heart: 'In all things I have sought rest and nowhere found it, save in a corner with a book.'

Veni Vidi

Veni Vidi
Julius Caesar's classic expression of effortless military prowess: I came, I saw, I conquered. Offered in its original form and with various twists.

Cicero Ipse Dixit

Cicero Ipse Dixit
Quotes from the undisputed master of Latin eloquence, Marcus Tullius Cicero himself.

Latin 101

Latin 101
Introductory Latin for students of all ages.

Baby Latin

Baby Latin
Decartes said, 'Cogito Ergo Sum,' which is Latin for 'I think, therefore I am'. Babies say, forget all that; the truth is, there are other reasons to believe I'm here.


Anglo-Saxon attitudes expressed in the language that made Beowulf famous.

From the Land of the Pharaohs

From the Land of the Pharaohs
The Divine Speech (in its own terms, 'mdw nTr') of ancient Egypt lives again on gifts and apparel worthy of a Pharaoh's favor.

A Most Sincerely Dead Language

A Most Sincerely Dead Language
Timeless messages for today in ancient Sumerian, world's oldest recorded language.

A Brief Nod to the Greeks

A Brief Nod to the Greeks
The Romans were great fans of all things ancient Greek (well, almost), above all their greatest inventions: the alphabet and classical drama. But there were insights even the Romans missed . . .

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
That little corner of the store where they collect things that just don't belong anywhere else.

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