Dog Art 1000 + drawings 60 + breeds & 100 + Giant Schnauzers on T-shirts drawn by Madeline Wilson bymw

Giant Schnauzer art, Schnauzer dog art, Australian Terrier, Akita, Eskimo Dog, Pit Bull Terrier, Anatolian shephed, Am Staffordshire, Basenji, Bedlington terrier, Bichon Frise, Belgian sheepdog, Bloodhound, Black Russian, Min Pin, Pug, Border Collie, Boxer, Bull terrier, Bull Mastiff, Belgian sheepdog, Bolognese, Corgi, Canaan Dog, Cane Corso, chow chows, Dachshund, DOGO Argentino, Doberman, French bulldog, Great Dane, Herrier, Hound, Icelandic sheepdog, Jack Russel, Lowchen, Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, PBGV, Rottweiler, West highland terrier, Westie

Dog art breed art drawings were from requests All Original drawings by madeline wilson, Rescue Groups may email me to request donations for fundraising email me, Madeline
Hundreds of giant schnauzers, just scroll down a bit
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» happy 4th and just proud americans
» Giants, scroll down this page to see many designs
» Working Dog Art by Madeline Wilson
» Hounds Hound dog art by Madeline Wilson
» Herding Dog Art by Madeline Wilson
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» Special for the Giant Moms & Dads
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» Giant Stands in star
» semper fi giant schnauzer
» Head Study Giant Schnauzer
» NEW! Giant Schnauzer lawn Signs
» Schnauzer Holiday designs
» Cane Corso, corsive
» Fun Giant Schnauzer design
» Life is short, Wag
your tail natural & crop
» Sit, stay Giant and Head Study
» Giant Schnauzers Spring into Action
» Bullmastiff
» giant stands, turns
» Fun Unique schnauzer Cards
» GIANTS, giant schnauzer
» Mastiff by madeline wilson
» Giant Schnauzer Head resting
» my giant schnauzer ...
» Black Russian Terrier
» Schnauzer laying
» My giant head studies on items
» Anatolian Shepherd dog
» a schnauzer lays in clover , 2nd is a giant is rea
» A day dreamer Giant plus another version
» Giant Schnauzers
» schnauzer looks up and back, different colors
» DOGO Argentino a few different designs
» Giant Head Study
» Giant sits up also in red white, gold
» Giant Schnauzer head
» Giant head study on many shirts and gifts
» Neapolitan Mastiff and holiday designs with this d
» Bold n Beautiful wind blowing beard
» giant schnauzer lay from watercolor
» great dane art shirts & on gifts
» Samples by Madeline Wilson
» giant schnauzer looks down
» got giants? 4 versions/giants playing on many
» Property of a Giant Schnauzer
» a few Agility &
rally rules designs
» some of my best
friends are giant schnauzers
» 2 designs= resting Giant
» New Design 12-2005
» Giant standing (top)
» these two designs with a few differences Giant sch
» Rottweiler
» These two designs on many gifts items
» these 2 ringside designs
» Giants in motion
» Giant Playing, tail up
» Pit Bull many designs with 3 different drawings
» Giants live Large, 2 designs
» The Giant Schnauzer
» head study
natural & crop
» giant schnauzer stacked
» american staffordshire terrier
» GS headstudy 3
» Rottweiler 2 designs+ holiday designs
» GS head study 2
» Jack Russell terrier on many gifts and shirts by m
» GS headstudy 1
» working gs
crop n natural
» Giant Schnauzers rule
» Design on many
items, also in black
» natural ear study
» Cane Corso, Corsive
» Giant head side,
» Giant Resting 2 different designs
» giants on the beach
» Natural ear, giant head study
» Head & back upward
» Giant Size & Attitude designs
» Doberman
» tennis ball, leaping giants
» Front- Head, crop
& natural ears
» Stickers
» German designs
» A tile Ribbon, Jewel or Award Box
» NEW Tiles, not just coasters!!
» Standard Schnauzer
» Pit Bull terrier
» Hunting

by Madeline Wilson
Illinois. USA
Member Since: 2002

The Golden Rule "Do onto others that which you would have them do onto you” a truth to live your life by.

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If you want to have anything personalized with your name, kennel name & or dogs name added onto any item in my shops Email Me! There is a small fee on 1st Item customized then rest of items with same design are same price as usual.
email me, Madeline Use search box to find your breed
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Hound Dog art By Madeline Wilson,
Otterhound, Irish wolfhound, Bloodhound, Saluki, Basenji, Dachshund, PBGV, Herrier, hunting dog, Whippet, grey hound dog art
Over 1000 drawings of many breeds, original art , these are just a few, go to the link for hundreds of different drawings on t shirts and many gifts designs for Holidays, Vaneltines Motherday, Fathersday n more -- Over 1000 of my dog art drawings, click here and scroll down


Irish wolfhound

Irish wolfhound
Irish wolfhound head several drawings by madeline wilson


petit basset griffon vendeen, pbgv a few designs

petit basset griffon vendeen, pbgv a few designs
Vaneltines Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, PBGV designs for Holidays, Vaneltines Motherday, Fathersday n more

Basenji + holiday designs too

Basenji + holiday designs too
basenji dog art bymw on shirts and gifts designs for Holidays, Vaneltines, Motherday, Fathersday n more

Running dog, grey hound, whippet & hoilday designs

Running dog, grey hound, whippet & hoilday designs
grey hound whippet italian grey hound dog art by madeline wilson

Dachshund 2 different dogs

Dachshund 2 different dogs
this and a head study several versions of a few with designs for Holidays, Vaneltines Motherday, Fathersday n more

Bloodhound serveral designs

Bloodhound serveral designs
Bloodhound several different designs available can be for Holidays, Vaneltines Motherday, Fathersday n more

Hunting Hound

Hunting Hound
Hound designs for Holidays, Vaneltines Motherday, Fathersday n more

HAVE YOUR SINGLE OR MORE ITEMS CUSTOMIZED! a small fee of 5.00 for first item same design on others at normal price (on simple adding of name or names). email me before you order, Madeline

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