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Cat Tails and Catastrophes

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Cat Tails and Catastrophes

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Fatty,Ming,Lilah and Mactavish are four crazy cats who rule an Australian family

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To read this book is to let a ray of sunshine and a barrel of laughs into your day. Jo Hayward Gray relates stories in such a manner that her madcap cats just live and breathe for the reader and you are taken along for a ride of bumps and riotous laughs. Fatty,Ming,Lilah and Mactavish are four crazy cats who rule an Australian family. Their antics will leave you in stitches,as do the stories of their equally crazy friends. Jo opens the door and lets you in to a world of fun when she introduces you to it's furry inhabitants and the humans who are allowed to share their world. Reviews: Tony Eldridge, author of the BRILLIANT, award winning novel - The Samson Effect. I finished reading Cat Tails and Catastrophes and I have to say, I loved it. The cats in the books are as vivid in personality as the most well-crafted characters in a bestselling novel. I found myself smiling as I read and thinking, "Yep, I see my cats doing this too." You perfectly captured them on page. But I must admit, I think your hubby is one of my favourite characters of all. I found myself laughing out loud when you wrote of him, thinking, "I can so much relate to this man!" If anyone reading this has not ordered Cat Tails and Catastrophes yet, do yourself a favour and get it now. You will LOVE this little gem.

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  • Genre: Short Story Anthologies
  • Paperback: 229 pages
  • Binding: Perfect
  • Publisher: CafePress ( June 2009 )

Cat Tails and Catastrophes

By J. Hayward Gray


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Product Number: 030-393353722

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