» I had so much fun last night loll
» Fuck it im HIGH !
» i love it when you give me head , i hate it wh ...
» I smell Bacon ? lol
» I got it all but I'll beat you like you s ...
» I need some real food.
» I got tired of looking at her face, so I block ...
» I love looking at everyone's prom dresses :)
» i just want to be home and take a bath.
» I need a fucking smoke.
» I hate little kids
» I Really Wanna Meet Some Of My Followers !
» i seriously need a new laptop
» I wish someone would take me fishing!!
» I Need A Main Chick .
» I'll take care of you
» Looking down from above, i see a world full of ...
» I'm sorry I mistook all our laughs, long ...
» I want ice cream even though its cold
» I hate how I get irritated so fucking easily.
» I'm just fucking fine
» I feel like I should be doing something...
» I wanna drive a jeep now!!! :3
» I'm not getting young, but I'm ready ...
» It's T-Shirt time!!!
» I'm not an expert in hardware but I know ...
» I wish you guys could see the way I dance in m ...
» I'm going to become a coffee addict in th ...
» I just wanna run away
» I must say I did my part and I did it well! Go me
» I need something sweet
» I only ate once today
» I have a real problem with bacon bits
» I won't say "I would never cheat on ...
» I love putting my hair in a fishtail braid c:
» i sure didnt
» I delete your drama.
» I want to bake cookies
» I strongly agree that everything happens for a ...
» i hate wheat bread!
» I have a phone
» I need somebody to give me some plans . .
» I try so hard not to act reckless
» I call it how I see it
» i wish i had a car..
» I wanna go out, see the outside world, breathe ...
» I wanna blank blank blank
» I want some chocolate
» I have a heel obsession...
» don't take shortcuts, take sacrifices
» I really don't even give a fuck.
» I can hold my liquor well
» I think my girlfriend is sleeping. Sleepy head.
» Everything is going down hill
» i wish we could take our boobs off before we g ...
» I like to look cute.
» I'm gonna love you out loud
» Well it is my birthday.
» Just because a person is getting older, doesnt ...
» Sometimes rubbing your eyes is better than sex
» I'm proud to say, no matter who I meet, I ...
» our lives today is the present of our past
» Good Morning!! Tomorrow is surgery
» Everytime I step on the weighing scale I don&a ...
» I need some sort of energy drink in my life ri ...
» I love rain. The dark sky, thunder, and the sm ...
» I'll be here for you. I'll help you out.
» I love big hairy toes in my ears
» You already have whatever it takes. Don't ...
» Is there anywhere where I can just buy cookie ...
» Whats for breakfast?????
» how can i be tired after being asleep for more ...
» Was that an offer for birthday head
» I love grandma pies.
» I love grandma pies.
» Pineapple is so delicious
» Thunderstorms are my kind of lullaby.
» Pizza is happiness.
» Whats good with today my fellows
» There is so much I would like to say to you ri ...
» Candy corn is good
» My birthday is in 3 weeks
» Of coarse I lost my voice
» I'd rather be weird as fuck than be borin ...
» My new tv is almost the same size as my mum
» But for now we are young. Let us lay in the su ...
» Imagine if your pillow saved your dreams and y ...
» I don't roll that way
» I always take life with a grain of salt, plus ...
» I'm off my fucking tits.
» Today is Friday
» People come to your life for a reason, for a s ...
» If you want to succeed in life, then you must ...
» I believe that sex is one of the most beautifu ...
» people are always like "fuck society" ...
» Loving this global warming right now.
» Just want to thank all of my amazing friends f ...
» You're worth it. You're worth all th ...
» The man dreams of a perfect woman and the woma ...
» I don't condone first date sex but its de ...
» A man that is loved can blossom in the winter ...
» Alcohol does no good.
» It must be a full moon weekend. All of my weir ...
» i dont know whats so great about being respect ...
» You know you love balls. Don't act all I ...
» just a forewarning-if you come home and hang o ...
» life lesson learned today: sleeping pills and ...
» I wasn't pimping you out... I was helping ...
» i expected more from guys that i meet at the j ...
» The recession has changed everything man.
» I really hope you get sexually violated by a p ...
» I hate when my naked walk-arounds are interrup ...
» I think I saw a glimmer of recognition, but sh ...
» He dyes his hair, fake tans and lies constantl ...
» It is now the artist formerly known as 'i ...
» I seriously love my fucking boobs. They are so ...
» All drunkenness aside, confirm u are alive
» I mean I'm basically single. Or maybe jus ...
» So you honestly dont remember putting honey in ...
» and in the morning, while we were eating break ...
» and people in Baltimore still get a bad wrap.
» Why I am the classiest girl you know: just mix ...
» If I've learned one thing today? Blow jo ...
» One minute shes telling me about her volunteer ...
» don't worry... so do I
» ugh. my soul tastes like vodka
» and that's when the elephants and penises ...
» there was a trapeze. enough said
» Psycho is an understatement. U were running ar ...
» i love accidental penises.
» About to call the cops
» About to kick it with him for the rest of the ...
» A Day To Remember
» A day without you is incomplete.
» A go
» A great ass
» a little too much..
» All I do is try to fix things
» All I ever wanted was the world.
» All I see is my bed.
» All my life I had to fight
» Always better with you by my side
» Always better with you by my side
» always had a thing for you
» always had a thing for you
» and all you had to do
» And every end is a new beginning
» And getting ready for work
» And her
» And I don't understand why
» And I feel good today.
» And I hope that you are having the time of you ...
» And I made it to class on time.
» And im sorry for that
» And I really don't wanna go to Florida.
» And its about you
» And i turn to the best part
» And I wouldn't have it any other way
» And just like that.
» and live a
» And my heart is broken
» And she still don't text me back
» and so are my thoughts
» And some chocolate
» And that has made all the difference.
» and you are no
» And you'll never go
» a nice day
» Apparently I don't do anything right
» a problem
» as i
» As long As you love me
» as you open my eyes
» at the party
» At this point, I don't care.
» At work
» Awkward is my life.
» Baby you a blessing and my best friend.
» baby you got me
» back it up
» Back To the Game
» Bad day for the bank account
» Bag of money
» balls are awesome
» Because I can do what I want
» Because I love you too
» Because The Way I Feel
» Because you just wanna
» Been doing that
» been foolish. I laugh because I've
» Beer me.
» Being a girl is so hard.
» Being a part of me
» Best In The World.
» Best thing I never knew I needed
» be the
» Better get ready for football
» Between the stars
» Bitches get on my nerves
» bored of myself
» Bout to get ready for work
» Bout to go
» Bout to watch
» Bring me food
» Bring me the lobby
» Bring my food
» bullshit. I called it
» but he doesn't
» But HE made me
» But I don't.
» But I don't care
» But I don't have a date
» But I don't wanna get up
» But I dont want that to happen !
» but i'm always right
» but I'm not lol
» But it all good
» But it makes me smile
» But it's just not worth it ...
» But no where to go
» But now that I got it, I don't want it
» but that was great
» but what I do know is
» but you
» but you're perfect for me
» buy a house
» By myself.
» by the Sun.
» call me big papa
» Call me never
» Call my phone
Fuck it im HIGH !
Section Teaser
I smell Bacon ? lol
Section Teaser
I hate little kids
Section Teaser
I Need A Main Chick .
Section Teaser
I'll take care of you
Section Teaser
I'm just fucking fine
Section Teaser
It's T-Shirt time!!!
Section Teaser
I just wanna run away
Section Teaser
I only ate once today
Section Teaser
i sure didnt
Section Teaser
I delete your drama.
Section Teaser
i hate wheat bread!
Section Teaser
I have a phone
Section Teaser
i wish i had a car..
Section Teaser
I want some chocolate
Section Teaser
I like to look cute.
Section Teaser
I love grandma pies.
Section Teaser
I love grandma pies.
Section Teaser
Pizza is happiness.
Section Teaser
Candy corn is good
Section Teaser
I don't roll that way
Section Teaser
Today is Friday
Section Teaser
Alcohol does no good.
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
A Day To Remember
Section Teaser
A go
Section Teaser
A great ass
Section Teaser
a little too much..
Section Teaser
All I see is my bed.
Section Teaser
and all you had to do
Section Teaser
And her
Section Teaser
And im sorry for that
Section Teaser
And its about you
Section Teaser
And just like that.
Section Teaser
and live a
Section Teaser
And some chocolate
Section Teaser
and you are no
Section Teaser
And you'll never go
Section Teaser
a nice day
Section Teaser
a problem
Section Teaser
as i
Section Teaser
as you open my eyes
Section Teaser
at the party
Section Teaser
At work
Section Teaser
Awkward is my life.
Section Teaser
baby you got me
Section Teaser
back it up
Section Teaser
Back To the Game
Section Teaser
Bag of money
Section Teaser
balls are awesome
Section Teaser
Been doing that
Section Teaser
Beer me.
Section Teaser
Being a part of me
Section Teaser
Best In The World.
Section Teaser
be the
Section Teaser
Between the stars
Section Teaser
bored of myself
Section Teaser
Bout to go
Section Teaser
Bout to watch
Section Teaser
Bring me food
Section Teaser
Bring me the lobby
Section Teaser
Bring my food
Section Teaser
bullshit. I called it
Section Teaser
but he doesn't
Section Teaser
But HE made me
Section Teaser
But I don't.
Section Teaser
But I don't care
Section Teaser
but i'm always right
Section Teaser
but I'm not lol
Section Teaser
But it all good
Section Teaser
But it makes me smile
Section Teaser
But no where to go
Section Teaser
but that was great
Section Teaser
but what I do know is
Section Teaser
but you
Section Teaser
buy a house
Section Teaser
By myself.
Section Teaser
by the Sun.
Section Teaser
call me big papa
Section Teaser
Call me never
Section Teaser
Call my phone
Section Teaser

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