Each Copy of Volume 6
Signed by Bill Mumy

Echoes of All
Our Conversations

A New 6-Volume Series
Fifteen years of "behind the scenes"
Babylon 5 history, as told by the
actors and crew who were there.


  A 377-page book of the complete, uncensored transcripts of 34 interviews with the Babylon 5 cast and key crew conducted during the production of 3 TV Movies and The Lost Tales.

  41 never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes photographs accompanying the interviews, plus 1 storyboard, 2 concept sketches and 2 production documents.

  Hand-autographed by Bill Mumy.

  A personal message from Bill Mumy.

  Collectible postcard and bookmark with a Lennier quote selected by Bill Mumy.

 Never-before-heard group interview with Richard Biggs, Julie Caitlin Brown, Carrie Dobro, Jerry Doyle, Peter Jurasik, Marjorie Monaghan during the 2001 Chiller Theater Convention. This interview is NOT in the book but a Guide to the Voices is on the book's last page (and at the bottom of this webpage).

Each book personally autographed
by Bill Mumy

...a special note to the fans written by Bill


Postcard with Lennier quote
selected by Bill Mumy

Bookmark with Lennier quote
selected by Bill Mumy

Never-before-heard interview interview with Richard Biggs, Julie Caitlin Brown, Carrie Dobro, Jerry Doyle, Peter Jurasik and Marjorie Monaghan. This interview is NOT in the book, but a Guide to the Voices is included on the last page (and the bottom of this webpage).


The interviews with the cast and crew in this volume occurred during the time frame 1998-2007, which included the filming of A Call to Arms, Crusade, The Legend of the Rangers, the aborted Babylon 5 flight simulator game and direct-to-DVD The Lost Tales.

  • REVEALED: The entire B-story that was taken out of "Gropos."
  • Why Bruce Boxleitner thought Babylon 5's ending was similar to the conclusion of The Sopranos.
  • Michael O'Hare's reaction to seeing himself in Minbari makeup.
  • The hobbies Andreas Katsulas took up after Babylon 5 that he considered "more challenging than acting."
  • Pop quiz: In the episode "The Wheel of Fire," where did you see a bowl of oranges.
  • Why actor Tim Choate refused to give the actor playing Zathras's workmate, Spragg, any acting pointers, even though he asked for them constantly.
  • Which episode began life as a story about Sheridan's father...before going in a very different direction.
  • The exact words JMS uttered when responding to Bill Mumy's assertion that "Lennier is in love with Delenn."
  • The scene with Mira where, even off camera, Bill Mumy said, "Tears were running down my face...every single time."
  • Why Michael O'Hare would rent convertible sports cars.
  • The reason Lennier's "bone sprouted" between seasons.
  • The connection between Baywatch and Babylon 5.
  • How V almost ruined Babylon 5.
  • The costume that made Michael O'Hare feel like "a waiter in an Arabian restaurant."
  • The process that, according to director Janet Greek, "the producers on Babylon 5 do not ever involve the director in."
  • The thing Patricia Tallman believes Lyta only did "twice in the whole five years."
  • Who really "wrote" one character's dialogue in "Gropos." (Hint: It wasn't writer Larry DiTillio or JMS.)
  • JMS's generosity towards Michael O'Hare, from giving him $5,000 to keep him afloat, to buying a $2,500 ad promoting his guest appearance in The Cosby Mysteries.
  • Why Patricia Tallman believed that, story-wise, Babylon 5 needed a sixth season.
  • The moment producer John Copeland decided that Babylon 5 had a "charmed existence" and would be able to overcome just about any obstacle.
  • How Babylon 5 could have been hit with a lawsuit...over a name.
  • Bill Mumy's five-page account of why Lennier's actions in "Objects at Rest" felt "totally wrong," why he believed he couldn't go to JMS about it and how he would have preferred it to play out.
  • The shot which prompted the crew to give actor Tim Choate "massive applause."
  • The thing that "bred a very strange insecurity amongst the cast," according to Bill Mumy.
  • What made Mira Furlan feel "totally excluded as an actor."
  • The episode Larry DiTillio thought was "mis-cast" and whose "Anglo sensibilities" he blamed.
  • The guest actor who couldn't remember his lines and had to have cue cards hidden in "strategic places."
  • Who believed Robert Rusler couldn't make his dialogue as Warren Keffer believable.
  • How JMS benefitted from having the same agent as Marc Scott Zicree early in both their careers.
  • The guest actor whose real life was the basis for Steven Seagal's Navy SEAL character in Under Siege.
  • What was meant by the statement, "There wouldn't be a Zack Allan if it wasn't for Lou Welch's mistake."
  • Mira Furlan's uncensored reaction to Lennier's eleventh-hour betrayal in "Objects at Rest."
  • Why Peter Jurasik believed that Bruce Boxleitner felt betrayed at the end of the series.
  • The episode that was written to minimize interactions between Jerry Doyle and Michael O'Hare.
  • The actress who said "Thirdspace was basically one big, long bad hair day for me."
  • Why Bill Mumy was "always schmoozing the guest cast."
  • The action in "The Corps Is Mother, the Corps Is Father" that Walter Koenig believed would have left Bester with "absolutely no redeeming quality" if it had been played as written.
  • Why producer John Copeland doubted that Babylon 5 could "have gone on with Michael [O'Hare] on it."
  • The technique popularized by director John Woo that director Mike Vejar would use on Babylon 5 to add an emotional element to everything on screen.
  • Why producer John Copeland said to Babylon 5 directors being considered for Crusade, "If you don't do it this way, you ain't coming back."
  • What Bruce Boxleitner thought about the direct-to-DVD distribution of The Lost Tales.
  • Producer John Copeland reveals his version of the events that led up to the sale of Babylon 5's pilot...and recounts Paramount's handling of the script prior to announcing Deep Space Nine.
  • The scene Michael O'Hare considered one of his favorites.
  • The situation in which Patricia Tallman believed JMS fell into the "clutches of some evil people."
  • What prompted Michael O'Hare to say, "My testicles felt about the size of two small frozen peas."
  • JMS's approach to a long-term story arc for The Legend of the Rangers...if it had gone to series.
  • Which episodes of season five stood out for former story editor Larry DiTillio...even though he hadn't worked on the show in three years.
  • Why writer Larry DiTillio liked writing characters like Garibaldi better than Sinclair or Sheridan.
  • Why director Mike Vejar found it hard to get any drama going while filming on the White Star.
  • The "twisted relationship" JMS and producer John Copeland had with Mattel toys.
  • Which actor said, "Ninety percent of all the heads on Babylon 5 are cast off my head."
  • Why Patricia Tallman "freaked out" when JMS told her to react to Kosh as though "you see God."
  • Why Delenn’s black contact lenses were dropped from her makeup (other than the fact that they were painful).
  • What actor Tim Choate did NOT do in his audition that became one of Zathras's key characteristics.
  • The emotion that bled through Peter Jurasik during his farewell scene with Andreas Katsulas.
  • Bruce Boxleitner’s glee that he still fit in his Babylon 5 costume...on the set of The Lost Tales.
  • What Peter Jurasik thought of Londo's final appearance in "Objects at Rest."
  • The only moment that Bill Mumy thought "Lennier is completely out of control."
  • The beloved Babylon 5 guest stars that director Janet Greek wanted to bring back in her final episode.
  • How Legend of the Rangers set decorator Barry Kemp used Bissell vacuum cleaners, the backs of Dirt Devils, ice cube trays and cheap, plastic Taiwanese lawn sprinklers.
  • The story that never got written involving Zack killing an alien child, and the subsequent trial.
  • The award that director Janet Greek didn't even know she had won.
  • Why Babylon 5's renewal process was so frustratingly last minute.
  • The actor who said to legendary acting teacher Lee Strasberg, "I have more discipline in my little finger that you've got in your entire class!"
  • Why JMS hired Christopher Franke to score The Legend of the Rangers after employing composer Evan H. Chen on Crusade.
  • Why Peter Woodward, on the set of The Lost Tales, thought it was good that Crusade was "unfinished."
  • What Bill Mumy thought of the big-budget Lost in Space movie.
  • Tim Choate's comparison of Zathras to I Love Lucy's Ricky Ricardo.
  • The exact first words Bruce Boxleitner spoke to Michael O'Hare.
  • The situation that prompted Bruce Boxleitner and Bill Mumy to sit around singing Beatles songs on the White Star.
  • Which set Patricia Tallman referred to as "the Muppet Sector."
  • The story behind this quote: "Listen, I have my head on a silver platter, would you like to try it?" and the reply, "If it's in fairly good shape and your features haven't changed, we'll use it."
  • The one thing Peter Jurasik would fault Michael O'Hare for.
  • The "incident" director Janet Greek had with Michael O'Hare on the set of "A Voice in the Wilderness" that caused her to shut down production.
  • Why an appreciation of JMS in a convention program was titled "Is There Any Stricture Against Kicking Them in the Nuts?"
  • How Bill Mumy and Mira Furlan were arbiters of all things Minbari on the set.
  • Writer Larry DiTillio never agreed with the poisoning of Adira Tyree in "Interludes and Examinations." Find out why.
  • Why JMS brought Mira Furlan a "huge amount of red flowers" early on in the pilot.
  • The subtleties Bill Mumy incorporated into his portrayal of Lennier that some viewers might not have noticed.
  • The post-Babylon 5 audition for the part of an aging ex-action hero to which Bruce Boxleitner brought his Sheridan action figure.
  • Why the Babylon 5 crew never resisted any of director Janet Greek's radical ideas.
  • The day the crew put a toilet seat on Kosh...and there was nothing he could do about it.
  • Why Peter Jurasik didn't see In the Beginning on its initial TNT broadcast.
  • The reason Bill Mumy agreed to guest star on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • Which guest actor kept a count of his on-screen deaths and was up to eighty-four at the time of his interview.
  • Which actor said, "...I paid for every single piece of it because I just thought it was something my character would have."
  • The sign on the Liandra that is discreetly placed, but always in view, and which reads, "Fuck TNT"...in Minbari.
  • The phone call practical joke Andreas Katsulas and Douglas Netter played on Peter Jurasik...who thought it wasn't really Doug but Stephen Furst doing an impersonation of Babylon 5's executive producer.
  • How this sentence was completed by a high-profile crew member: "There are two people who have a big impact on the mood on the set. One is the _____ and the other is the ______."
  • Jerry Doyle's "irrational" behavior about consummating his character’s relationship with Dodger.
  • The situation where producer John Copeland would "leave room to be surprised."
  • Why Peter Jurasik thought that the regent's death scene lasted too long.
  • The cutting-edge tech used in 1987 to send Captain Power scripts back and forth from Canada.
  • Why Ivanova was a fan of jazz, why Sheridan played baseball and why Vir loved opera.
  • Peter Jurasik's approach to Londo's final scene with Sheridan and Delenn.
  • What was so confusing for Peter Woodward while shooting The Lost Tales, and how Bruce Boxleitner and he approached the difficulty.
  • Which high-profile Babylon 5 guest star read some of the B5 novels, and what he thought of them.
  • How Peter Jurasik completed this sentence: "I'll reveal something to you, I've done this twice in my life and I'm not proud of it, but I will actually __________."
  • Why director Mike Vejar was taken with the stage direction in the script for "The Face of the Enemy" that read "Sheridan is taken down as if by hyenas."
  • The scene Patricia Tallman describes as a "Three Stooges routine!"
  • Richard Biggs's one complaint about the Franklin addiction storyline.
  • The season that Bruce Boxleitner considered to be the show's strongest.
  • Which actor was "in tears" when telling Patricia Tallman, "Claudia is leaving."
  • How the experience of shooting Crusade was different from Babylon 5, from an actor’s point of view.
  • The episode that producer John Copeland felt was the first one to be "hitting on all cylinders."
  • Why Martin Sheen had a hard time with the alien nature of the soul hunter in The River of Souls.
  • Peter Jurasik's poignant perspective on the ending of the series.
  • The recurring guest actor who originally read for the role of Garibaldi.
  • Janet Greek's account of directing the actors for the Babylon 5 flight simulator game (and why it took some actors as many as twelve takes), the Babylon 5 game's plot and which character was taped telling the game's prospective player that s/he had died in eight different, imaginative ways.
  • Why JMS wanted somebody from Babylon 5 in The Legends of the Rangers, and how a "bowl of ice cream the size of Latvia" led him to Andreas Katsulas.
  • The thing that caused the producers to lose their objectivity about their production choices, including the hiring of directors.
  • What Bill Mumy meant when he said, "I think the show should be spanked for not doing it consistently."
  • The actor who said, "Everybody in my family was a professor of some language."
  • Would Bill Mumy play Lennier again if he were asked?
  • How actress Maggie Egan, who played the long-unnamed ISN anchor, discovered her character's name was Jane.
  • The suggestion producer John Copeland made to fans who wanted a "different perspective on the characters and alternate points of view of what happened to them.
  • The actor who knew nothing about B5 but whose parents "went nuts" when they learned she was playing a Minbari.
  • How Mira Furlan created Delenn for her audition with only one scene to work on.
  • What prompted Bill Mumy to say, "It was the only episode out of the 110 that were made that I was acting in."
  • Why director Janet Greek wanted an "androgynous woman to be Kosh."
  • Producer John Copeland’s answer to the question, "If you did the pilot now [after season five], would you do it with the same actors?"
  • Surprise: two photos of Andreas Katsulas in his G’Kar costume BUT without his makeup and mask. It is believed that these are the only two photos of him like this ever published.
  • A reflective Peter Jurasik sharing his uncensored opinions of key episodes: "Objects at Rest," "Darkness Ascending," "The Fall of Centauri Prime," "Day of the Dead," "A Tragedy of Telepaths," "The Quality of Mercy," "Soul Mates," "The Geometry of Shadows"...and the song he wrote with Bill Mumy memorializing the experience.

* Introduction: The Antepenultimate Word
* John Copeland - Producer (3 June & 3 Sept 1998)
* Mira Furlan - Delenn (15 July 1998)
* Janet Greek - Director (17 & 20 July 1998)
* Bill Mumy - Lennier (28 July 1998)
* Maggie Egan - Jane, the ISN Anchor (10 Aug 1998)
* Mike Vejar - Director (12 Aug 1998)
* Bill Mumy - Lennier (19 Nov 1998)
* Curt Lowens - Varn (2 Dec 1998)
* Patricia Tallman - Lyta Alexander (28 Jan 1999)
* Michael O'Hare - Jeffrey Sinclair (29 Jan 1999)
* Lawrence G. DiTillio - Writer (1 Feb 1999)
* Peter Jurasik - Londo Mollari (2 Feb 1999)
* Tim Choate - Zathras (6 Apr 1999)
* Janet Greek - Director (10 Apr 1999)
* Bruce Boxleitner - John Sheridan (12 Apr 1999)
* Richard Biggs - Stephen Franklin (3 May 1999)
* Marshall Teague - Ta’Lon (17 May 1999)
* Gregg Maday - Warner Bros. (24 Aug 1999)
* D.C. Fontana - Writer (10 Sept 2001)
* Walter Koenig - Alfred Bester (6 Dec 2001)
* Introduction: The Penultimate Word
* J. Michael Straczynski - Creator/Executive Producer (30 May 2001)
* Dylan Neal - David Martel (1 June 2001)
* Myriam Sirois - Sarah Cantrell (1 June 2001)
* Dean Marshall - Malcolm Bridges (1 June 2001)
* Stephen Geaghan - Production Designer (1 June 2001)
* Warren T. Takeuchi - Kitaro Sasaki (1 June 2001)
* Enid-Raye Adams - Firell (1 June 2001)
* Alex Zahara - Dulann (1 June 2001)
* Douglas Netter - Executive Producer (1 June 2001)
* Andreas Katsulas - G’Kar (5 June 2001)
* J. Michael Straczynski - Creator/Executive Producer (10 Dec 2001)
* Introduction: The Last Word
* Tracy Scoggins - Elizabeth Lochley (4 June 2007)
* Peter Woodward - Galen (13 June 2007)
* Bruce Boxleitner - John Sheridan (14 June 2007)
* Guide to the Voices in the Bonus Audio Interview


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