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Happy New Year! Time to celebrate the limitless potential of a fresh new trip around the sun —a chance to reflect upon the previous year and to wipe the slate clean. Not to be a downer or anything but, despite this well-intentioned delusion, you can rest assured that humanity will continue its inexorable decline into certain extinction. The earth’s ecosystems will continue to be annihilated at an alarming pace and we’ll continue —just as shockingly— to consume more junk food, reality t.v. and batshit conservative punditry in response. The rules governing the planet will continue to be written by sociopaths and enforced by their slithering sycophants so that the wealthy can continue to mortgage the future. Sigh…why else do you think it has become an actual tradition to begin the year by blacking out from alcohol poisoning?
Anti New Year's Aluminum Photo Keychain
Anti New Year's Aluminum Photo Keychain
Anti New Year's Greeting Card
Anti New Year's Greeting Card
Anti New Year's Greeting Cards (Pk of 10)
Anti New Year's Greeting Cards (Pk of 10)
Anti New Year's Greeting Cards (Pk of 20)
Anti New Year's Greeting Cards (Pk of 20)

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