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Weird t-shirts. Strange and surreal images combined with weird and quirky text.

Platypus T-Shirt

Platypus T-Shirt
I'm warning you. Don't make me release the Platypi.

Best Friends Forever T-Shirt

Best Friends Forever T-Shirt
Best Friends Forever T-Shirt.

Evolution T-Shirt

Evolution T-Shirt
Scientists all agree humans began as small apes in bowler hats. Next, we went through a phase of more elaborate headwear designing.. Then, the earth was suddenly overrun with bass players.

Creepy T-Shirt

Creepy T-Shirt
Creepy creatures in a kaleidoscopic pattern.

Happiness T-Shirt

Happiness T-Shirt
My happiness gland is depleted. *sigh*

Illuminati T-Shirt

Illuminati T-Shirt
The Illuminati needs your vote. Just tick off "diabolical secret cabal of heartless billionaires, mercenary corporations and shadow governments" on your ballot.

Jello T-Shirt

Jello T-Shirt
Back in the days before we developed the technology to jiggle bowls, this was the only way to test if your tasty gelatinous desert had set.

Apoplectic T-Shirt

Apoplectic T-Shirt
This is the original Apoplectic crest designed in 1996.

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