» I love reading through magazines and counting ...
» I see a tear.
» I'm not understanding
» I feel amazing right now
» I really don't want to go to work.
» I do my own projects wit no help from nobody
» I love lamp
» I would have liked to stroke the accordion pla ...
» I have a proper man-crush on Thor.
» i want some ice cream
» I still want my ice cream though
» I'm a spoilt cow :) and I love it
» I wish I was more confident.
» i am a mass of entropy today. doing my best to ...
» I swear my boyfriend is the best... So lucky t ...
» I proper fancy some toast right now:/
» I never understood why I was so funny
» i cry when other people cry its just so sad to ...
» I hate when songs get stuck in my head
» I really need some chocolate.
» I love music and I love my friends, fuck every ...
» Going to the lake :)
» Being young + having cash = the life.
» I DID IT !!
» I wish I could help.....
» i want a tattoo.
» I told her i like to eat noodles LIKE A BOSS!!!!
» I hate depending on people...
» I come up with quotes myself (:
» I wanna dress up in my princess costume now (x
» I try to accomplish something before the micro ...
» i need to eat before i start drinking.....
» I'm so glad I found you ?
» I want panda!
» Fucked up already
» I could never be interested in coins...
» I want Rice and stew.
» i made something out of nothing !
» I honestly wish I can go back two years and do ...
» I can be the problem solver
» Seeing little kids and wishing you never had t ...
» I hate children
» I really don't like the trending topics r ...
» Fuck a boyfriend I just want someone to hold m ...
» i really need sum $$$$$$$
» I love driving without shoes.
» I kicked a bowling ball and it hurt my toe !
» I need a bottle
» Put me on a train, I don't care where it ...
» My pain
» I cannot wait to eat this spaghetti.
» Theres No Such Thing As Having Too Much Money
» Everyone has that friend they secretly wanna fuck.
» It's time for me to choose. Happiness is ...
» Why am I eating an apple, I don't even li ...
» If you see me today, this is me apologizing in ...
» Go ahead make my day
» I have a short tolerance for dumb people
» Today's goal: don't die. So far, I&a ...
» I love being a sarcastic person.
» My hair is so curly today! This is what happen ...
» “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big d ...
» The way I feel, I could happily never drink ag ...
» I'm just waiting for disappointment.
» Smile for the world
» Ugliest fucking shirt ever
» I love tinned tomato soup
» The life you live is more important than the w ...
» no cause
» I'm a lover, not a fighter.
» Pasta is so beautiful, could eat it all day ev ...
» To beard or not to beard. That is the question
» He accepts My weirdness....
» He accepts My weirdness....
» If time travel to the past is ever possible, i ...
» it's too early for this.
» So if you’re feeling uncomfortable right now, ...
» fear no one
» The one you want is me
» Omg TOP's deep voice is seriously porn
» Change is hard
» Minor Set Back For A Major Come Back....
» i like big butts and i cannot lie
» Living Like I'm Bullet Proof
» One of the best weekends of my life
» I like my chicks in twos.
» is epic
» King shit
» Eat and eat is what i am doing...
» They day is looking good
» You never realize how strong you are, until be ...
» I'm sure that I can please you but first ...
» Ignorance is Bliss huh.
» Insanity is definitely working for me
» Common decency and respect for Human life are ...
» i just wanna fuck no strings attached
» I will explode today..
» Fuck the petty shit, there's so many bigg ...
» I could live off vegetables
» The problem isn't the problem.. the probl ...
» you know i think I know why you are single...b ...
» This is god's gift to the unemployed.
» i always forget guys have bellybuttons
» I just woke up to crumpled tissues everywhere. ...
» that kid will be born with a tramp stamp
» I felt like a fucking code breaker.
» wow, that comma made all the difference there
» we're taking shots every time my dog lick ...
» you told everyone your name was brenda and you ...
» That's when you crack a 10am beer
» Just saw a car with license plate GYPSYS that ...
» I think I won the penis lottery.
» Just had to open a tuna can with a spoon. Gave ...
» just woke up and my boobs have fun police writ ...
» Should I ask him to prom mid fuck? That way he ...
» So then the officer asked you how you were get ...
» Congrats on damning at least 10 generations of ...
» Take that integrity
» honestly, magaritas are the void men can' ...
» how do you have sooo much energy?
» Fuck appropriateness.
» I just applied for an unsubsidized loan naked. ...
» She was so drunk that I kept trying to switch ...
» I have one thing to say: spongebath.
» awesome recipe for disaster- bar hopping at th ...
» im dressed up like a present. waiting for some ...
» they ran out of cups so I just drank out of a ...
» My superpower would be to be able to make a ch ...
» 1 hour to go...
» A big
» a bottle
» About to be high as hell
» About to keep to my self
» Act like you know.
» Actually in love with my life and the people in it
» Addicted to the thought of it
» All for the love of a Girl.
» All I know that is I'm lost without you.
» All I want is a pizza
» All I want is chocolate
» all my heart
» All this time
» All you have to do is to listen
» All you have to do is to listen
» Am i in jail
» And a lot of other things
» and eat
» and everything in between
» and fall in love
» And get my nails done
» And her chest
» And I don't ever want to lose my best friend
» and I just wanna tell you ~
» and I know
» And I love her
» And I'm okay with that
» And I'm too comfortable
» and i think that's why
» And I will be loved
» And I wish that you could be the
» and money.
» And never give up :)
» And now I wonder...
» And she just my type
» And so good to know that you love me and
» And so is mine
» and so I use
» And that's my life.
» And the beach
» And then i met you
» And why am I wearing pants to bed.
» and you are my idol
» And you work so hard to get me
» A no
» another day at the office
» Another day at work.
» Anyone like a chat
» apparently i have a big booty
» are interested in me but my decision
» Are you trying to make me mad
» ask myself
» as long as I
» a song
» Ass, Boobs and Nice Face = Slut.
» A Viking Helmet
» Back at YOU
» Back for you
» BAck on the beer
» Back to Bed.
» Back to the usual
» BaLLs IN THis
» Be a body
» beautiful babe
» Beauty is a game
» because i care
» because you love them
» Because you're weird and it's funny
» Been a great summer
» before i know
» being single is just awkward
» Being with you is the best thing
» Best thing i never had
» Best time for a movie
» Best you never had
» Better get a standing ovation
» better if you
» better than me
» Body of a woman with the eyes of a child
» Bored of everything
» Boring without you.
» Boston is the reason
» Bout to cook some pancakes
» Bout To Get Ready For Work
» But I feel like I should
» But I look like my sister more and more
» But I love her
» but im not
» but i never have the money to use
» But I still don't know why I love it so much
» but it hurts.
» But Oh Well
» but really, it be more like
» But so funny
» But still be there
» but thanks for everything
» But who am I
» but you belong to the world
» But you do have a gf
» but you hurt me
» Calling it one
» call me it
» calm me down
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I see a tear.
Section Teaser
I'm not understanding
Section Teaser
I love lamp
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
i want some ice cream
Section Teaser
Going to the lake :)
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
i want a tattoo.
Section Teaser
I want panda!
Section Teaser
Fucked up already
Section Teaser
I want Rice and stew.
Section Teaser
I hate children
Section Teaser
I need a bottle
Section Teaser
My pain
Section Teaser
Go ahead make my day
Section Teaser
Smile for the world
Section Teaser
no cause
Section Teaser
fear no one
Section Teaser
Change is hard
Section Teaser
is epic
Section Teaser
King shit
Section Teaser
Take that integrity
Section Teaser
Fuck appropriateness.
Section Teaser
1 hour to go...
Section Teaser
A big
Section Teaser
a bottle
Section Teaser
Act like you know.
Section Teaser
All I want is a pizza
Section Teaser
all my heart
Section Teaser
All this time
Section Teaser
Am i in jail
Section Teaser
and eat
Section Teaser
and fall in love
Section Teaser
And get my nails done
Section Teaser
And her chest
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
and I know
Section Teaser
And I love her
Section Teaser
And I will be loved
Section Teaser
and money.
Section Teaser
And never give up :)
Section Teaser
And now I wonder...
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
And she just my type
Section Teaser
And so is mine
Section Teaser
and so I use
Section Teaser
And that's my life.
Section Teaser
And the beach
Section Teaser
And then i met you
Section Teaser
and you are my idol
Section Teaser
A no
Section Teaser
Another day at work.
Section Teaser
Anyone like a chat
Section Teaser
ask myself
Section Teaser
as long as I
Section Teaser
a song
Section Teaser
A Viking Helmet
Section Teaser
Back at YOU
Section Teaser
Back for you
Section Teaser
BAck on the beer
Section Teaser
Back to Bed.
Section Teaser
Back to the usual
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Be a body
Section Teaser
beautiful babe
Section Teaser
Beauty is a game
Section Teaser
because i care
Section Teaser
because you love them
Section Teaser
Been a great summer
Section Teaser
before i know
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Best time for a movie
Section Teaser
Best you never had
Section Teaser
better if you
Section Teaser
better than me
Section Teaser
Bored of everything
Section Teaser
Boring without you.
Section Teaser
Boston is the reason
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
But I love her
Section Teaser
but im not
Section Teaser
but it hurts.
Section Teaser
But Oh Well
Section Teaser
But so funny
Section Teaser
But still be there
Section Teaser
But who am I
Section Teaser
But you do have a gf
Section Teaser
but you hurt me
Section Teaser
Calling it one
Section Teaser
call me it
Section Teaser
calm me down
Section Teaser

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