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Democrat Fight-Back Zone


Please support the Bone Marrow Transplant Program at MGH

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Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Independents, and all those who dream of the return of our Constitutional democracy ...

In 2008, your hard work brought a new tidal wave of hope to America. But, the Republicans have spent the past three years obstructing, obfuscating, and impeding all efforts at progress. We must continue to stand firm and fight the repression of the rabid right. For, in the words of Robert F. Kennedy,

"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or works to improve the lot of others,
or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope."

Your active participation in our democracy is required in order to achieve our goals. So, purchase our t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers and other gift items -- continue to work for Democratic candidate and engage in political discourse -- in other words, let your voice be heard! Together, "We the People", will reclaim our democracy!

(Thanks to Wilbur Pierce for his wonderful "Make it Blue" artwork)

<B><I>Campaign Central</i></b>

Campaign Central
Find your Democratic campaign gear here. Election '12 Democrat t-shirts, bumperstickers, buttons and more.

<B><I>Can Do!!</i></b>

Can Do!!
Celebrate the return of our democracy with great new swag!

<B><I>1st Amendment Zone</b></i>

1st Amendment Zone
Democrats (and others who believe in the American dream) ... Stand up! Fight Back! Express your anti-Bush, pro-Democrat feelings with our growing collection of bumperstickers, buttons, t-shirts, etc

<B><I>Hot, hot, hot!</i></b>

Hot, hot, hot!
These are our hot, best selling items! Check 'em out!

<b><i>Monthly Specials</i></b>

Monthly Specials
SPECIALS: Elizabeth Warren has our backs. Support her in her campaign for U. S. Senate from MA.

<B><I>NEW Products</i></b>

NEW Products
NEW Boston Marathon 2013 "Boston Strong" designs.

(Previously, Your favorite designs on newly available merchandise, including light, dark, and black t-shirts!)

<B><I>NEWEST Designs!</i></b>

NEWEST Designs!
New items, new designs. New bumper stickers and t-shirts recently added to the store ...

<B><I>Stem Cells Save Lives</i></b>

Stem Cells Save Lives
Stem cells save lives. We have swag for stem cell donors, recipients, and family members.

Oy Vey Cards

Oy Vey Cards
The Oy Vey Card Co. presents a new line of Judaic Greeting Cards! Completely non-political -- just pretty Jewish artwork. Check out the brand new design for Chanukah 2007!

<B><I>Contact Us!</i></b>

Contact Us!
Questions? Want a personalized gift? Need help finding a special gift? E-mail us!

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