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Polarised LM of grain diorite in thin section Canvas Art
Grain diorite. Polarised light micrograph of a sample of grain diorite in thin section. Diorite is an intrusive igneous rock, found on the margins of granite batholiths. It contains plagioclase anorth

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Poster Wall Decal Mounted Print Canvas Art Framed Print
16" x 13" $9 $12 $22 $64 $69
24" x 19" $14 $17 $31 $107 $99
32" x 26" $20 $26 $47 $164 $129
40" x 32" $27 $36 $65 $233 N/A

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science photos | More From This Designer »
on June 28, 2012 at 9:15 PM

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Polarised LM of grain diorite in thin section Canvas Art

Available Styles:

Canvas Art

Can only be shipped to AU,CA,FR,DE,NZ,ES,GB1 and US
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About Canvas Prints

Canvas is printed with UV-resistant archival inks and stretched on 1 1/2" wood stretcher bars which won't warp or crack. Shipped with mounting hardware installed, ready to hang anywhere in your home or office.

Nothing brings a more personal touch to each-and-every room in your home or office than Canvas Art. Whether you want to add your own favorite photos to canvas art, or shop for canvas wall art with panoramic shots of major cities or nature, we have them ready to print and ship at CafePress. These unframed canvas prints come in many sizes, including large wall art that's sure to create an amazing effect in your home, office or wherever your walls need a great work of art. Create canvas wall art from photos of your favorite vacation destination, of the kids growing up, or perhaps that big event from your wedding day to the 50th anniversary party. Art on canvas celebrates your life in a meaningful way, as canvas prints bring memories back so you can relive great times over and over.
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