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Funny Bumper Stickers, Office Humor Bumper Stickers, Dirty Bumper Stickers...

Americans spend an average of 3-5 hours in their car each day so why not entertain your fellow commuters with a funny bumper sticker slapped on the back? Not only is it a testament to your personality and creativity but a relief to all those around you who might've heard (or read) dull office humor all day. We have a wide spectrum of funny quote bumper stickers readily available to everyone for all tastes and preferences. For instance, they can range from the offensive , dirty and mean (I drive this way on purpose to piss you off); to the very funny that address religious, political or family humor (I'm speeding because my kid has to poo). Without a doubt, we have countless bumper stickers for everybody — even the family pet! Buy your funny bumper sticker today!