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Black Hole with Dust Torus Wall Decal
An artists's rendision of a Super Massive Black Hole with a Dust Torus. Image is copyright free courtesy the European Space Agency. (credit AVO project and Paolo Padovani)

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Poster Wall Decal Mounted Print Canvas Art Framed Print
16" x 11" $9 $12 $20 $64 $69
24" x 16" $12 $16 $28 $89 $89
32" x 21" $18 $22 $40 $140 $119

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Black Hole with Dust Torus Wall Decal

Available Styles:

Wall Decal

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16" x 11" 24" x 16" 32" x 21"
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Product ID: 580289352

About Wall Decals

Wall Decals are printed on heavy grade vinyl with a unique adhesive which allows the decal to be removed and re-applied multiple times. Perfect for dorm rooms, kids rooms, doors, and more.

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